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My Name Is Ian Harper

This Wiki is my depository for all my media that does not have a home. It’s a place where you can come and find ideas and answers to cleaning questions. The information is all public domain so you are free to use it in its original form or adapt it to your own needs.

You need to know a few things about me so you will understand what follows. I am British and as a child suffered from epilepsy. I was treated with Phenobarbital This had a direct effect on my schooling. I left school with no certifications and to this day have issues with reading and writing. This is important to you because not all my stuff has been checked by my wife, so it might not make sense. Hopefully most does.

When I left school, I went into cleaning worked hard and before long become a supervisor and managers for a contract firm. After leaving school with encouragement from a great friend started to read and had improved, With the help of computers I started to write. This led me to take City & Guilds in cleaning science.

The next step was to work for myself and I built a maid service (with Tracy my first wife) using joe polish marketing. This is important to you because it shows you can take what joe was teaching to carpet cleaners and use it in other type of service. I built it up to have about 20 staff in three areas.

I have to say that what a great feeling it is to have people working for you. Not only are you helping them but the change from working for a boss and owning a successful business is life changing for your outlook to work. I did a great job but as the saying goes “the devil makes work for idle hands”

I had reached a point where I needed help to reach the next step but did not see that at the time. I lost everything, apart from one thing my guardian angel that saved me from myself my wife Tina. She has guided me to a new life and purpose.

Life can be hard if you have a hard start but we are lucky to live in a free country where the only limit is yourself. So, no matter what education or baggage you have never give up. Good luck


Ian Harper