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Me vs Windows 10

Definite Wants:

Privacy: O&O Shutup10 -- O&O ShutUp1

  • No extra crap in the install unlike DoNotSpy10
  • Has a "recommended settings" option
  • Ability to export/import settings so they can easily be reapplied after Windows updates
Annoyances/Tweaks: WinAero Tweaker -- Winaero Tweaker
  • So many options, I'll just list a few notables:
  • Classic Alt-Tab appearance
  • Links to Classic Photo Viwer/Calculator/Sticky Notes/W7 Games
Default Aps: 10AppsManager -- 10AppsManager: Uninstall, reinstall Windows 10 Store apps
  • USE WITH CARE: Don't count on this being about to reinstall anything, if you want an app back
    you'll want to get it through the Windows Store.
  • DON'T uninstall the Store, this potentially breaks things you weren't expecting to break and
    makes it harder to get stuff back and/or install new stuff
Updates: Windows Update MiniTool - Download Windows Update MiniTool - MajorGeeks    
  • Quick access to Windows updates and settings
  • Don't completely disable updates unless you're really on top of doing it manually, use a schedule instead.
Custom Tile Icons/Colors (Tileiconifier) -- https://github.com/Jonno12345/TileIconifier/releases
  • This was a workaround to save space in the stat menu -- rather than using labels Icolorized by category:
    Blue=Internet, Purple=Multimedia, Orange=Productivity, Default=Games, Red=Admin ,Magenta=Utilties, Green=Misc
  • You can download and use your favorite image editor to grab the hex values of the colors.

Other Useful Things:

  • Various ways to make multiple monitors more usable like cursor-locking, application moving, etc.
  • Shamelessly plugging my referral link.
  • I like it for collaboration and it being cross-platform.
  • Of the various "Cleaners" I've tried (including some paid ones) this has caused me the least issues with not removing things it shouldn't.
  • The uninstaller is a bonus since windows now splits things between the old "add/remove programs" and the "installed apps" settings panel.
  • Remember to tell it which cookies to keep! ;)
  • My favorite feature-rich without bloat text/code editor
  • More functionality than Windows' built-in zip handling.
  • I've been using it since the 90's and see no reason to change.
SUMo Lite: https://www.kcsoftwares.com/?sumo
  • No-frills but all-inclusive check for software version updates
  • Only con: Sometimes tries to include beta versions.

Nuked everything on this page, then posted links to software.
Added bibble-babble about the various software.