Useful Links

Links to external sites are provided for additional information. We do not endorse such websites; we are not responsible for, and cannot be held liable for their content.

First Moon Landing Further Reading – ‘We Choose to go to the Moon’. Personal recollections of the first moon landing – Further reading for the talk on 5 June 2019 by Peter Rea, CDAS Founder Member

The Sky at Night – BBC television programme

Sky at Night Magazine – BBC astronomy magazine

Astronomy Now – British monthly astronomy magazine

Sky and Telescope – Leading American astronomy magazine

Amateur Astrophotography Ezine – Amateur astrophotography e-magazine written by fellow amateur astrophotographers

In The Sky – Guides to the night sky

The Night Sky This Month – Jodrell Bank astronomer, Prof Ian Morison, lists some of the sights that can be seen this month

Paul Money – Local astronomer, author, broadcaster and Sky at Night magazine reviews editor

The Moore Winter Marathon – Details of the BBC Sky at Night’s Moore Winter Marathon with interactive planetarium

Solar System Simulator – NASA/JPL solar system simulator

Pete Lawrence's Moon guides – Pete Lawrence's Moon guides with downloadable PDFs

Moon Phase – Current moon phase

Heavens Above – Visible passes of satellites (location preset to the observatory, change for your local position)

Weather Satellite – Satellite images of current weather conditions

Astrum Space – Astronomy based YouTube channel by Alex McColgan, film and TV student at Grimsby Institute

Go Stargazing – Information about public stargazing events

Stellarium – Free planetarium software

Carte du Ciel – Free planetarium software

Computer Aided Astronomy – Free planetarium software

Registax – Free stacking software for planet images (Windows only)

Deep Sky Stacker – Free pre-processing software for deep sky images (Windows only)

StarStaX – Free software for star trail images (Mac OS and Windows)

Astronomy for children – A fun guide from NASA to teach children about astronomy

BAA – British Astronomical Association

ELAC – East Lincolnshire Astronomy Club

FAS – Federation of Astronomical Societies

LAS – Lincoln Astronomical Society

RAS – Royal Astronomical Society

SPA – Society for Popular Astronomy