Prayer Warriors

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7

Thank you for lifting others up in prayer!

September 25, 2020
Please pray Strength and Comfort for a friend from work and her husband, who had Kidney removed due to cancer.

September 23, 2020
Please pray for Kristen S. She is a mom of several children and has COVID-19. She is hospitalized and they just put her on a ventilator today. Please pray for her recovery and for her family who is taking this very hard. 
The C. Family

September 21, 2020
Please pray for my son he has an alcohol addiction.

Please pray for Michele who is having hip surgery today. 
Thank you, Donna

September 16, 2020
Please pray for our cousin and family, as his 6 year old son passed away. Also, pray for my friend Missy, she has to have a hysterectomy. she also asked we pray for her children as their father isn't a believer and is guiding them down the wrong path, so they are conflicted. 
Thank you, Tammy

September 15, 2020
* Please pray for a member of the Tadmor Shrine, who is asking for prayer, as they lost a loved one. Thank you.

* Please pray for my father, who has been battling cancer for a while now. He is having some side effects from medication and some labs which were taken showed elevated numbers. In addition, please pray he will be led to ask Jesus into his heart. 
Thank you, Jim

Please pray for the fires out west. The fires have reached my brother's home in Oregon. Also, his wife is dying in the hospital. He’s not allowed in hospital because of COVID-19, so she’s all alone and he’s had to move in with another family for now. Please pray for Rain!! 
Thank you ~ Cindy and JR.

September 3, 2020
* Please pray for a family who rushed their 3-year old daughter to the emergency room this morning, as she was coughing up blood. Thank you. Jim

September 1, 2020
Church family please be in prayer for a local and long term Pastor in our area Bob Moses, as his wife went home to be with the Lord this week. She had recently slipped into a coma, hospice was with them at their home.
Thank you, Ren

August 29, 2020
I’m asking you to pray for our prisons in Ohio, especially Marion Correctional Institution in Marion Ohio. They are not feeding the prisoners enough food and especially not healthy food. Rice pasta is not healthy, unless it’s whole wheat and it’s not. I wrote a letter to the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump about this and I sent a copy of the letter to Governor Mike Dewine, The Department of Corrections in Columbus, and the Warden at Marion Correctional Institution. These men are locked down all day with no hope to be rehabilitated. With no church services any longer. The website gloats about their rehabilitation. Even before the virus there was no rehabilitation. Please pray for our Lord to make this better and not political.
Thank you Paul And Sheila

Please Pray for Wilyodean, who has been in and out of the hospital and rehab. May the Lord give her the strength she needs and let her know how much she is loved!
Thank you, LT

* Thank you for your prayers for my husband, Donny, who passed his kidney stone! 
Praise Jesus it passed within hours this AM!
Thank you, Bonnie

August 28, 2020
Prayer Warriors please be lifting up one of our faithful members Bonnie, who came down with Shingles two weeks ago. She is still dealing with shooting, stabbing pains that won't let up. The nights are long and difficult. She needs some relief and Holy Spirit encouragement. 
Thank you, PB

August 27, 2020
Please be on prayer for Jackie and David S. David has been my friend since kindergarten and was in our wedding. I received this a short time ago:
I’m writing you to ask you for huge favor. Prayer for my wife. This past Monday her mom died. If that’s not enough heartache, stress, and pressure on someone. That was just the beginning. On Tuesday morning while making plans to go to Ohio for her mom’s funeral, we found Pickles (our Dachshund) paralyzed in his back legs. We rushed him to the vet hospital to find he has a spinal injury. A few hours later a blood vessel ruptured in my stomach. Because of all this Covid nonsense in New York they wouldn’t allow her to come in the emergency room with me. I lost a lot of blood and am not able to go home yet. But it appears that they have surgically repaired the problem. With me being stuck in the hospital for several days, Jackie has to handle everything. Last night Our great Dane had three seizures. Her mom’s funeral was today. She had to watch a video of it on her phone, because she couldn’t be there. Her heart is broken, she’s scared and worried about me, pickles, and Odin. She’s at her wits end. Please pray for her, put her on every prayer chain that you can think of. I would be eternally grateful - Thank you, Dave. 
Thank you, Tracey

August 26, 2020
Please pray for my neighbor who’s had a lot of health issues and recently told her children she’s tired of fighting and doesn’t want to live this way anymore. She’s given up and gone into hospice. Please also keep her family in prayer. Thank you all and God bless

August 24, 2020
Please pray for my nephew Kevin. He’s going through a lot right now and really needs our prayers as he’s away from his family while going to physicians assistant school in Utah. 
Thank you, Mary Lou

August 23, 2020
Please be in prayer for my cousin! Too much to go into. Our Awesome God knows what is going on.
Thank you!

My daughter just went into the hospital for a c-section. When she had her son, they lost her twice. Please pray for her safety and a healthy baby girl. Thank you, Teresa

Please pray for my 25 hour old grandson to make a clean recovery from his congenital pneumonia without any further complications or scarring to his lungs. Please pray for him. Thank you so much. Heather

August 20, 2020
Please keep me, my sisters, and our families in your prayers as our brother passed away unexpectedly last night. Praise God for his grace, mercy and comfort. Deb A and Betty M

August 19, 2020
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ - Deep inside in my heart I Know my Lord knows what i want in this hour, but I have a Request - that you pray for my Brother-in-law, Leslie R. - he has turned Positive for COVID-19 and under treatment past four days in the Hospital - Fever does not seem to subside and he seems low as lot of anti-viral drugs are been administered - Please pray to our Lord that he may have strength to take this treatment without any fear and have faith in our Lord that our LORD will heal him and he will be back with my sister & their only Son, Clinton - back to his home where the Lord is present all the time. The family is woven with love to the Church and immense love for Christ -- my Sister is worried about his health - She has been praying to our Lord all the time. Please pray for my Sister, Mary who is suffering from high anxiety due to the health issues of her Husband, Leslie, Mary & Clinton have turned negative for COVID-19 and I want to thank our Lord for his Mercy & Kindness. Please Lord take care of my Sisters family - they love you so much. They have tremendous faith in the Church and our Lord - I have been taking part in all the prayer meetings at their home and how beautifully they host the prayer meeting with the members of the Church. Lord I Implore to thee to help Leslie recover from COVID and the Uretic Stone he is suffering from. Please my dear brothers & Sisters in Christ - Please pray for Leslie R. Thank you, Don. (Bombay, India)

* Please pray for Jim, who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and has been placed on a ventilator. Please include his family, as they are truly struggling with this and are not able to be with him because he lives out of state. Thank you!
August 4, 2020
Please pray for a couple who actively serve and help within our church in a couple different areas of ministry. His health has gotten much worse recently and he is battling a few different things. They could both use our prayers now and in the weeks ahead.
Thank you!

Prayer Warriors please pray for our nephew Gary, as they believe he has suffered a stroke. 
Thank you, John and Debbie

Please pray for my Granddaughter, her boyfriend and his family, as his brother was killed in a car accident at 21 years of age. Please pray for all involved that everyone will recover. Thank you, Deb A

August 3, 2020
* Please be in prayer for a little girl who attends City Church AC. She is suffering from a pretty bad dog bite. She had to get stitches and has a lot of bruising. Thank you. Lisa

* Please be in prayer for a teenage girl who tested positive for COVID-19. Please pray she stays strong and that the rest of her family doesn't get it.

Please pray for Warren, who was admitted into ICU this morning and is on a ventilator. We are awaiting COVID-19 results. Thank you, Cathy.

July 26, 2020
* Please pray for our sister Bonnie. She’s going to have an ablation done to her heart.  Pray they have a successful operation. Thank you and God bless. 
Paul And Sheila

* Please pray for my good friend Diane and her family.  Her mom,  Pam, is not doing well at all and most likely won't make it much longer and her dad is in Missouri in ICU dying with cancer. 
Thank you. Tammy

July 25, 2020
* Please pray for my brother, Sonny! He is having a biopsy done on Monday and we pray it comes back negative! Thank you. Joyce

July 21, 2020
Please pray for our son who is dealing with emotional issues and substance abuse. Also, please please pray his family and friends have the faith, strength, and patience to help him. Thanks for all your prayers We miss seeing our church family!!

July 16, 2020
Please pray for my sister-in-law, Bonnie as she’s been in and out of the hospital for the last several months and she needs to be healed by our Redeemer.  In Jesus name we ask, Amen! Paul And Sheila

July 14, 2020
Please pray for our 83 year old mom who has passed out and fallen yet again and is headed to the hospital. Thank you, Laurie and Ren

Praise report, my friend Missy found out she has no cancer!! God is good. 
Thank you all for your prayers. Tammy

July 13, 2020
On June 22, 2020 I I ask you to pray for Derek, who is at the Marion Correctional Institution. He found out his attorney was not doing his job. He called me today and told me that he’s working on the case. Please pray he will get him released. 
Thank you and God bless
Paul and Sheila

Please pray for my friend, Missy, as she will find out today if she has cancer. 
Thank you, Tammy.

* Please pray for my sister, as she is having some biopsies taken this morning, and it does not look good. 
Thank you, Joyce 

July 12, 2020
* Please pray for Debbie & John and family as her mom is on a ventilator at this time and they need your prayers.

