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Special Discount Advertising Page

for Non-Commercial Ads on the Cleveland Park Listserv

-Use to Purchase Individual or Nonprofit Advertisements-

The Cleveland Park Listserv offers a discount on advertising by individuals and nonprofits. If you'd like to take out an ad to sell items on the Cleveland Park Listserv, you can do so for 10 percent of the asking price of all the items you would like to sell, up to $500. (The maximum price for a non-commercial advertisement is $50, so you do not need to pay more, even if you are selling items that add up to more than $500.)

Nonprofit organizations can buy ads at half off the normal rate for commercial ads: that is, for $25 instead of $50.

The Cleveland Park Listserv is the largest neighborhood email list in the United States. While newspapers shed subscribers, the Cleveland Park Listserv continues to grow by 25 - 50 new members a week. We have many repeat advertisers, a testament to how effective advertising on the Cleveland Park Listserv is.

Your ad helps us add new features and services to the Cleveland Park Listserv, and helps keep the Listserv alive.

The cost of a for-sale ad is 10% of the item's sale price (with a minimum payment of $2.00). You can pay by credit card or PayPal.* Enter $25 if you are buying an ad for your nonprofit organization:

The Cleveland Park Listserv offer an exciting advertising option: premium ads, which appear in our weekly columns. For more information on premium advertising, click here.

*Only ads that cost $25 or more are part of the weekly thank you message.

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