Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of individuals, community groups, and public agencies working with the Sonoma County Public Library, the County of Sonoma, the City of Santa Rosa, and the developers of the Roseland Village Neighborhood Center to ensure that a permanent library is achieved for the Roseland neighborhood and Southwestern Santa Rosa.

Since the Roseland Community Library’s (RCL) inception in 2015, the RCL has been serving an ever-increasing number of residents and neighbors, even despite the truncated hours of operation. RCL has become a community hub, hosting public meetings, celebrations, and collaborating with the Boys and Girls Club programming at the site.

The existing Roseland Community Library is a temporary facility and does not have the funding needed to continue in beyond the near future. For these reasons and more, it is critical that the library remains in Roseland as a permanent asset.

We welcome new partners and supporters…contact the Coalition at: library4roseland@gmail.com to discuss your support or invite us to meet with your organization.

Founding members:

Sonoma County Public Foundation

SR Friends of the Library

Santa Rosa Together


Gail Ahlas

Lisa Carreño

Efren Carrillo

Julie Combs

Norma Doyle

Linda Garcia

Herman G Hernandez

Jenni Klose

Pat Kuta

Brett Lear

Susan Moore

Magdelena Ridley

Jack Tibbetts

Gaye Lebaron

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