* Please pray for my Cousin’s son, Jordan. He passed out at work and he has been unresponsive. He is in the ICU and he is only 24. His last CT scan showed no brain activity. Thank you!! Joy

July 10, 2020
Please pray for my mother, Jan. Her son, Jim died in Las Vegas on Wednesday. This is her 3rd child to die in just over a year and has lost 4 total. Thankfully all were saved at ABT as children and we know they are with Jesus and God. Pray to give peace to my mom and the family during this horrific time. Thank you, Georgia

July 5, 2020
Please pray for my nephew, Joe and his family. They were in close contact with friends whose daughter now has the virus🙁. He is fevered tonight and not feeling well. They all took the test but no results as of yet. Thank you all so much! Faye

June 26, 2020
Please pray for my mom, Phyllis. She was taken by emergency air to Cleve and admitted to cardiac ICU. 
Thank you, BA

June 25, 2020
Please keep my friend Missy in prayer today, she is having a biopsy of her uterus, please pray it is not cancer.
Thank you, Tammy.

June 22, 2020
Please pray for our son Derek, who is in Marion Correctional Institution in Ohio. We had an attorney we found out he was lying to us about doing his job. He gave us half of our money back and said he’s going to continue to work on our son's case. Pray that Marion Correctional Institution will do the proper distancing, hand washing, temperature checking, and testing. We don’t know if someone can catch the COVID-19 virus again. We don’t know they’re not doing temperature checks, however, they are doing the others. I don’t know why they’re not doing temperature checks and they’re going to allow people to visit from the outside. However, Marion is not one of them that they are going to try it. Pray they will so we can visit! t
Thank you, Paul And Sheila

June 20, 2002
* Please pray for my nephew Bill...his brain cancer has returned and the prognosis isn't good. He is only 33 years old. Thank you and God Bless. Thank you, Shirley.

June 19, 2020
* Please keep RaeAnnin prayer, she has to have her gallbladder out on Monday. 
Thank you! Tammy

June 10, 2020
Please pray for Sydney. She has been dealing with some health issues and has recently received diagnosis affecting her blood sugar levels and hearing. Thanks so much!

June 2, 2020
Please pray for the protection of my son-in-law who is a police officer, as well as my daughter who fears for him to go to work right now due to rioting, etc. Thank you! Chuck and Laurie.

Please pray for my daughter and her family as my son-in-law tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday. Please pray that they all come through this safely. Thank you all for your prayers. Debbie A

June 1, 2020
Pray the "non-peaceful" protests will stop in the United States of America!! Thank you and God bless our United States of America!! Thank you, Sheila and Paul

May 31, 2020
Elaine W. had a stroke on May 16th. She is home with 24 hr care. Time will tell what’s next. Thank you for your prayers, Laura.

* Please pray for a little boy, Todd. He is having oral surgery tomorrow. Thank you. Lisa

May 27, 2020
* Please keep my cousin Cody and his family is your prayers. His father took his own life last night.

April 30, 2020
Please pray for our Sandusky and port Clinton Ohio hospitals (Erie and Ottawa counties) to get PPE for hospital employees. Thank you and God bless!! Paul and Sheila

April 20, 2020
Pray for Paul who works for a hospital and testing will become available soon for healthcare professionals. It seems more employees are impacted by the virus.  Pray for the safety of their families and they are not infected. Also, Marion Corrections in Ohio has 2,500 inmates and 1,000 are infected.  Pray the prisoners are not put so close together in the future. Please pray our son does not get the COVID-19 virus.
Thank you, Paul and Sheila

April 19, 2020
Please Pray for Jessica and her family. She is in ICU due to a stroke and is now battling pneumonia! Thank you!!

April 17, 2020
Please be in prayer for Carolyn who attends City Church AC. She is on her way to hospital can’t breath well and is being checked for virus. Thank you

April 10, 2020
* Please be in prayer for Cindy and Jr, who attend City Church AC. They are having symptoms of the virus. Thank you!

April 6, 2020
Please be in prayer for Linda who attends City Church AC. She fell and they have admitted her to the hospital with a head bleed. Thank you. 

April 4, 2020
As you go out to shop and you see all the people helping to service if you could just take your receipt and use the phone number on there to call the Business and let them know how grateful you are those people are doing their job and if there’s anything special you see an employee doing please point that out and try to find out their name. We need to show the love of Jesus. Thank you, Paul and Sheila

March 28, 2020
* Please pray for Peace and Comfort for Bob and his family. He is in Hospice Care. Prayers The Lord will wrap his arms around Bob and his family. Isaiah 41:10

March 26, 2020
Please pray for Bonnie E as she was supposed to have a stent put in yesterday, but they canceled and rescheduled for next Wednesday. She is having trouble breathing while getting up and down. Pray the Lord will give her Her breathing back to normal and that the surgery fixes the problems.
Thank you Paul and Sheila

* Please be in prayer for Margie, who had a mild stroke this past Tuesday. She is doing much better today. Please continue to pray for her.  

March 25, 2020
* Praise! Thanks for praying for the lady who attends City Church AC. Her surgery went well and her tests came back good. Thanks so much for your prayers!! 

March 24, 2020
Please be in prayer for Dawn who is on the frontline at the hospital. She wasn’t feeling well and they are running some tests on her. Thank you!

* Please pray for Rick. He  just found out he has COVID-19 and they just had to put him in ICU on a ventilator. Pray for his wife and family to stay healthy. Thank you very much

March 23, 2020
Church Family,
Bonnie and Donnie need our prayers as Don is now unemployed. His boss is not doing this only in light of the coronavirus, but the business has struggled and now he is not not going to reopening. Donnie has been employed at the same business for over 30 years. This also impacts their Health Care.
They would greatly appreciate your prayers. Pastor Ben

* Please pray for a lady who attends City Church AC. She is having surgery today. Pray it goes well and her tests come back negative. Thank you!!

* Please pray for Sallie! She just found out she has cancer and she is seeing her doctor today. Thank you!!

March 21, 2020
As we are now on week two of Our Church temporary closing, I’m reminded of just who’s in Control. Our one and only loving God. He’s got His arms wrapped around each one of us and I’m so grateful we’ll gather again soon. I pray sooner than they say. I’d like to say , I’m praying for each and everyone of you for your safety and comfort during this time. 

To our Pastors, we love you and pray as we all know none of you are used to sitting idle. Enjoy the rest and know that when we gather again, we’ll all begin to keep you busy once again.
We miss you all so much and am looking forward to a big group hug from our church family!! 
Love JR and Cindy #psalms91

* Definitely something we should all be doing, each and every day. Please pray for our country & the world, as well as all our first responders and those working in the medical field. Do not ever forget, God is in Control!!

March 18, 2020
Please pray for all of our facilities, all of our hospitals, all of our homes, all of our buildings -  that the Lord would take care of us all and this won’t spread any further. We will come up with a vaccine. Read all of Psalm 91. 
Thank you, Paul and Sheila

March 12, 2020
Please pray for our Aunt, as she fell and hurt her foot. She is in a lot of pain. She was going for X-rays. Thank you

March 10, 2020
Please pray for an 8 yr old boy, Xavier. His parents took him to emergency on Sunday thinking he had a bowel obstruction and they found a mass. Doctors told his parents it is cancer. Now they are awaiting surgery to remove this tumor.  Thank you!

March 8, 2020
Thank you for praying for my brother. He's finally home from the hospital after being there almost a month. He still has issues, but at least he's home. Please pray his numbers are in the range where they need to be, his kidneys kick start and function without needing dialysis and the doctors can figure out why this happened. According to my brother he was told his case is unique. Much love Trace

March 6, 2020
* Please pray I pass my National Counseling Examination in May; that my husband and I granted supernatural grace, favor, and provision to purchase our first home together; increase in clients for God and me nonprofit; protection over our children, my husband and me; supernatural financial blessing and deliverance from the bondage of deb; victory over foreclosure, liens, and judgment with my home in Florida. In Jesus' name. Amen
Thank you, Evelyn

March 3, 2020
Please pray for Julie this Thursday she will have a double mastectomy. Thank you!

Please pray for a genetic test for a lady who attends city church to come back positive. Thank you. 
February 27, 2020
Hannah H. is having Surgery at 1pm today. Please pray for wholeness and health! Thank you!!

Please keep my stepbrother in your prayers. His mom suffered a massive heart attack and isn’t expected to make it through the day. They also lost their stepdad a little over a year ago to cancer. Thank you. 

February 24, 2020
Please continue to be in prayer for my brother. He is battling a lot right now. It seems like he gets 2 steps forward then 3 steps back. My family are all believers. We believe in the power of prayer. We believe the LORD is in control. My brother just needs some encouragement!! Thank you, dearly!

February 18, 2020
* Please be in prayer for a lady, who attends City Church AC. She is having a biopsy done today. Thank you!

February 17, 2020
* Please lift my my cousin in prayer! She recently was diagnosed with a medical problem. Prayers for strength as she goes through her steps to recovery. Thank you!!

I asked quite a few months ago that you pray for my daughter and son in-law, who have been trying to get pregnant for the past 5 years. 
Update: The Good Lord heard! She is now just over 12 weeks pregnant! They are treating it as a high risk pregnancy since she had so many problems with her first son. Everything seems to be going great so far. Last night though she started having chest pains going into her shoulder. They did an EKG and saw a “blip” and thought maybe she had a blood clot in her lung. They did an x-ray to rule it out, so far so good, but today they got worse. Please pray for the safety of her and the baby! Thank you, Teresa 

* Please be in prayer for a lady who attends City Church AC. Doctors found something when they tested her. She will go back this week for the results. Please pray for God's healing!! Thank you.

We are praying for Derek. Last week on the 10th of February, he was supposed to go to court. Two hours before his hearing, it was reassigned to February 24th at 11 a.m. Pray that due process and Derek's constitutional rights are in the Lord 's hands.  We know they are. Thank you, Paul and Sheila

February 16, 2020
Please pray for my brother. God knows what's going on. thank you!

February 12, 2020
* Please be in prayer this morning for Stephanie, as she is having heart surgery! Thank you!

