End of award ORA Conference

Changing climate change communication:

A conference on the interactions between culture, society and language in the context of global warming



VU University Amsterdam

Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Organization Sciences

End of award conference for NWO/ESRC project

“Just as the physical climate-system responds both to slow-changing natural rhythms and also to more rapid human-induced perturbations, so will those human artefacts we use to make sense of climate change - language, metaphors, policies, beliefs.” (Mike Hulme 2008)



Changing climate change communication:

A conference on the interactions between culture, society and language in the context of global warming

21st-22nd July 2014


Conference venue: Atrium Hall (MF/D-146), VU University Amsterdam, Van der Boechorststraat 7,  Faculty of Medical Sciences Building (MF, number 6 in the attached VU campus map, 1st floor)


Day 1: Monday 21 July

09:30                   COFFEE/TEA

10:00-10.15          Welcome by Brigitte Nerlich & Iina Hellsten (University of Nottingham, UK and VU University Amsterdam, NL)

10:15-11:15          Keynote: James Painter (James Reuters Institute, University of Oxford, UK)  “How the media report risk and uncertainty around climate change – what do we know and what’s still to know.”

11.15                   COFFEE/TEA BREAK

11:30-12:30        NEW MEDIA AND CLIMATE CHANGE (COMMUNICATION) Chair: Dag Elgesem (University of Bergen, Norway)

Hermann, A. T., Bauer, A. & Reinecke, S. (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria) “Toward digital climate change communication: Dissemination strategies of scientific advisory institutions.”

Metcalfe, J. (University of Queensland, Australia) “Climate change on the internet soapbox: who are doing all the talking?”

Fløttum, K. (University of Bergen, Norway) “Representation of future perspectives related to climate change in the blogosphere.”

12.30                 LUNCH with poster session

13:30-14:30       Keynote: Brendon Larson (University of Waterloo, Canada): "Science, society and metaphors for the Anthropocene"

14:30                BREAK

14:45-16:00       CLIMATE CHANGE COMMUNICATION AND/OR POLICY OVER TIME Chair: Anabela Carvalho (University of Minho, Portugal)

Martin-Nielsen, J.  (Aarhus University, Denmark): “Communicating climate in historical context.”

Howarth, C. & Sharman, A. (London School of Economics, UK) “Labelling climate opinions in the UK.”

                        Dayrell, C., McEnery, T. & Urry, J. (University of Lancaster, UK) “Global Warming in the Brazilian News Media.”

16:00                COFFEE/TEA BREAK


                       Warren Pearce and Kim Holmberg on Twitter research, Brigitte Nerlich on sceptic labelling in the media and Iina Hellsten and Loet Leydesdorff on changes in interdisciplinarity patterns over time in Climatic Change - journal




Day 2: Tuesday 22 July

09:30                COFFEE/TEA

 10:00-11:00      Keynote: Saffron O’Neill (University of Exeter, UK) “Image matters: visual imagery in climate change communication”

11:00                COFFEE/TEA BREAK

 11:15-12:30      THE POLITICS OF CONTESTATION OF CLIMATE CHANGE Chair: Brigitte Nerlich (University of Nottingham, UK)


Bauer, A., Hermann, A. T. & Reinecks, S. (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria) “Between Exclusion and Dialogue: Scientific Policy Advice and Climate Change Skepticism.”

Dessai, S., Pearce, R. & Cotton, M. (University of Sheffield, UK) “How does the British public conceptualise the impacts of climate change and adaptation responses?”

van Vuuren, K. (University of Queensland, Australia) “Comparing Place-based Public Discourse about Climate Change policies in Australia.”

12.30                LUNCH with poster session


Chair: Dr Larson

Stibbe, A. (University of Gloucestershire, UK) “Frames and metaphors: an integrated approach.”

Boehnert, J. (Ecolabs, UK) “Epistemological Error as a Meta-frame for the Climate Crisis.”

Asayama, S. (Tohoku University, Japan) “From political controversy to technological optimism: Framings and discourses of climate change in the Japanese media.”

Döring, M. (University of Hamburg, Germany) “Climate Change at the Foreshore: The Metaphorical Framing of Climatic change among Coastal Dwellers in north Germany.”

McNally, B. (Dublin City University, Ireland) “Media(tion) and Decarbonisation: Implications of emerging discourses of low carbon transition on citizen engagement, Ireland (2000-2013).”

15.15                COFFEE/TEA BREAK


                        Nelya Koteyko on metaphors in editorials, Rusi Jaspal on geoengineering and Luke Collins on using Wmatrix to study reader comments

16.30                BREAK

16:45-17:45       End of conference discussion




To be displayed over lunch

Boehnert, J.   (Ecolabs, UK) “The Visualization of Climate Discourses”.

Moernaut, R.   (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland)“Climate Change Reframed? A Flemish Alternative Media Platform Compared to the Mainstream Press.”

Ottaviano, D. & Trilling, D.  (University of Amsterdam, NL): “Discussing #unfccc: climate change on Twitter.”

Pigott, A.  (Swansea University, UK): “Representing the future: Whose mirrors and which magnifying glasses?”

Rebich-Hespanha, S. (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA): “Evolution of themes in climate news coverage between the 1970s and 2013: Topic modelling and data visualization to support understanding of cycles and trends.”

Verhoog, S. (VU University, Amsterdam, NL):  “The Politics of Land Deals: The (in)effectiveness of Global Land Policies on Large-Scale Land Acquisition.”

Iina Hellsten,
Aug 7, 2014, 3:32 AM