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Who Are We? .............. a disparate bunch of 'magnificent men in their flying machines' (i.e. paramotor pilots)

Where Are We?........... In & around Robin Hood country (Worksop, Nottinghamshire, UK).

Here's the Gang (so far): ...

Founder Hopper:

Brian 'Turbo' Tunnard

Senior Consultant Hopper:

Bob 'Mad Bob' Roach

Associate Hoppers:

Dean 'Wirly' Bird

Grahame 'Fingers' Layhe

Rob 'UFO' Swift

Chris 'Ringo' Davies

Andy 'Sheeny' Oldroyd

Mat 'Flymo' Howard ... (see the new HD video of 'Flymo' flying, in the Paramotor Videos section)

Phil 'PK' Passmore

Terry 'Yee-Har' Price

Robert 'EGG' Shaw ... (Eggmotor PPG) click here to visit EggMotor

Sam 'BirdMan' Rose ... (Eggmotor PPG) click here to visit EggMotor

Ian 'Smokin' Skyblade' Green ... (short vid' to follow)

Adam 'Flying Fish' Fish ... (Flying Fish PPG) ... click here to visit FlyingFishPPG

Jon 'String-Flight' Stringer ... click here to visit Jon's web page (Guitarist - Vocalist)

Shawn '............' Crossfield ... ('nick' pending / in development)

Stewart '............' Barsby ... ('nick' pending / in development)

Arun '............' Kumar Kikkeri Srinivas ... ('nick' pending / in development)

Quinton 'Twiggy' Brown

Simon 'The Pollinator' Boden

Gareth '...........' Grace ... (nick pending / in development)

Alex 'Wils' Wilson

Martin '...........' Canning ... (nick pending / in development)

Ash '...........' Wilson ... (nick pending / in development)

Marc 'Kamikaze' Hummersone

David 'Lucky' Winder

Glen 'Pyro' Dunwell

Keith '............' Dyer (nick pending / in development)

James '............' Silverstone (nick pending / in development)

Dave '............' Smith (nick pending / in development)

Paul 'Uncle Fester' Palmer (his maiden flight just added to the 'Paramotor Videos' section)

Glyn 'Creaky' Pemberton

John 'The Ridge Hog' Edge ... on his Powered Hangy :-)

Alan 'Big Al' Meade

Andy 'Twitty' Twitty

Ian 'Moses' Proffitt ... (& "NO" he can't part the Red Sea just yet ... but maybe The River Trent ... Ummmh?)

Kaine 'Grasshopper' Home

Mark '...........' Brackenbury (nick pending / in development)

Richard 'Big Ric' Shaw

John 'Rooster' Slaney (training & PPG kit imminent)

Stan 'The Laird' Patterson (kiting ... training & PPG kit imminent)

Rob 'Bad Rob' Padley

Tim 'Turtle Tim' Priest ... on an Eggmotor that flies - oh yes ;-)

Dean '.............' Farmer (kiting ... nick pending, training & PPG kit imminent)

Shane 'Mango Man' Hoggatt (training well underway - PPG kit arriving imminently)

Logistical Support Hoppers:

Lorraine 'Loli' Tunnard

Sue Shaw

Special Honorary Hopper:

Oscar Meschiari (JPX Italia) -> chief engineer & designer of the fabulous 'Black Devil M25Y' paramotor (flying - sometimes)

Affiliate Hoppers:

Raymond Treadwell -> Mosstodloch, Fochabers, Moray, Scotland, UK (non flying ... yet?)

James & Linz' Taylor -> Amsterdam, Netherlands (non flying ... yet?))

Anne & Roy Guest -> Woodsetts, S Yorks, UK (non flying - feet on tera firma, but like flying stuff)

Mark Ingham (Pendle PPG) -> Barrowford, Lancs', UK (flying)

MJF & Sam -> Blyth, Notts, UK (non flying - feet on tera firma, but like flying stuff)

Dave Jackson (Lemmings PPG) -> Harlow, Essex, UK (flying)

Janey Wainey & Mick -> Retford, Notts, UK (non flying ... yet?))

Neil Law -> Bakestone Moore, Derbyshire, UK (non flying ... yet?)

Richard Shaw -> Batley, Yorks, UK (flying)

Gilbert (Gil') Nolan -> Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (flying)

Dave Jackson -> Harlow, Essex, UK (flying)

Phil Green -> California, USA (flying)

Keith & Steph Baines -> West Stockwith, UK (non flying ... yet?)

Gil Riegler -> California, USA (flying - Quad)

Jorge Hidalgo (Paramotor Mexico) -> Mexico, USA (flying - a lot ! ! )

Tim 'Branch' Gaskins (Bad Apple Fliers) -> Atlanta, USA (flying)

Mike 'Pig Pen' Hay (PPG Props) -> Indianapolis, USA (ground support) ---> click here to visit PPG Props

Brian Key -> Corby, Northhamptonshire, UK (flying)

Special Affiliate Hoppers - "The Wormley Gang"

Paul Haxby (Wormlies PPG) -> Doncaster, UK (flying)

Richard Haxby (Wormlies PPG) -> Doncaster, UK (flying)

Barry Cheese (Wormlies PPG) -> Doncaster, UK (flying)

Mick Hargreaves (Wormlies PPG) -> Doncaster, UK (flying)

Keith Watson (Wormlies PPG) -> Doncaster, UK (has been known to fly)

Special Affiliate Hoppers - "The HAC Paramotor Section"

Marko Jenkinson -> (flying & instructing)

Mark Temple -> (flying & instructing)

Alan Beetham -> (flying)

Paul Brown -> (flying)

Jason Fox -> (flying, quad)

Russ -> (flying)

David Bradley -> (flying)

Paul Jenkinson -> (flying)

Leigh Hales -> (flying)

Rob Webster -> (flying)

Graham Ashurst -> (flying)

Andrew Brant -> (flying)

Emma Brown -> (flying)

Mike Moore -> (flying)

Paul Seminari -> (flying, powered hang glider)

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it doesn't matter whether or not you actually own a paramotor, or even fly ... so long as you actually LIKE flying stuff.

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You may have a few questions, especially if you are new to Paramotoring (sometimes called powered paragliding, or PPG) ... so here goes; ...

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The 'Cloud Hoppers' Paramotor Club

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