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Using DE Clipart in Excel Pictographs

Enter data and highlight to make a chart in Excel

You can hit F11 on your keyboard at this time for an instant chart to work with OR

Click on the CHART WIZARD tool at the top of the screen.

Select a bar graph, and after clicking NEXT, type in a title for CHART TITLE, as well as LABELING the X and Y axes.

Save graph as AN OBJECT in Excel.

Click once on the bars to select all of the bars, and then double-click on one of the bars to insert a clipart picture.

Log on to unitedstreaming, Learning Tools, to Clipart Gallery; once you find a clipart picture, right click and copy (remember all of these clipart pictures are copyright protected!)

Open up the Excel graph. Again, click once on the bars to select all of the bars, and double click on one of the bars to select just one.

Go to Edit on the menu bar and select Paste.Now your picture will come in distorted, but don’t worry, there’s one more step to make it perfect!

Right click on the stretched picture, and select Format Data Point. In the Format Data Point window, click on Fill Effects.Under Format, select Stack and Scale to 1 units/picture.Click ok.

If the chart seems too small, click on it to see the handles at each corner, click and drag to resize

Please find below, as an attachment, my guide to using Discovery Education streaming and GOOGLE EARTH 5.0  !!


After Teachers have reconfigured the text file and video, they generally open it up to play inside WMP (windows media player) and they don't have success because there are TWO settings you have to change to be successful.
First, go to PLAY on the menu bar and pull up Lyrics, Captions and Subtitles and make sure it's turned on. 
Secondly, go to TOOLS>OPTIONS>SECURITY TAB; make sure the box is checked that states SHOW LOCAL CAPTIONS WHEN PRESENT.
Now, when you open that video it will show the closed caption!
Cindy Lane,
Apr 23, 2010, 9:45 AM
Cindy Lane,
Nov 18, 2011, 10:04 PM