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Brain is said to be what makes a human being a human being. We aim to develop Digital Brain by understanding information processing mechanisms in brain, setting mathematical models, implementing hardware, and applying engineering knowledge. This task has been under process at Brain Science Research Center, BSRC (, and has been a goal of Brain Neuroinformatics Research Project, one of the core projects at Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, which combines IT (Information Technology) and BT (Biology Technology).

To bring human-like functioning systems into real life, we must be able to implement a system that can see, hear, think, and behave like human beings. The main research of CNSL is focused on achieving dual goals of understanding human brain mechanism and developing brain-like systems; our main achievement is research on auditory signal processing and voice recognition by modeling human auditory system. Recently, we have extended our research scope further and are conducting research on brain signal measurement and analysis based on functional MRI and EEG.