Your Session

What You Can Expect In Your Session

Clearing sessions can be done face to face, over the telephone, or without you being present in person or on the phone. If requested, your session will be recorded and sent to your through Dropbox - a free service. Whether or not you are present for your clearing, you will be asked to be mindful of your current challenges. Jane or Linda will be guided by their own and your High Self committees throughout the clearing process, but will confirm with you that your concerns have been fully addressed. The Spiritual Response Therapy method utilizes Jane and Linda's extensive training and knowledge of divining work (using a pendulum to show which charts and what chart areas to concentrate on). They will record what charts and items they are working with on your behalf every step of the way. They will tell you the names of each of the charts they are working with, as well as where the High Self committees are leading them on each chart.

A Spiritual Response Therapy clearing will remove the negativity around you and your soul, but as always, you have free will in how you choose to react to people and situations. Spiritual Response Therapy is not a substitute for making healthy, loving choices and will not always prevent you from choosing to have restrictive and sour emotions and behavior, although your subconscious tendencies will be greatly reduced. Spiritual Response Therapy empowers you to respond to your life situations in a more clear and loving way. The previously held limited perceptions you might have about yourself and others can be eliminated in your life through your soul clearing.

Jane and Linda are certified consultants under the Spiritual Response Association, also known as the SRA. Not all practitioners are certified by the SRA, but those who are adhere to strict ethical guidelines when working with clients. These guidelines assure you that your clearing will be done with expert care and confidentiality.

Jane sometimes uses a combination of SRT and cognitive behavioral counseling. This can create an ongoing program for those who want to attain spiritual awareness, mental health, and positive connections to the universe and beyond. Talk with Jane about meeting with her regularly to apply both SRT and clinical counseling.