February 7, 2020
* On Monday February 10 at 1 pm Derek, who many of you have been praying for him to come back to the Lord and get set free from jail, goes back to court. We are praying for the court to vacate the trial due to lack of evidence. Pray he is set free on time served and not a new trial which can happen.
Thank you for all your prayers!!
Paul and Sheila

February 6, 2020
Jessica is going in for C Section after over 40 hrs of labor. Please be in prayer for her and the baby who is coming 6 weeks early. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ~ 
JR and Cindy 

Please pray for Miranda D. The family is trying to get her back in a rehab center, as she is struggling and she needs our prayers. A beautiful young girl who has a drug problem and is underweight. God Bless, Elle

February 5, 2020
Jessica needed induced last night instead because of her blood pressure. Continued prayers for her today as she’s still in labor this morning. Thank you. Cindy & JR
February 4, 2020
Jessica's blood pressure keeps elevating, which is causing what they call pre-eclampsia. Therefore, they are inducing her tomorrow for delivery. The baby girl will be six weeks early and so even though they're confident she will be okay, we would really appreciate your prayers. Thank you, Cindy

Please pray for Coreen having major surgery this morning. Thank you, Robyn

February 3, 2020
Please keep Ava in prayer. She is on her way to ER, she has a high fever and doesn't feel good. Pray she feels better and none of us get anything from her. Thank you. Tammy

February 1, 2020
Please pray for Myra, she is in a lot of pain from arthritis and having difficulty getting around. Thank you.

January 30, 2020
Please be in prayer for our son, Paul as he is back in the hospital again. He is likely fighting pneumonia and other related things. Thank you, Ken and Robin

January 27, 2020
Please Pray for Linda, who is in the hospital. Her heart is not beating correctly she has a fib atrial fibrillation and they are using drugs to get it back to normal . If this does not work they will have to shock her. Pray the medication will work.
Thank you, Paul and Sheila 

January 24, 2020
Please keep a friend of mine, Ashlee, and her son, Gavin, in your prayers. She lost her husband in freak accident on Monday, funeral was today. Both her and her son are not doing well.
Thank you, Tammy

Please pray for Keith who will undergo open heart surgery on today! Pray for comfort for his family as well. Thank you, Mary Lou

I am requesting prayer for my children’s father. His name is Larry and he now lives in Kentucky and was just diagnosed with throat cancer. Thank you, Mary
January 17, 2020
* Please be in prayer for Jan. She is having some problems walking. She is also dealing with some depression. Thank you for lifting her up in prayer!!

January 13, 2020
Please keep Ernie in your prayers this morning, as he is having surgery on his hand. Pray for little pain.
Thank you!!

* Please pray for my sister, Donna. She has had the flu for 2 weeks and is still sick. Thank you, Susan.
January 8, 2020
What a Wonderful day in the Lord! You have been praying for our son, Derek, who was sentenced and is in prison. Officials could not find his DD 214, and they pretty much called him a liar about having PTSD from being in Iraq. His attorney won a retrial for him, which is set for February 10th. Please pray they release Derek.
Thank you for your prayers in advance!!
Sheila and Paul 

January 7, 2020
Please be in prayer for Steve. He had an incident a year ago and from that incident something may have stirred up inside his body. There is blood in his urine and stool, he's losing weight, his white count is down, and he is very tired all the time.
Pray the doctors can figure this out because so far, nothing has been conclusive.

* Please be in prayer for a young mom, Sara. She has broken her tailbone. Thank you, Mary

January 5, 2020
* Please be in prayer for our Military personnel and their families. Thank you!!

January 4, 2020
Please pray for a friend of mine as her daughter goes through testing for cystic fibrosis. Thank you!!

January 1, 2020
Please be in prayer for a dear friend of mine, Troy. She and her siblings are mourning the passing of their sister, Mary, who died early today. Thank-you! Tracey

December 29, 2019
* Please pray for my mother and older daughter. We are all in a very dark place right now! Thank you, Dawn!!

December 27, 2019
* Please be in prayer for my brother, Paul R. This past week we discovered he has been diagnosed with cancer. We are waiting for results from the biopsy to find out what kind. Paul has always been the strong one for the family. We pray for his healing and his continued strength during this time. Our Lord is the Great Physician! Thank you!! Gina

December 26, 2019
* Please pray for newborn, Aleigha. Doctors think she may have pneumonia, which they say is common for preemies. However, they're not sure if it is, but they are treating her for it just in case. She has been doing well, she weighs 2 pounds 14oz, which us up from her beginning weight of 1 pound 14oz. Nurses say she keeps them on their toes. She's so precious, and I know God's got this, but I'm just so worried about her. We Love her so much. Thank you, Joyce!!

December 24, 2019
* Please be in prayer for our son, Paul as he has been admitted to the hospital with really bad pneumonia. Thank you!! Ken and Robin

December 22, 2019
* Matthew M. and his family are in need of prayer!! Thank you. Myles

* Please pray for my mother, Lula L. It is not good for a recovery. This has been such an emotional rollercoaster. She wants to come home for Christmas, but it is not possible. Thank you!! Dawn L. 

* Please pray for Miranda D. Thank you, Mark

December 21, 2019
* Prayers needed for my sister-in-law, Connie. She is suffering badly with ulcerative colitis. She is very weak, and in a lot of pain. She thanks you, and so do I. Debbie

* Please pray for Jan’s son and Georgia’s brother, Jim. He is in the hospital with double phenomena along with many other major issues. Thank you for your prayers. Georgia

December 20, 2019
* Prayers needed for Ernie! We're in ER and he has a severe headache and shortness of breath. Pray it's nothing serious. Thank you!! Tammy

* Please pray for Julie, who was just told she has breast cancer. Thank you!!

* Please pray for my daughter who just went through a miscarriage. She is feeling really down and depressed and can really use the prayer!! Thank you.

December 19, 2019
* Please pray for Linda, who attends City Church AC. She is having issues with her retina. She will be going to the doctor this week. Thank you!

December 13, 2019
* Please be praying for Grandma Jackie as she took a bad fall and hit her face on a dresser at her apartment. This has resulted in some fractures and bad deep bruising. She is currently in the ICU unit at the Hospital. Thank You, John and Shari

* Please pray for Levi, our 7 year old nephew. He is having another surgery on his spine today.
Thank you. Ernie and Tammy

December 12, 2019
* Pray for Derek and his issues with PTSD. While in prison, it is getting worse. He has become very argumentative with us and we had to stop taking calls from him. The appeal for his case has been filed. Pray Derek will give his heart back to the Lord.In Christ's precious name!

December 10, 2019
* My sister has applied for a job as a Media Specialist and has asked me to submit a prayer request for God's blessings on the interview process. She also just found out her dog has a tumor and is asking for prayers that it is non-cancerous and contained. Thank You!! Val

December 7, 2019
* Thank you, prayer warriors! My mom was able to come home from the hospital this afternoon. My brother Rick's hip surgery went well. He is in a lot of pain, but he got to go home this afternoon. Tracey

December 6, 2019
* Thank you for praying for me concerning a urine test just 2 days ago. The Lord answered today and everything is good!! Our Redeemer Lives!!
Thank you

* Please be in prayer for my brother, Rick. He is having hip replacement surgery today. Also, my mom, Betty is still in the hospital. She may get to come home today. Mark's dad has been in and out of the hospital with issues. He's home now. Please pray that he will listen to what he needs to do. It is very stressful on Mark. Mark is also battling a bad sinus infection. He's on meds. And finally our daughter-in-law, Tiffany fell down the steps at her home. Jake took her to the ER. She has a concussion. Thank you so much for all your prayers! Tracey

* Please pray for a gentleman named Roy. He fell yesterday and is having hip replacement surgery, He also broke him femur and he’s in a lot of pain. Thank you.

December 4, 2019
* Please pray for our great nephew, Levi, today as he is having surgery hopefully to repair his neck and spine. He was internally decapitated, hopefully this surgery is a success. Pray that God had his hands with the surgeon and the family. Thank you!! Tammy and Ernie

*Please pray regarding my urine test. This is the second test in a week which had blood. I pray it is nothing serious and I pray the Great Physician will heal me. Thanks be to God, our father. Amen. Sheila and Paul

December 3, 2019
* Please be in prayer for a lady who attends City Church AC. She had back surgery and is in a great deal of pain. Thank you.

December 2, 2019
* Please pray for my Grandson, Tim who is in the hospital after overdosing. The next 24 to 48 hours are crucial. Thank you..I know it's in God's hands. Thank you! S.

December 1, 2019
* Please keep Levi, our 7 year old great nephew in prayers. He was in a very serious car accident. He has had several surgeries with more to come. Please pray that God will give the family strength to get through this.
Thank you, Ernie and Tammy

November 28, 2019
* Please be in prayer for my mom, Betty P. Thank you, Tracey

November 24, 2019
* Please pray for Doug, who is in the hospital with a very large blood clot in his leg. Thank you, Mary Lou

November 23, 2019
* Please pray for Doug who is in the hospital with a very large blood clot in his leg. Thank you!! Mary Lou

November 21, 2019
* Please pray for Jimmy T. He was moved to the ICU at Akron City Hospital. They are having a difficult time getting his blood pressure up. Thank you!!

November 19, 2019
* Please pray for Emma. She is a 16 year old student and cheerleader from Norton. She is in a medically induced coma due to some medical complications she experienced due to her asthma and an allergic reaction. She recently opened her eyes and moved her hand. She needs continued prayer!! Thank you!! Mike

* Please pray for Alia Faith. She was recently born, at 27 weeks and weighs a little over a pound. She is in a neonatal unit right now. Thank you!!

November 10, 2019
* Please pray for my sister who had a hip replacement recently and immediately had complications and now has a blood clot. Thank you so much!

