Ski Record

Ski Record is an Android application:

Listen to your speed while skiing w/o looking at the screen + record max speed!

Ski Record monitors your speed as you ski, snowboard or cycle and records your max speed record.

Speed is also read out loud to you so that you don't have to glance at the screen while skiing!

Features include:

-2 independent max speed loggers

-Accuracy logger (with minimum accuracy achieved logger)

-Vertical speed indicator

-Vertical speed logger

-Current speed indicator

-Altitude indicator

-Current speed readout toggle ON/OFF

-Automatic "Lift mode" so that readout is paused while you ride a lift or you are standing still.

-Fully glove-friendly (if you have a trackball & hardware buttons)

-Miles/Feet (imperial units) option available

You can find it in the Market. Or use the QR code to download it to your phone: