STUDIO 532 • Opening Night In Seattle

Post date: Oct 12, 2009 4:46:25 PM

1 October 2009 -- Review by K. D. Kragen, KaveDragen Ink,

I'm going to leave aside certain interesting details, such as how many attended and which works of art were exhibited by both Claudia McKinstry and Dave Schiefelbein. Claudia will post that blog entry. What I want to do, as a writer, novelist and wordsmith, as one involved in the literary arts, but always amazed at the visual arts, what I want to do is give some of my impressions of the evening.

First, I was excited to see a number of familiar faces, friends and acquaintances: Of course Claudia and Mike were beaming! Artist and maestro art teacher, sensei Dan Rice was there, accompanied by his lovely wife Connie, literary artist and literature professor. Marit and Jeff Krueger attended, ever exuberant lovers and supporters of the arts. Claudia Rengstorf came from central Kitsap to attend. Scott & Jullie Snyder were there, new folks Jan and I met for the first time. Leigh Knowles Metteer was her usual animated and thoughtful self -- owner Knowles Studio & Gallery, Poulsbo, WA,

Second, it was wonderful to meet Dave Schiefelbein and listen to him discuss his photography, especially his fascination with old barns as a special subject matter for his camera's eye. Scott and Jullie Snyder also attended, whom Jan and I met for the first time.

Finally, I will share some specific impressions—as a philosopher of art and a subjective individual. The lighting in the place showed off the artwork beautifully. Everything came to life! The original works of Claudia and Dave, every piece shined, glowed, and blossomed in bright space accented by the chilly evening city streets outside. I've seen most of Claudia's work in her home, and in other galleries, but the quality of lighting and pale white walls, everything supported, honored and highlighted this wonderful art.

Dave's artwork was totally new to me. So Gallery 532 put it in the best possible light for a first impression. One thing that struck me was how amazingly congenial Claudia's and Dave's art is, how perfectly they resonated off one another. I asked Claudia how long she and Dave had known each other and each other's work. Her answer was quite interesting: they had not met before this showing. I was awestruck. The God of art and artists laughed softly in the background of my thoughts. Cool. Excellent. Mazeltov. And goodnight.

Featuring Artists: Claudia McKinstry

and Dave Schiefelbein

Location: 532 First Avenue South

(Pioneer Square) Seattle WA 98104

When: Thursday, 1 October 2009, 6:00-8:30 PM

Call 206-850-5528 for information – studio open 1st Thursday of the month