November 9, 2019
* Please be in prayer for me. My life is unraveling! Thank You!

November 2, 2019
* Thank you to all who have been praying for Pastor Dallas. His knee surgery went very well Thursday and he is recover. He is in a little pain, but that is to be expected. Please continue to keep him and his recovery in your prayers. Pray for a little patience as well . . . He needs to take it slow. Thank you!!

November 1, 2019
* You all have been praying for Derek, who is in prison in Ohio. We filed an appeal. Please pray this appeal moves along fast. The rules in prison regarding mail, state that mail and visits are most important to inmates. It is contact with family and friends. Derek has been receiving mail, but it in is in pieces and he has to put it back together and there are pieces missing. When we are making a reservation for a visit my husband and I are treated disrespectfully. Please pray this stops so I can stop crying about this treatment. Thank you Lord!!
Sheila and Paul

October 28, 2019
* Please pray for me. I need all prayer warriors to help me get through this "season" with good results.

* Please pray for Jeanette and Noah and Family. They have had several losses. May they have comfort and peace knowing their Loved ones are at Peace with The Lord. Thanks for your prayers!!

* Appreciate your prayers for a close friend who was being kept overnight last night in ER Observation for high blood pressure. Thank you! Tom

October 25, 2019
* My dad passed away earlier this morning! Please pray for wisdom on getting the funeral plans together. Also, that through this at least one if not more souls would come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you! Tom

* My dad has a short time before he passes to his rewards. He prayed the sinners prayer today as he has before. Asking prayers for his comfort. Thank you so much! Tom

October 24, 2019
* Please pray for Pastor Ernie. He had surgery on his hand today.

October 20, 2019
* Please pray the Lord will keep my body free of any more harmful bacteria. Twice this year my body was attacked and I had to have emergency surgery to remove it, with weeks of healing. I am almost healed. Thanks be to God!!Sheila

October 18, 2019
* Please be in prayer for our daughter, Dallas. She in working through the very stressful stages of making decisions for her future with colleges. Please pray for God's peace and that He will protect her and put her where He wants her. Thank you, Jim and Lisa

October 14, 2019
* Please pray for my great niece, Raelynn. She is 22 months old and just broke her leg. They have to drive 2 hours to another hospital in PA because of her age. Her mom also has a broken foot. Thank you, Tammy

* Please keep Ava in prayer tomorrow as she is having some oral surgery. Thank you, Tammy

September 28, 2019
* God is so good He answered your prayers for Sheila. Her surgery went well. Now recovery. Daily wound care until healed from inside out. God is Great!! Thank you!! Paul and Sheila

September 27, 2019
* Please pray for my granddaughter Makenzie, who at five months pregnant lost her baby this morning at 4am. Please pray for our family, who are going through the loss with her. He is in God's loving arms now and healthy and whole. Please pray she will find Salvation through Jesus Christ so she can be with her baby again in Heaven. God is so good! Praise God His faithful love that endures forever !! Deb

* Sheila will have surgery today at 3 pm. Pray our Great Physician guides the surgeon's hands to cut out the abscessed growth and heal her body. Thank you, Paul!

September 24, 2019
* Please pray for another one of my granddaughters who is pregnant and may lose her baby. Also, please pray for her friend who is in the hospital waiting to see if he has cancer. Give thanks to the Lord for His mercy and loving kindness endure forever! Deb

September 17, 2019
* Please pray for another one of my granddaughters who is pregnant and may lose her baby. Also please pray for her friend in the hospital waiting to see if he has cancer. Give thanks to the Lord, for His mercy and loving kindness endure forever! Thank you, Deb!!

September 16, 2019
* Pray for Sheila has a bite or something on her back. She is going to see the doctor tomorrow morning. Please Pray it is nothing serious!! Thank you.

September 15, 2019
* My friend Tina’s son, Levi was life flighted to Children's Hospital. He was in a head on dirt bike collision and is unconscious. He is having brain surgery, probably last tonight to relieve the pressure. Prayers would be appreciated.

September 12, 2019
* Please pray for a couple who has a custody hearing on Friday, September 13. Pray that God’s will be done and that He will calm the little girl’s heart as well as the couple seeking custody. Thank you, Mary Lou

September 10, 2019
*Please pray for my granddaughter who is having such bad stomach problems and undergoing a procedure today. Praying they can finally find out what is the cause and provide a treatment. Praise and glory be to God, our Lord and Savior!! Thank you! Deb

* Please pray for a family who is struggling with issues which are affecting each member in different ways. Please pray for a daughter who is confused and has lost sight of her self worth and God’s Love. Pray for her baby who needs her Mama’s guidance and example. Pray for her brother and sister who need to see hope. And finally please pray for my friend who is their single Mom and Grandma. She works hard and provides all that she can. She loves the Lord dearly and has asked that I pray for each of them. I am asking that you join me in prayer that God will provide their individual needs and the grace they need to heal. Thank you!

September 6, 2019
* Please pray for my granddaughter who is having such bad stomach problems and undergoing a procedure on Monday. Please pray they can finally find out what is the cause and a have a treatment. Praise and glory be to God, our Lord and Savior!! Thank you, Deb

* Derek R. is at Lorain Corrections waiting to see where they will place him, unless he is able to get treatment instead. His blood sugar levels are 400 to 500, which is in the "medical emergency" range. Typically, people do not want to be above 180. Please pray for more exercise and for a diabetic diet to be given to him. Medications are second to diet and exercise. He just found out he has Diabetes in the last 2 weeks.Thank you for your prayers!!
Sheila and Paul

September 3, 2019
* My daughter Alexa and her husband, along with their newborn baby, live in Savannah, Georgia. They have decided to go an hour inland to try to ride out this hurricane. Please pray for their safety and the safety of everyone.

August 30, 2019
* Please pray for Tommy and his family. He is in ICU with heart and lung problems. Thank You!!

August 25, 2019
* Please pray for Baby Myles and his family. He is only 2 pounds.

* Please pray for Debbie > She is in City Hospital after being transferred from St. Thomas as spinal surgery. She developed blood clots in her lungs and had to have a filter placed in her artery. She is in severe pain. Thank you, Helen

* Please pray for Glenda. She had some problems with a stress test and is seeing a cardiologies for further testing. Thank you, Helen.

August 23, 2019
* Paul's surgery went well yesterday. Two tumors were removed and he's doing well.Thank you all for your prayers. He is only allowed to lift 10 pounds for 2 weeks. Which, for Paul, is not good for magnet fishing, which is a new hobby of Paul's.Thanks Sheila

August 22, 2019
* Please pray for Linda from City Church AC. She is having major oral surgery this morning!! Thank you.

August 20, 2019
* We have been praying for Fletcher. He is an 11 year old boy at St. Judes Hospital. They have performed head surgery and found a tumor, which is more difficult to treat. But nothing is too big for the Great Physician! Pray the treatment will heal Fletcher through our Lord and savior. Amen!! Paul and Sheila

August 19, 2019
* Paul is having 2 cysts removed 8/22/19 at 8am. Pray for the Lord to guide surgeon's hands and a quick recovery for Paul. Thank you, Sheila.

August 14, 2019
* Please pray for the family of Jack and JoAnn. Their son Robbie overdosed Friday and passed away.
Thank you! Jenean

August 13, 2019
* Please pray Peace and comfort for for John and strength for his family! He is in Hospice and is not doing well. Thank you.

August 10, 2019
* Please continue to pray for London! She had a major brain surgery, where they split her skull wide open and put a plate around it. She doesn’t know who her grandmother is and she can’t walk or talk. It’s going to be a really long recovery. In addition, she’s got an abscess on her brain and may have to have surgery again but they’re hoping they can drain it. Thank you!!

August 7, 2019
* Derek R. as sentenced to 47 months with time served of 5 months 42 months. We are going to appeal, hopefully for a reduced sentence. Pray he continues to study God's Word and The Lord will reduce his sentence.Thank you Paul and Sheila

August 6, 2019
* Please pray for a young girl named London who is in surgery at children’s right now for an infection in her brain. Also, pray for peace for the family. Thank You! Mary Lou

* I recently just lost my job. I was able to find another but it does not provide for me and my daughter. I have gone to so many interviews and had so many rejections. I don’t know what to do. I’m unable to pay important bills. Please pray that God will send something my way. I really need it. Signed, "A Heavy Heart"

August 5, 2019
* We are asking the Lord to remove Fletcher R's Tumor on his head today. He is at St. Judes Hospital in Memphis. Doctors are going to decide whether to provide treatment or conduct a biopsy. Please be in prayer that our Great Physician will heal this 9 year old boy! Thanks be to our God!!Paul and Sheila

* Please pray for our son Derek, who goes to court today. He needs treatment not incarceration for PTSD. He had been in jail since March for a domestic violence charge. Our Veterans' Home in Sandusky, Ohio treats PTSD for our Veteran. Derek was in the Navy and served in Iraq. In God we trust!
Paul and Sheila

* Please pray for John and his family who has been in and out of the Hospital and Assisted Living.

August 4, 2019
* Please pray for Linda H. She's having surgery Wednesday for a detached retina. Thank you!!

July 30, 2019
* My daughter, Alicia, has been trying to get pregnant for about four years now. She is losing hope and questioning God. Please pray for her comfort in knowing that He is there and if it is His will, it will be in His time. Thank you!!

