The Eleventh Circuit Historical Society is a private, nonprofit organization incorporated in Georgia on January 17, 1983. Although the Society has no legal connection with the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit or the federal government, its primary purpose is to keep a record of the history of the courts of the Eleventh Circuit as institutions and of the judges who have served these courts. In this regard, the judges in the old Fifth Circuit from the states of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia are included in the Society's area of interest.
In addition, the Society has a broader mission to foster public appreciation of the federal court system in the states encompassed by the Eleventh Circuit.
The formation of the Society came shortly after the creation of the Circuit in 1981.  This timing has allowed the writing of history as current history, not as research history. The Society is devoted to preserving our courts' heritage through the collection of portraits, photographs, oral histories, documents, news articles, books, artifacts, and personal memorabilia.
The Society's permanent office is in the Elbert P. Tuttle United States Court of Appeals Building in Atlanta. Its Board of Trustees is composed of lawyers and legal scholars representing the historical interests of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.
Officers and Trustees
Chief Judge William H. Pryor Jr. - Honorary Chairman
Halsey G. Knapp, Jr. - President
Julian D. Butler - Vice President, Alabama
Suzanne E. Gilbert - Vice President, Florida
George L. Murphy, Jr. - Vice President, Georgia
John M. Tatum, Secretary
M. Jerome Elmore - Treasurer
                              Alabama                                                                             Florida
                                John N. Bolus, Birmingham                                                 Henry M. Coxe III, Jacksonville
                                Celia J. Collins, Mobile                                                        Barry R. Davidson, Miami
                                Samuel H. Franklin, Birmingham                                         Susan S. Erdelyi, Jacksonville
                                Richard H. Gill, Montgomery                                               Katherine E. Giddings, Tallahassee
                                Jeffrey R. McLaughlin, Guntersville                                      John F. Harkness, Jr., Tallahassee
                                William G. Parker, Jr., Montgomery                                      Scott G. Hawkins, West Palm Beach
                                Scott A. Powell, Birmingham                                                Benjamin H. Hill III, Tampa
                                George W. Royer, Jr., Huntsville                                           Peter Prieto, Miami
                                Patrick H. Sims, Mobile                                                        Ryan K. Stumphauzer, Miami

                                                                                   Sarah B. Akins, Savannah
                                                                                   Robert M. Brinson, Rome
                                                                                   Dan F. Laney, Atlanta
                                                                                   William H. Larsen, Macon
                                                                                   Michael N. Loebl, Augusta
                                                                                   Robert C. Martin, Jr., Columbus
                                                                                   Chilton D. Varner, Atlanta
                                                                                   William N. Withrow, Jr., Atlanta
While the Society's archival activities are partially funded by grants and other special gifts, it primarily depends on members for financial support.  Contributions to the Society are deductible for income tax purposes.
If you are interested in becoming a member or have historical information, artifacts, or memorabilia for the Historical Society, please contact Wanda Lamar, Executive Director, at (404) 335-6395, wanda_lamar@ca11.uscourts.gov.

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