The Luberon as seen from the upper church in St. Michel

A quick introduction in theatrical terms:  setting, time  and characters:      

Our village: St. Michel l'Observatoire, is in the French departement  known as Les Alpes de Haute  Provence ( 04),  between the towns of Manosque & Forcalquier, and about an hour's drive up from  Aix-en-Provence.

Thomas Murach , Facteur de clavecins

Isabelle Murach-Venturini , Luthier

Since 1993 we  have been running the workshop ' Le Pin Lyre ', where I make  harpsichords and Isabelle  restores violins, lutes and violes. In fact, we work together on lots of tasks, but that's the  basic setup.

The harpsichord side of things: As of 1988, I learned the basics with  Lewis Jones, at the London College of Furniture, later London Guildhall, now London Metropolitan University.
After much research
'Ariata' eventually came into being, and this is the trade name for my  own interpretations of the harpsichord.

The following pages have some photos and links giving details on our work so far and are here for no other purpose than to encourage you, the musician and harpsichord player, to contact me and see about how you can become the proud player of one of our fine creations. .

We host the occasional trainee from the Bedarrieux school of guitar making and suggest a week long summer cours in instrument making in partnership with the Academie de Limans.
Please visit the page 'stages' in the French version of our site.