July 29, 2019
* Please pray for my neighbor who is a young female that took methamphetamines for a while and has schizophrenia as a result. She lost custody of her child. She has periods of terror screaming and crying trying to not hear the voices. Thank you, Susan

July 28, 2019
* Please be in prayer for a young couple who just had a miscarriage. Pray GOD will give them peace and strengthen their relationship with HIM. Thank you, Lisa

* Please pray for my friend Shirley. She's my neighbor and just found out she has melanoma. They think they caught it early, but she's pretty scared. She goes back in couple weeks for a biopsy. She could use lots of prayers!! Thank you! Joyce

July 27, 2019
* Please pray for Bonnie B. She received a call from her oncologist saying that the MPN1 gene is still showing up & has not been killed off by the chemo. So the next best step would be to do the stem cell transplant. If Bonnie takes this course of action, stem cell requires a 6 weeks hospital stay. Bonnie has an Oncology consult to answer questions on Monday at noon in Cleveland. Bonnie has great faith in God. But please pray that her questions will be answered Monday and God will lead her to what her next steps should be. Thank you!! Pastor Ben

* Please pray for Fletchern R. He is 11 years old and doctors found a cancer tumor on top of head, by the soft spot area. They need to do a biopsy for treatment. Please pray our Lord will remove the tumor and heal this young man!! In Christ's name, Paul and Sheila

July 26, 2019
* My friend has had a retina detachment four times. Every time it seems to be healing it happens again and now they’re trying to save her eye. Please pray for God’s healing.
Thank you, Betty

July 19, 2019
* An update on Derek R. possible sentencing for domestic violence. Yesterday they went to court and they had to continue the case until August 5, because they could not locate his military records. He served in the Navy, so be in prayer they will find these records and he will be set free. Pray they will find someone or somewhere to keep him after his release because of his wife and the trouble she may cause. Be in prayer for her that she might move forward and quit this craziness. Thank you, Paul and Sheila

July 16, 2019
* Please pray for my stepfather, Ed M. He was told today he is scheduled for Thursday morning to have open heart surgery due to having 90% blockage in his arteries. Pray for my mom and family. Thank you! Butch & Donna

July 15, 2019
* Please pray for Kathy and her family, as she is fighting cancer. Thank you!
* Please pray for Joyce from city church AC. She fell this past week and broke her wrist and needs to have surgery today. Thank you!

July 9, 2019
* Please pray for Dominic. He burned his arm last night with grease and needs to go to Children's Hospital Burn Unit. Thank you!! Nikki

June 28, 2019
* Please pray for a family who attends City Church AC. They are dealing with family issues. Thank you.

June 27, 2019
* This is an update about our son Derek, who is incarcerated for domestic violence. They're looking at probation, which means he's going to need to come and live with us. We live in a mobile home park. Please pray the neighbors will not gossip about this. We will give God all the glory. The date for his court hearing is July 18th. Please be in prayer for his release. He's studying his Bible and he wants to get out and go to church. Praise the Lord. Thanks be to GodLove Paul and Sheila

June 24, 2019
* Please pray for a custody situation which will be in court on Wednesday. Pray for wisdom for the judges and that God’s will for the little girl will be done. Also, pray for strength for the family seeking custody. Thank you, Mary Lou

June 21, 2019
* Please pray for Ann! She’s at St Luke’s nursing home and very discouraged! She has been asking God to bring her home to Heaven! She and her husband were very faithful members and workers at ABT. Her husband passed away a few years ago, and of course she misses him very much! Thank you!

June 20, 2019
* Please pray for my sister-in-law who has been diagnosed with stage one lung cancer. She recently lost her husband in the past year. Please pray for healing. Thank you Betty

* Please pray for my grandson, son-in-law, and my grandson’s friend that God will grant them mercy and that he’ll bring them through the coming months safe and sound. They got caught up in something that only God can help them with now. Please ask for His protection for them and their families. Thank you, Betty

June 18, 2019
* Please keep me in your prayers. I've been unable to attend church the last few weeks due to some health issues. It's been a lot of tests and tears. Tests have been abnormal. Please pray that God heals whatever is going on in my body. Thank you and God Bless

June 17, 2019
* Please pray for my mom, she had a stroke yesterday and is in the ICU. Please pray for strength and healing. Thank you. Thank you. Debbie

* Please pray for my grandma, JoAnn, as she had a stroke yesterday and is now in the ICU. Please pray for healing and strength. Thank you! Jessie

June 16, 2019
* As Pastor Dallas said when God opens a door it is open when he closes it, it is closed. You have been praying for Derek, who is in jail for domestic violence. He goes to court July 18th and he may get probation. The good news is that he is going to church in jail and this could be his salvation; to come back to the Lord. Pray it is! Thank you, and God bless you!
Paul and Sheila

June 15, 2019
* Please be in prayer for City Church AC, as we seek God and his guidance to lead us to where He wants the church to be.

* Please be in prayer for our daughter, Dallas, that God will watch over her and protects her. She will be at Oberlin College for the next 10 days at a Vocal Academy. Thanks, Jim and Lisa.

June 13, 2019
* Please pray for Linda today, she is one of our Sunday School teachers, and has appointment today for some medical procedures on her teeth. Thank you Donna
* Please pray for a young man named, TJ. He's 20 years old and wrecked his motorcycle yesterday when a groundhog ran out in front of him. He broke his neck and is possibly going to be paralyzed. He's already had surgery and they don't know if he's going to be able to breathe in his own. Need lots and lots of prayers for him and his family.

June 11, 2019
* Please keep Mark & Tammy in your prayers. We haven’t been to church in 2 1/2 months. My husband filed for divorce & I was served at work yesterday. It feels like my world was torn apart & Satan has us in his hands & I don’t want to turn away from God. I prayed for forgiveness; I just feel so broken. Thank you, Tammy

June 10, 2019
* Please pray for Mark & Tammy. Mark filed for a divorce on Friday. Need prayers please!!

* Please keep my cousins Bob's family in prayer. They state the stroke did too much damage and he won't wake up. They are going to disconnect the vent today. He may die instantly or in a few hours. Please pray for peace for his wife and daughter. Thank you, Tammy

June 7, 2019
* Need prayer for healing. Thank you, Susan

* Please pray the test results with my oncologist are normal today. Thank you! K

* I have 2 requests. Please pray for our family as we bury my aunt today.
Also, pray for my cousin, Bob, he had a stroke and had to have emergency surgery. He is intubated and sedated. Pray for healing. Thank you!! Tammy

June 6, 2019
* Please pray for my 15 month old granddaughter, as she undergoes testing for low oxygen levels and an infection in her lungs. Thank you!! Debbie

June 5, 2019
* Please pray for my girlfriend’s little daughter, Bryn. She is only 6 years old and she is in children's hospital. She has cellulitis real bad in leg, due to a shot she received. She has to have an MRI to see the extent of the infection. Thanks Susan.

* Please pray for Titan. He broke his ankle and had surgery today. Please pray for successful healing.

* Please pray for Bruce. He is 3 years old and had to have some blood work done due to having a chronic virus. It looks like he will need more testing. Thank you, Lisa

June 1, 2019
* Franklin Graham is requesting Christians this Sunday, June 2, 2019, to pray for President Trump and ALL our leaders!
Thank you, Sheila.

May 23, 2019
* Thank you for prayers for my friend Wanda who has been in hospice. Wanda went to heaven last night. Please pray for family during this time. Thank you. Shirley

May 22, 2019
* Thank you for praying for our BMW. The cost could have been as much as $2,000. The Lord blessed us with only a $350 bill. Thank you so much!! Paul and Sheila

May 21, 2019
* Please be in prayer for Evelyn. She is in the hospital with fluid on her lungs. She is not doing well!! Thank you for your Prayer!!

May 20, 2019
* Please pray for my friend Diana. She had best cancer two years ago and now has a spot on her other breast. Thank you! Tammy

May 16, 2019
* Please pray for my very best friend Wanda....she is in hospice as of today and not doing well. Thank you! Shirley

May 15, 2019
* Please pray for our 1992 BMW. Work was done in 2011 and now the same thing is wrong again. Pray it's under warranty or at least the parts are taken care of. Thank you. Paul and Sheila

May 9, 2019
* All Praise to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!! An update on Bonnie - She saw the doctors today and they informed her that her bone marrow is clean!! She is Leukemia Free!! She no longer has to take the chemo treatments. Continue to be in prayer for her to heal and recover quickly!! Thank you for your prayers!!

* Please remember the family of Calvin , he went home to be with the Lord Thursday morning . Thank you, Linda

May 6, 2019
* Please continue to pray for Calvin, he is in a coma, and has not responded since his accident. Pray for God to heal his body, and for comfort for his family. Thank you Linda

May 1, 2019
* Update on Benjamin
The surgery went well removing his wisdom teeth and a molar. The molar was a challenge. It was upside down, impacted and the root of the tooth was beginning to grow inside his cheek. He's very numb. He's never been numb in his mouth before. He's eaten just enough so that he can take pain meds. We have an ace bandage wrapped around his head with a bag of frozen peas on each side. His throat is swollen. Makes it hard to swallow.
Please pray the swelling goes down and the numbing wears off.
Thank you! Tracey and Mark

April 29, 2019
* (A little long but it needs to be) -- Please be in prayer for our son Benjamin.
Some of you know he has a heart condition. At 4 days old he had his first heart surgery, 8 months old he had his 2nd heart surgery first open heart surgery and finally at 5 years old he had his final open heart surgery.
Wednesday May 1st he is having 4 wisdom teeth out plus a 12 year molar that never came down. Because he was born with a heart condition, this isn't a routine surgery like it would be for you and me. This has to be done at Children's Hospital. He has to have a pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist with him. He has to also have antibiotics in his IV. He may have to stay overnight for observation. Surgery is at 7:45 am May 1st.
Thanks for your prayers! Tracey and Mark

April 25, 2019
* Please pray for Calvin , he fell out of a tree on Monday night and is in critical condition. Pray for God to heal his body, and pray for his family. Thank you ! Linda

* Please pray for complete healing for me, Bonnie, as I was recently diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). I’m Currently undergoing treatment for 4/6 weeks at Seidman Cancer Center Cleveland! God is our Healer! Thank you!!

