Company History

Art Clawson started driving truck as a salesman for Union Oil Company of California in 1930. After transferring to California's Central Valley, Art founded Clawson Trucking Company in Modesto, California in 1934. One of Clawson Trucking's earliest customers was Gallo Wine which was founded in 1933 by Ernest Gallo and Julio Gallo.
At an early age, Jim was involved in the family business. After graduating from college, Jim came back to Modesto and drove for Clawson Tucking hauling turkeys for Swanson. In the 1970's, business swelled to over 50 trucks and subhaulers, hauling cans and various products related to agricultural.
Art and Jim Clawson were innovators. They designed and commissioned the first set of full 28' doubles to legally run in California. In 1964, Jim built the first 57' super van, allowing Clawson Trucking to haul more pallets of cans than any other company in the United States. 
Charles Clawson bought his first truck in 1987 and subhauled for Clawson Trucking. He soon took over as manager. In 2003, when Jim passed away, Charlie stepped up as president of Clawson Trucking Company LLC. Today Charles continues the legacy his farther started, specializing in 57' roller vans and 53' dry vans.