NC women retains trophy with 4-0 victory in 2017 Clash of the Carolinas

Congratulations to the NC women for their 4-0 victory and NC men on their hard fought 2-2 tie at the 2017 Clash of the Carolinas.

NC women's MVP: Brianna Morris of Millbrook

NC men's MVP: Aiden O'Brien of Asheville High

2017 Clash of the Carolinas:

The top 18 male and female high school soccer stars from North Carolina and South Carolina will meet in Cary, NC at Wake Med Soccer Park and compete in the only sanctioned interstate High School Soccer All-Star event in the country!

Location:Wake Med Soccer Park Cary, NC

Ticket Information: Tickets will be available the day of the matches at the gate. $10 entry covers both matches and game day programs will be available for purchase.