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 First Moon Landing Further Reading 

‘We Choose to go to the Moon’. Personal recollections of the first moon landing – Further reading for the talk on 5 June 2019 by Peter Rea, CDAS Founder Member

The Sky at Night BBC television programme
Sky at Night Magazine BBC astronomy magazine
Astronomy Now British monthly astronomy magazine
Sky and Telescope Leading American astronomy magazine
Amateur Astrophotography Ezine
 Amateur astrophotography e-magazine written by fellow amateur astrophotographers

In The Sky Guides to the night sky
The Night Sky This Month Jodrell Bank astronomer, Prof Ian Morison, lists some of the sights that can be seen this month
Paul Money Local astronomer, author, broadcaster and Sky at Night magazine reviews editor
 The Moore Winter Marathon Details of the BBC Sky at Night’s Moore Winter Marathon with interactive planetarium
Solar System Simulator NASA/JPL solar system simulator
Pete Lawrence's Moon guides Pete Lawrence's Moon guides with downloadable PDFs
Moon Phase Current moon phase
Heavens Above Visible passes of satellites (location preset to the observatory, change for your local position)
Weather Satellite Satellite images of current weather conditions
Astrum Space Astronomy based YouTube channel by Alex McColgan, film and TV student at Grimsby Institute
 Go Stargazing Information about public stargazing events

Stellarium Free planetarium software
Carte du Ciel Free planetarium software
Computer Aided Astronomy Free planetarium software
 Free stacking software for planet images (Windows only)
Deep Sky Stacker
 Free pre-processing software for deep sky images (Windows only)

Astronomy for children A fun guide from NASA to teach children about astronomy

BAA British Astronomical Association
 ELAC East Lincolnshire Astronomy Club
FAS  Federation of Astronomical Societies
LAS  Lincoln Astronomical Society
 Royal Astronomical Society
 Society for Popular Astronomy