Circle I

Square & Round Dance Club

President’s Address 2023/2024

Welcome to Circle I website. It is here to answer your questions regarding when and

where we round and square dance.

Carolyn and I are honored having been elected as Circle I’s Presidents for 2023/2024. You

can be assured that we will do our very best to serve each member and guest of our

Square and Round Dance family. We welcome all who come to dance with us and will

represent Circle I at all our visitations with respect and honor.

We have been dancing since 2008 and love the comradery of the dancing family within

the NORTEX area. We enjoy all the callers and cuers that make dancing possible,

including all the guest callers that turn us upside down with their inspirational moves

from unique positions---keeps us on our toes or fries our brains processing them before

the next call. Come join us on the 2 nd Saturday of the month as soon as you can. We

look forward to meeting and greeting you with a Big Ole Texas Hug!

Welcome to All

Chris and Carolyn Mills

Circle I, Presidents