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Manon Larose

705 222 6313

I am a graduate of École d’Homéopathie Classique of Montreal Canada and member of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario.   I enjoy reading research in the medical field and participating in Homeopathic Conferences and medical forums.

Je suis bilingue et peux vous servir en français.

"The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles."
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

We are born with both a natural healing ability and also an ability to learn healing responses. Illness is the state we are in when one of those systems fail. Conventional medicine, as well as many Natural medicines, target the symptoms in order to reduce discomfort, serving only to short-circuit the body's alarm system (the symptoms are the guiding expressions of illness, not the illness itself). Homœopathy is the system that is designed to spark a healing response that will bring about the most optimal and complete cure possible for each person: once the illness is resolved the symptoms will go away.

Micheline Fournier

705 918 4540

I am graduate of École d'Homéopathie Classique of Montreal, Canada and a licensed practitioner in Ontario, Canada. When I discovered Homoeopathy 15 years ago I was so impressed with everything about it that I decided to pursue a career as a medical Homoeopath.

I have obtained a Bachelor of Art, a Master in History and a Bachelor in education. I enjoyed teaching high school for 23 years and now I am putting all of this accumulated knowledge towards helping others to heal.

I am curious and love teaching others. I enjoy conversing with people young and old. I have a passion for research, be it in the medical field or history and I am always ready for new learning experiences in order to continuing my education in homœopathy. Participating in conferences, medical forums and promoting Homeopathy is my passion.

Je suis bilingue et peux vous servir en français.

Homœopathy is a complete medicine able to address any disharmony expressed in a living organism. This means that when an organ or system in your body is not functioning optimally you will express symptoms that guide your Homœopath towards a prescription. Since this medicine addresses each individual in their particular state of health, in their particular state of sensitivity and in their particular susceptibilities, it is powerful as well as safe and effective for any number of illnesses, acute or chronic, and is safe from infancy to end of life, in pregnancy, lactation and sensitive patients. It is useless to ask your Homœopath if they treat allergies, or rheumatism, or vertigo since these are descriptions of vary vague disruptions in your body's functions. It is much better to ask your Homœpath to treat allergies that come on in rainy weather and express with watery eyes, burning runny nose, violent sneezing and loss of mental focus. A Homœopath treats a person with a particular discomfort that gets worse in this type of situation, better in this other type of situation, shows up at this time or on this occasion, along with these other things in a person that prefers this type of weather, food, drink and company... Once a Homœopath can paint a complete picture of your dis-eased state(s) they can match it to a medicine that looks exactly or almost exactly like that picture and begin you on a healing process. It works very well, is gentle, and has very deep reaching positive consequences to your whole state of health. This is why I think that everyone should begin with Homœopathy and then, if that doesn't help, resort to harsher, chemical (herbs, supplements, drugs...) or mechanical (chiro, osteo, message...) therapies. 

Homœopathic treatment has been successfully helping in conditions that range from the very serious to the more benign (but disruptive) for more than 200 years, using the same remedies to treat the same constellation of symptoms (unlike drugs that must be constantly "upgraded").

"The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles." (NB: underline is mine)
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

For those of you that prefer listening to explanations, here are some videos:

What is Homœopathy?

The Consultation


What can be healed?

Pathology and Healing

Homœopathic approaches are excellently suited to all kinds of situations: First Aid, epidemics (such as the flu, chickenpox, shingles, or any other, whether you have been vaccinated or not against them), stages of life (adolescent troubles, menopause, andropause, pregnancy, nursing mother, growing pains, mid-life marathons...), acute and chronic illnesses... If you want to give this approach a try in First Aid, it is safe and effective and will give you an idea of how it works to bring about relief. Here is a short list of often used remedies in everyday First Aid situations with instructions. If you would prefer a short course (30 minutes) on the preparation and use of the remedies, please call the office and a this can be arranged.

First Aid Remedies

The best way to experience the effectiveness of Homeopathy is when you use it in First Aid situations. They are fast and reliable. If you take the wrong remedy it will have no effect and no toxicity, you simply try another, better suited one. The feeling associated to the pain usually is the best indicator of the right remedy.

ARNICA MONTANA is the remedy that everyone should carry. It is useful in blunt trauma (and concussion) and bruising. Good for muscles soreness after overdoing exercise or overstraining the muscles. Good before and after dental work to prevent jaw pain and accelerate healing. A bruised and battered feeling. A stunned feeling after concussion.

HYPERICUM is often given after ARNICA MONTANA if there is shooting pain remaining after the swelling and bruising have gone. Pain like fingers caught in a door.

RHUS TOXICODENDRON for sprains and strains that are worse from resting, better from moving or walking on the sprain. A feeling that you have to move about to help the pain.

RUTA is also for sprains, but for those better from resting. Also good for ligament or tendon strain if RHUS TOXICODENDRON was not the remedy.

BELLIS PERENNIS is excellent for deep tissue trauma, like the one caused from a seat belt that locks when a car is forced into a sudden stop. Can also be used when ARNICA MONTANA doesn't relieve. A feeling of lameness. Good after an operation to relieve the pain of the incision.

BRYONIA is inflammatory pain mostly in serous membranes that is worse from ANY motion. Joint red, swollen and hot. The person is also very irritable and wants to be left alone.

IGNATIA is an effective grief remedy. The feeling is that if they start crying they may never stop.

RHODODENDRON is excellent when ARNICA MONTANA and RHUS TOXICODENDRON haven't relieved. The pain is at its worse in the morning and gets better as the day goes on and the person moves. Also good for teething in children (as are PULSATILLA and CHAMOMILLA, the first for a clingy child, the second for an angry child).

LEDUM is the remedy to give after a puncture wound or a deep cut that is hard to clean. It also relieves bug bites and blunt trauma to the eye (black eye).

For First Aid remedies I recommend a 30K dilution. The most effective way to administer a remedy is to dilute 2 granules in a bottle of water that you can throw out or sterilize afterwards. That way, if after initial relief, the pain returns, you can succuss (hit the bottle firmly in the palm of your hand) and repeat the remedy. Succuss between 2 and 10 times before taking the remedy each time and you can repeat as many times as you like.

If water is not handy take one granule directly under the tongue and let them dissolve. Do not take the same remedy dry more than 2 times.

IF THE REMEDY DOES NOT RELIEVE YOU THE FIRST TIME, TRY ANOTHER: it is not because you have not gotten enough, it is because it is the wrong remedy.