April 19, 2019
* Please pray for peace and comfort for Trisha. Her father passed away Wednesday night. Thank you. Brooke

* Please continue to pray for Trent. He is in ICU dealing with issues which arose from his surgery. The doctors are not quite sure what the issue is. Please pray for wisdom and discernment. Thank you. Donna

* Please pray for my sister, Debbie who had tests done yesterday, as well as her husband who has a serious health condition. Thank you! Betty

April 18, 2019
* Please pray for God to provide me with wisdom and strength. My mother's health is rapidly failing and I have been told she may only have a few weeks left. Thank you! Tom

April 16, 2019
* Please pray for Trent. We are at the hospital and he is having surgery today to remove a stone from his pancreas. The stone is from his gallbladder, which will be removed also after the pancreas has time to recover. Thank You, Donna.

April 14, 2019
* Please pray for our mother who is unresponsive in ICU. No answers yet on tests. She's breathing but still not talking. Thank You!!

April 8, 2019
* Please pray for Colleen. She is having surgery today. Thank you!

April 6, 2019
* Please pray for Vlad he has an inoperable tumor, but is still hopeful. Also please pray for his sister, Amy and extended family. Thank you!!

April 4, 2019
* Please pray for Rich. He was admitted into the hospital last night. CAT scan shows several issues, waiting on MRI. Thank you, Nancy.

April 3, 2019
* Please pray for little Ainsley and her family that all her tests come out well. Thank you!!

April 1, 2019
* Please pray for a friend who is going through a really hard time dealing with being adopted and hoping to find biological mom. Please let us find closure. Thank you!!

March 31, 2019
* Please pray a family which is in turmoil. They are all believers. The devil is really going after them. Thank you!

* Please pray for Donna. She was taken by Butch to Akron City and placed in ICU. They are not sure what is wrong and are awaiting test results. Thank you!

March 27, 2019
* Lenny and Carla's son David and his family are in need of prayer. They need to find a house to rent. Please be in prayer that a door would open. Thank You!

March 22, 2019
* Please pray for a dad and grandma, to have rights again to see their children and grandchildren. Today is a hearing at 1:30. Soften the hearts of the people who are trying to hurt all involved and pray the courts will hear the Truth. Thank you.

* Please pray for a lady named, Mary, who has COPD. Pray GOD gives her the strength and the will to quit smoking. Thank you

March 19, 2019
* Please pray for Mary. She went into the hospital yesterday with congestive heart failure. Thank you!!

March 17, 2019
* Update on Matt. He had surgery this morning. The amputation was below the knee. Surgery went well. He's back in his room. He should be able to go home in 3 days. Please continue to pray for him. I do not know if he is saved. Thank you!

March 15, 2019
* Please be in prayer for a little girl, Athena, who is at Akron Children's Hospital. They are not sure what is wrong yet. Please pray for healing!! Thank you!

March 14, 2019
* Update on Matt, the young man who had the accident at work with the tow motor. The doctor/surgeon will is be talking to Matt this afternoon about a below the knee amputation. The recovery time will be 6 to 8 weeks, between healing time and physical therapy. Continued prayers! Thank You!!* Please be in prayer for a dad who's ex-wife is taking him to court on Friday for full custody of their children. This would be devastating to the dad and grandmother, both of whom have truly taken very good care of these children.

* Jimmy, our faithful brother in Christ and our sound man at church, is back in the hospital dealing with some additional infection. Please continue to lift him up in prayer. Pray for his protection and healing.

March 11, 2019
* Please keep Ernie in prayers as he is having minor surgery this morning. Thank you, Tammy

March 9, 2019
* Please pray for David. He is having hip surgery on Monday. It is going to be complex for him. Thank you. Susan

* Please be in prayer for newborn baby, Sony, who was premature. Please pray for him to grow, gain strength, and be healthy, as well as for his family!! Thank you!

March 6, 2019
* Please be in prayer for a young adult named Matt. 12 days ago, he had a horrible accident at work. He was driving a tow motor and went through a doorway that wasn't wide enough. The door had no markings on it not to go through it. He ended up flipping over with the tow motor on top of him. He's messed up pretty bad. The doctors are trying to save his foot. However gangrene has set in. He had surgery yesterday having some toes removed.

March 5, 2019
* Please pray for Derek who was incarcerated last night over a domestic violence situation with is wife. Pray he comes to know the Lord and that he gets help through the court to get him through this. In Jesus' name, Amen!! Paul and Sheila

* Pray for my brother, who is having complications after cancer surgery. Thank you!

* UPDATE - on Baby Briella - doctors checked her out today and she did not have any of the complications they were suspecting. She is healthy and doing well. Amen!! Please be in prayer for Briella's Dad and Mom (Bobby and Gina). Thank you* Please Pray for my brother who is having complications after cancer surgery. Thank you!

* Please be in prayer for a 3 week old baby, Briella. She’s having complications. Thank You!!

March 1, 2019
* Please be in prayer for a 16 year old boy, Nehemiah, who broke his leg while playing basketball and had to have surgery. Pray for a quick recovery, his pain to reduce, and he heal so he can play football in the Fall. Thank you.

February 27, 2019
* Please pray for James. He had knee surgery. Please pray he has no pain and he heals fast! Thank you!!

* Please pray for Michelle. She broke her wrist when she fell. Thank you!!

February 22, 2019
* UPDATE on a mom losing her battle with cancer. Her family came very close to losing her, as she flatlined. THE POWER OF PRAYER! YOUR PRAYERS! She has made a complete turn around! She's out of ICU, in her own room and will be able to go home soon. She's doing so much better. I think her doctor(s) are shocked at how well she is doing. Thank-you!! Keep praying for her and her family!!

February 20, 2019
* Please pray for Jared and his family. He is struggling with addiction. Thank You!

February 18, 2019
* Please pray for Matt. He was in the hospital over the weekend and the doctors were not really able to determine what is wrong with him. He is dealing with some pain, although he was able to go home yesterday. Please pray the doctors are able to determine what is going on. Thank you. Linda

* Please pray for my good friend Wanda who is in rehab after multiple medical problems. Thank you!!

February 17, 2019
* Please pray for a Mom, who is losing her battle with cancer. Thank you!

February 16, 2019
* Please be in prayer for Cindy, from City Church AC. She had knee surgery and is having a lot of inflammation and pain. Thank you!!

February 9, 2019
* Please pray for Johnie.He has been diagnosed with Cancer. Thank you!

January 27, 2019
* Please be in prayer for Debbie. She is dealing with some health issues and will need surgery. Thank you!

January 26, 2019
* Pray for Paul's sciatica pain to be healed. Hear our prayer, Oh Lord!! Thank you. Loving wife, Sheila

January 9, 2019
* Please be in prayer for Steve who had surgery for a broken jaw at 8:30am this morning. Thank you, Tracey

January 6, 2019
* Please Pray for JR's Mom, Mabel, who is going into hospice care this week. She’s 92 with Dementia and it has taken a turn for the worse. Also, please pray for the family as they go through letting go of this beautiful Godly Mom. JR and Cindy

January 5, 2019
* The family requests continued prayers of support and encouragement for the further decline in health of our beloved father, Dale, following his bout with pneumonia. Thank you and God Bless you. Susan, Sally, Andy, Leigh

December 28, 2018
* Please pray for Don W. He has been diagnosed with throat cancer. Thank you! Mary

December 24, 2018
* Please be in prayer for my mom, Millie. She has been taken to AGMC for heart attack symptoms. She's had a mild heart attack before. Thanks so much!! Ren and Laurie

December 20, 2018
* Be in prayer for a friend(s) of mine that I've known since elementary school. He's been diagnosed with liver cancer and will not be a candidate for a transplant. I also have another classmate who has stopped chemo because it's no longer helping. So please be in prayer for both these guys. The LORD knows who they are. Thank you.

* Please pray for my sister Debbie who found out yesterday she has shingles in her eye. Due to being infectious she will not be able to spend Christmas with her loved ones...Betty

* Please pray for a mom, named Julie. She is having breast cancer surgery today! Thank you, Lisa

December 17, 2018
* Please pray for some of my adult nieces and nephews. They are so far from the Lord in their lives right now. It's a HUGE concern.

December 16, 2018
* Please keep my family in your prayers. We have been having a very rough time. Thank you!

* UPDATE : Connor, our grandson had one round of antibiotics he will start another one soon. He is being checked every 4 hours for wheezing and vitals. As long as he shows signs of improvement he can go home tomorrow. Tests show his white blood cells are high and with a fever and his x-rays showed fluid in his lungs. We appreciate the prayers. JR and Cindy

* Pray for me to get my diabetics under control. My number is too high. Thank you. Sheila

* Please pray for our Grandson, Connor. He is 4 months old, has pneumonia and is in hospital. JR and Cindy

December 15, 2018
* Please pray for our father and church member Dale who is in the ICU with respiratory failure. He is getting stronger every day but has a long way to go. Thank you all and God Bless. Sally L.

December 14, 2018
* Please be in prayer for a teen boy, Jayden, who went missing last night. Pray GOD gives him peace and lets him know that he is important and will guide him back home. -- Lisa

December 12, 2018
* Please pray for Reba’s brother, Raymond who is in the hospital. Also, pray for the family as they travel back and forth to be with Raymond.

