Ongoing Projects

-        The growth and specialization of patenting activity in emerging countries:  An analysis at the applicant level” (with F. Malerba, F. Montobbio and V.Sterzi)

-        “The impact of terrorism on the Italian election results” (with F. Crudu)

-        “Election results and federal finance in Italy” (with M. Vannini)

-        The relationship between net fiscal residuals and business cycle in the Italian regions” (with E. Otranto)

-        “Health effects of gambling consumption” (with A. Bussu)

-        Estimating the social cost of art thefts” (with M. Meleddu and M. Vannini)

-        Cycles in migration and crime” (with B. Biagi)

      -    “The spillover effects of crime cycles in Italy” (with E. Otranto)