Current solar activity (SOHO images)
19.5 nm image of the Sun
19.5 nm
28.4 nm image of the Sun
28.4 nm
30.4 nm image of the Sun
30.4 nm

Current moon phase
Welcome to the Cleethorpes & District Astronomical Society, founded in 1969 and located at Beacon Hill Allotments, Cleethorpes. We have our own lecture room and observatory containing a 16 inch Newtonian/Cassegrain telescope as well as other smaller telescopes. Regular monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month with invited speakers who give talks on a range of astronomical topics. We also run beginners' sessions from September to May once a month on Friday evenings which are open to everyone.


Transit of Mercury on Monday 11th November 2019. If there is a reasonable chance of the weather being clear the observatory will be open from 12.30 p.m. until Sunset to observe this rare occurrence through a variety of solar telescopes. Members and friends are welcome to attend. The next Mercury transit won’t occur until 2032 and the next Venus transit will be 2117.

The new beginners’ sessions have started. They are open to anyone and you may join at any stage.

For all the latest news follow us on Twitter @cleeastronomy or Facebook.

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