December 10, 2018
* One of our church members told a friend that our church would pray for her husband and she was very grateful. Please be in pray for Walter K. he is currently in the hospital in Canton with a brain bleed and dealing with some other possible related problems. Thank you, Pastor Ben

December 8, 2018
* Please pray for Melanie, she has lymphoma. Thank you

December 4, 2018
* Please be in prayer for Tammy. She has an unspoken prayer and could use our support. Thank you!

November 30, 2018
* Pray for Tammy. The last couple of weeks have been draining on her. Now she is sick with a cold she trying to pull through it without missing any work. But I don't know; she just needs a lot of Prayer. Thank you Ernie

November 28, 2018
* An update on my brother, Bill. He passed away almost 2 weeks ago. Thank you everyone for all your prayers. Please continue to keep his wife and family in your prayers ...Betty

* Please pray for my son, Del. He is in California. He broke his ankle and is having surgery in the morning. He will be out of work for about 2 months. He just got married in October and this is going to hit them hard. Thank you. Mary

November 27, 2018* Please join in prayer for Brian. Brian is 19 years old and had leukemia when he was younger. His parents, Ed and Jolene took him to Akron Children's Hospital this evening as he was in a great deal of pain and discomfort. They ran some preliminary tests and are keeping him overnight for observation and plan to run further tests tomorrow (Wednesday). Thank you. Jim

* Please pray for RaeAnn, she has to have a bone marrow biopsy. Tammy

November 22, 2018
* Please pray for Mel who is in the hospital due to a fall at his home this morning. He is an older gentleman and longtime step - father of Betty who attends City Church AC.
Thank you. Mary Lou

November 14, 2018
* Please pray for RaeAnn, specifically tomorrow, as she will be having a procedure done. Please pray she is healthy. Thank you.

November 11, 2018
* Please pray for a lady named, Judy. She fell last night at home and had to have surgery today. Please pray for healing for her! Thank you!

November 9, 2018
* Please pray for a teenager, Jaycie, who attends Northwest HS (in Stark County). She was in a bad car accident this morning. She is not doing well!! Thank you!

November 3, 2018
* Please pray for my sister Bonnie, she has Sudbury Monday. Thank You

November 2, 2018
* Please keep Tammy in prayer. She has to have a CT Scan of her abdomen as soon as possible. Please pray that she can handle this. Thank you! Ernie.

October 29, 2018
* Please pray for family issues after the death of a loved one.

* Please pray for me and my family.

* Thanks for praying for our son Jake. His blood work came back with no issues. Now we are waiting on the ultrasound and the results from that. Please continue to pray! Tracey and Mark

October 23, 2018
* Please pray for Kate and her new baby boy, Noah. He is in the hospital with a high fever. Thank you -- Lisa

October 19, 2018
* I have a friend, Ashley, and she recently accepted Jesus and she has been struggling really bad with her faith. She has her good days and her bad days but lately she has been worse the usual. I’ve tried my best to help her, but there is only so much I can do. Please pray that she will be able to stay strong in her faith and to face the battles that she is facing, knowing that God is on her side, never against her.

October 17, 2018
* Please keep my cousin Erin in prayers. She is in critical condition and in ICU at cleveland clinic. She was found unresponsive and still is. She is blind and has a special needs daughter. Please keep the entire family in prayer. Tammy

* Please keep Cathy in prayer. She went to a Dr appointment and he found something wrong with her heart and she is being transported to Akron General. Tammy

* I have an unspoken prayer request for my son. Good knows the need. Thank you, Tammy

October 16, 2018
* Please pray for our son Jake. He has some medical concerns and will be going to the doctor about them this Friday, October 19th. Thank you! Mark and Tracey

October 14, 2018
* Please pray for Larry. He has had some health issues and just recently found out his kidneys are failing. He is going to explore dialysis to see if that might help or be an option. Please pray for him and his family.

October 11, 2018
* Please keep RaeAnn in prayer, she has a Dr appt this morning. Hoping to find some answers. -- Tammy

* Please pray for Matt. He is a friend who struggles with addiction. He recently relapsed, and needs our prayers. Please pray for all those who feel helpless and hopeless with this disease. May God's love give them hope and strength to get help and find peace. Thank you!

October 8, 2018
* Let's all pray for Bob, he hasn't been in church for awhile. I'm sure he terribly misses Paula. As Paula would say we need to pray him to Jesus. Thank you -- Tammy

October 4, 2018
* Please pray for Colleen. She will be having back surgery tomorrow. Pray this will make a big different in her level of pain and make her feel a lot better. Thank you. Mary Lou

* Please pray for Hudson to get a good report from the Doctors today. She is seeing the doctor as a follow up about her broken finger. Thank you, very much! Lisa

October 3, 2018* Please pray for Colleen, she is in a lot of pain and will be having surgery for a fracture on Friday. She really needs prayer. Thanks Lisa

October 2, 2018
* Hello City Church Family: I would like to request prayer for my mother, Pam. She suffered a fall on Sept 29th and broke her shoulder. Please of pray her and that her pain level would subside. We met with her orthopedic surgeon today and received good news in that she won’t need to have surgery. It’s likely going to take 8-12 weeks to heal which will be a trying time for her. She won’t be able to drive and making meals will be a challenge. Thank you for praying. -- Jim

September 30, 2018
* Please be in prayer for the Morgan Family!

* Please pray for a local Pastor & his wife, Bob & Patty. She was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She's unable to do the treatments due to previous cancer treatments. This strong lady is trusting her Savior for His will in her life. Please Pray for them. -- Ren

September 29, 2018
* Please be in prayer for a little boy, named Will. A neighbor gave his family some wild mushrooms, and they ended up being toxic. The family seems to be recovering. However, Will has not and has been put on the Cleveland Clinic Critical List. It is very urgent he receive a new liver. They are looking for someone local if possible with type A or O blood, between the ages of 18 and 60, and in good health. This is a major surgery and they will need time to recuperate. Please put it out there to anyone you know. If anyone feels called to be a candidate for this, the link is below. Thank you!
Here is a link to the Cleveland Clinic website

* Please pray for Dayna and her family. She is battling a serious illness.

September 25, 2018
* Prayers are needed for my husband John, who is a patient at Akron General Cleveland clinic. He has been battling a mass in his lung, strokes, and obstructed intestines. I have to meet with surgeons in the morning to see if they can operate on his obstruction. Please pray for a healing miracle. God bless. Becky

* Please pray for Colleen. She had another break in her bad. She is in much pain and the doctor cannot get her in to get an MRI until Monday. She is very discouraged! Please pray for healing, the pain the go away, and peace. Thank you!

* Please pray for Hudson. She was at Volleyball practice today and hurt her finger pretty bad. Pray it's not broken. Thank you! Lisa

* Asking for prayers for Baby Jackson, he was born 3 months early in July. He is now back in the hospital and having breathing issues. He is not doing well. Please keep this little guy in your prayers. Thank you and God bless. -- Kelly

September 23, 2018
* I would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers for our son-in-law, DREW‘s father. He has made much progress but still has a long ways to go. His wife and family, by his side have not given up on the power of prayer. He was not supposed to make it and yet God has intervened! We thank Him every day. JR & Cindy

* Please pray for Ashton. He is only 6 Years old and is in the hospital dealing with a virus. He won’t eat or drink. Please pray for God’s healing!!

* Please pray for Catherine. She is a teenage girl who has dealt with Scoliosis for a long time. She is in surgery again to address an infection which developed from a previous surgery. Please pray for God’s healing!!

* Please pray for Ashton. He is only 6 Years old and is in the hospital dealing with a virus. He won’t eat or drink. Please pray for God’s healing!!

September 21, 2018
* Please pray for Julie. She has 4 kids and she is dealing with breast cancer. Please pray for God's healing hands will be on her, as well as for Peace! -- Lisa

September 20, 2018
* Please pray for Ava. She is having dental work done today.

September 14, 2018
* This is an unspoken prayer request. Please pray for my daughter and her family. Also an update on my brother Bill. He does have cancer, they’re saying he’s not strong enough for any kind of treatment or surgery. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. God can work miracles and I’m praying for a couple. Thank You —- Betty

September 9, 2018
* Please continue to pray for Evelyn, she is still dealing with heart problems and shortness of breath. -- Elle

September 7, 2018
* Please pray for Jonathan - He was riding his motorcycle and he wrecked. His body armor vest, I guess, wasn’t secured tight enough and it fell down into the tire and he flipped his motorcycle on route 62. He went to the hospital and he had surgery. He broke his leg and hand in a couple of different places, and he’s all banged up. Anyway he went home last night. He has a wife and three kids, one with special needs. I know he’s going to be out of work for a while. He works with me at the Police Department. He and I were each other‘s moral and mental support for a while. He is a strong believer. Please keep Jonathan and his family in prayer! -- Thanks, Don

August 26, 2018
* Please pray for my brother in-law Pastor Ron. He had a stroke last Wednesday night after his service to his congregation and is in ICU with a drainage tube because of his brain swelling. Thank you, God is good. -- June

August 25, 2018
* We believe in Miracles and right now we need one. Allen needs one. He’s the father of our son in-law Drew, who attends City Church AC with us. His father had a stroke the same time he had a heart attack. The Doctors at Summa are saying he only has a 5% chance to live ... but our God CAN DO THIS. Please keep praying City Church. We love you and God Bless ~ Cindy and JR.

August 23, 2018
* Please pray for the father of our son-in-law, Drew. His father had a major heart attack last night. He had a 50-50 chance of living. However, his chances of survival went down this morning to only a 5 to 10% chance. There’s too much blockage that can't be fixed. Please keep Drew, his dad and family in your prayers. -- Cindy

August 18, 2018
* Please pray for Harold and Dee. Harold is back in the hospital . Thanks for all the prayers

* Please pray for George and his family. George is in Hospice. Thank you -- Tom

August 9, 2018
* Please pray for my brother, John. He went to Emergency Room yesterday because his blood pressure was so low. They admitted him to try and figure out why. He has heart problems so it may be his medications which are causing it. Thank you. -- Joyce

August 7, 2018
* Please pray for Britney and her family. She is a young mother battling cancer and has a long battle ahead of her.

