Remote work & communication

Here's what you should know about the way I work, communicate and collaborate effectively.

Working remotely

I’ve been working remotely long before 2020. In recent years I've had to work with engineering teams in the USA, Belgium, Poland, Germany, India and other geographies. I've taken trainings on remote collaboration and am happy to report that other engineers seem really happy with this mode of operation.

I use equipment and software that allows me to produce broadcast-level audio. I want the other side of each call to feel like I'm right next to them, and we are working together on producing secure products.

  • Dedicated home office room

  • Multiple monitors

  • Pro streamer microphone

  • Noise cancelling headphones

  • External camera and lights

Organizing work

Inspired by Agile at work, I also use a lightweight SCRUM flavor to organize my personal tasks.

I refine and estimate stories, run retrospectives and use feedback to continuously improve the process. It works!