August 5, 2018
* Please pray for Evelyn. She was taken to the Emergency Room last night for chest pains. -- Elle

August 1, 2018
* Please pray for my brother Bill who had surgery to remove a cyst/tumor yesterday and they found out that it’s cancer. He has so many health problems resulting from a broken neck years ago and was in the nursing home when they found it. They said they removed what they could see and are waiting for test results. -- Betty

July 30, 2018
* Please pray for Harold he is in the Hospital, still not feeling well. Please pray for strength for Dee as well. This has been a difficult time for them. Thanks again for your prayers.

July 27, 2018
* Please remember my niece, Laura. She has to have heart surgery next week. Also, my cousins, Cherie and John. John has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and it is more advanced than was first thought. Cherie is his wife and care giver and really has her hands full. I truly believe in the power of prayer and the more they receive the better. Thank you. -- Mary

July 26, 2018
* Please pray for my cousin Mary and her immediate family. They are going through tough times right now and really need prayer. Pray for the truth, answers, comfort, and healing! -- Tracey

July 24, 2018
* Please pray for Ernie's brother. He was in a motorcycle accident Friday night. The first hospital missed something and he is going to need back surgery today. -- Tammy

July 22, 2018
* Please pray for strength and a speedy recovery. -- Harold

July 17, 2018
* Please pray for a 2 yr old named Talia. She is in ICU with a neck injury from just doing somersaults. She may need neck surgery. -- Niki

July 11, 2018
* Please be in prayer for my cousin Linda, who was in a car accident yesterday. A guy ran into her car on driver side while she was on her way home from work. Her chest is really sore and she has a splint on little finger, which may be broken. Her car is totaled. -- Thank you, Joyce.

July 9, 2018
* Please pray for healing for kidney failure and prayers for kidney biopsy on July 11th. -- Cathy

July 8, 2018
* Please pray for Danya and her family in this difficult time.

June 26, 2018
* Please pray for Robert, he is having medical issues and struggling.

June 25, 2018
* Please pray for Judy. She is in rehab at Heather knolls and we are working hard to get her home. -- Mark

* Please pray for Evelyn (Ellen's mother) she had heart surgery and is in recovery at home.

* Please be in prayer for Chris who has recently been incarcerated.

June 24, 2018
* An Update on Tom. He met with his heart doctor and he was told he does not have a hole in his heart, which is great, Praise the Lord, news! The doctor did state Tom's blood pressure went back up, so he needs to start taking his medications. Please continue to pray for him. Thank you all for the prayers!

June 21, 2018
* Please prayer for Liz. She is only 6 months pregnant and the baby wants to come now. She is having a lot of problems. She is not due till end of August.

June 19, 2018
* Please pray for a young girl, named Ally. She hurt her back pretty bad playing sports.

June 18, 2018
* Please pray for Tom. There is an update on his heart from a dr. appointment. His blood pressure is much better (51 points lower on the top #, and 23 points lower for the bottom #). He will go back Friday for as out patient to check on the hole in his heart and see what the next step will be. Please continue to prayer, as they're working very well.

* Please pray for my lifelong friend Susan. She lost her husband last year, her father earlier this year, and now her severely handicapped only child is soon expected to pass as well. Thank you. -- Teresa

June 9, 2018
Please pray for Judy, who is in the hospital dealing with some heart problems. Also, please pray for her son, Dean as he is waiting on biopsy results. In addition, pray for Evelyn who is having some issue with her bypass heart surgery from a couple months ago.

June 1, 2018
* Please pray for Rev. Christy. He's in ICU with a brain hemorrhage. Thanks Ren

May 31, 2018
* Please be in prayer for a younger mom of 4 battling breast cancer. Thank you

* Please prayer for Mary (my cousin) she is only 13 and she is going through a mass amount of tests. She swells up and it affects her breathing to the point if she doesn't get medical care she will pass away. Doctors are trying to find out why. Thank You. -- Susan

May 29, 2018
* Please pray for a young lady, named Rachel. She was shot by her husband. She has 2 little kids 2 and 7 years old. Her husband was in the military and has PTSD! She got rid of all the guns in the house, and doesn’t know where he got the gun he used. She was shot in the shoulder, and will have bone graft surgery! -- Please pray for her and her family!

May 28, 2018
* Please pray for Nick that he will go to GRIP house. Also pray for Jeff who had a health issue. -- Mary Lou

May 27, 2018
* Unspoken prayer request for a friend and her son. God knows the need. Thank you -- Tammy

May 21, 2018
* Please pray for Bob and Sandy that they will get positive news from the doctors this week. Thanks for your prayers!!

* Please continue to pray for Harold. Also please pray for Delores who as been such a blessing to all of us. Thank you for your prayers!!

* Please pray for one of our very faithful church members, who is also a volunteer. He is having some heart health issues. He is going to see a heart specialist this week. Please pray for peace and healing during this time.

* A good friend just got a call to get a lung transplant that he desperately needs, this is the second call this week the first lung was not healthy enough. Please pray for a healthy lung for him. -- Kaddie Jo

May 20, 2018
* This is an update on Annabelle, my friend's 4 year old daughter who had recent surgery to remove a brain tumor. She won't require any radiation, only follow up MRI's because it was a Grade 1 which is the best case scenario for this type of tumor ( Thank you Jesus!)She will hopefully be moving to inpatient rehab; she is still very much in need of your prayers and the family says thank you for your prayers. - Tammi Kennedy

May 18, 2018
* Please be in Prayer for Pastor Mike - He is in the hospital with pneumonia and not feeling well at all. -- Pastor Ernie

May 16, 2018
* Please pray for Lenny, Jr. The doctors think he may have had a heart attack. They will be running more tests on him tomorrow. -- Lenny and Carla

May 10, 2018
* Please pray for Joyce. She is having surgery today. Please pray for her to quickly heal.

* Annabelle, a 4 year old with a brain tumor is having surgery today. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

May 8, 2018
* Please pray for my daughter two lumps were found in her neck, a biopsy was done waiting for results.

April 25, 2018
* Please pray for my young adult son. He's lost and needs the Lord in his life. Also pray for my grandfather Bill who is amazingly recovering from his fall but is suffering. Please pray for the Lord to take him home. -- Doti

* Pray for our son Jaret, who walked away from church. Pray for caring God loving people to come into his life. Pray he will visit/ attend City Church AC. He knows the Lord, has much to share with his talent and abilities. He appears to be off track; perhaps confused, possibly searching spiritually, as a young man. -- Bonnie

April 23, 2018
* My Grandfather had a heart attack Thursday. Doctors have stopped multiple since then. He is heading in to have a heart cath this morning. -- Kaddie Jo

* Please pray for health concerns of Cathy.

April 11, 2018
* Please pray for our President, and all our elected officials.

March 30, 2018
* Please be in prayer for my grandfather Bill. He fell this week and was hurt. Hospice has been coming in daily and they are afraid that he might not recover from this. -- Doti

March 28, 2018
* Please pray for Steven. He has a malignant tumor and right now doctors are saying it does not look good. -- Joyce

March 24, 2018
* Please pray for Harold. He has COPD, which is "Chronic Opstructive Pulmonary Disease", a chronic lung disease. -- Deloris

March 21, 2018
* Please pray for my 1 year old nephew. He’s having surgery today. -- Mark

* Emerson just turned 1 yr old on March 5th, he is having surgery tomorrow. Andy and Judy's great grandson. Please pray for him. -- Elle

* Please continue to pray for my mom, Evelyn. She had triple bypass surgery in January, returned to the hospital for a week with shingles and she hasn't regained strength in her right arm/hand. Thank you for your prayers. -- Elle

March 18, 2018
* Please pray for me. There is something inside my mouth. I am having a biopsy done on March 26, 2018. Please pray for good results. -- Susan

* Diabetes numbers high asking God to lower them . -- Sheila

* I was with my ex-husband, who became my best friend, when he passed away a year ago. I was let go from my job recently on December 15 with no chance of rehire. My boyfriend passed away three weeks ago . I need strength to go on I need your prayers to strengthen me. -- Betty

March 15, 2018
* Please pray for my 1 month old granddaughter Hazel Robinson. She was admitted to the hospital with a high fever. -- Debbie
* Please pray for my life long friend Susan whose father is expected to pass within days. Her husband passed away last year leaving her to care for a severely handicapped daughter with minimal support. Thank you. -- Teresa

* Pray for a family, who's niece collapsed suddenly and died. She was only in her late 30's. Unsure of spiritual condition. Thank you!

March 14, 2018
* My sister-in-law, Becky, is back in the hospital with blood clots and pneumonia. Had surgery last week and went home Saturday. Went back in yesterday. needs lots of prayers. -- Joyce

* Please be in prayer for George, who is having an emergency heart cath right now. His is Tammi's boyfriend. She attends City Church AC. Thank you all. -- Theresa
-- UPDATE on George (3/14/18) -- He is getting one stint and they said Tammi could see
him soon. Thank you for all the prayers.

March 13, 2018
* Please pray for a woman who's going to present a program to help addicts. She needs strength and wisdom.

March 11, 2018
* Please pray for a 21 year old man, who was hit walking last night and left for dead. He is getting ready for surgery to see if his leg can be saved.

* My 80 year old brother Bill is going in the hospital 9am Monday morning for biopsy on something found in his temple and two blocked blood vessels. -- Cindy