Fed's Killing Cops or Just Collateral Damage? Again!

Did the numerous loud radical instigating FBI informants, "Agent Provocateursradicalize the young couple, Jerad and Amanda Miller, who went on to murder the 2 Vegas police while eating pizza shortly after attending the Bundy standoff for a week? Inciter Greg Burleson aka Wagon Burner, FBI’s  fake Longbow Productions, etc...  are there video/pics of the 3 of them together at Bundy's ranch. Where were the Provocateurs on the day of the cops murder? Why did Millers go across town to kill away from their apt.in the tourist that was full of cops? Where was the Millers vehicle? (wiki: On June 8, 2014, the Millers first went to a CiCi’s Pizza restaurant on foot…). Miller's then ran to Walmart and died, the premeditated plan? ...where/who was their get-to and getaway vehicle? They owned a car. They had 3 ‘unregistered’ guns. GunWalking?

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60 MINUTES'Attack In Garland' aired March 26, 2017. ('Draw Mohammed contest')

On 60 Minutes the FBI is in the car behind the radicalized shooters in Dallas, FBI takes a photo one second before they shoot 2 cops then FBI tries to flee but gets caught, handcuffed on video below. Who created the ‘Draw Mohammed’contest nonsense! (As in Burleson in Las Vegas this is also the FBI Phoenix office traveling). 

Atty: “I can’t tell you whether the FBI knew the attack was gonna occur. I don’t like to think that they let it occur. But it is shocking to me that an undercover agent sees fellas jumping out of a car and he drives on. The idea that he’s right there 30 seconds before the attack happens is just incredible to me. I would love to ask the undercover agent-- 'Are these the only communications that you had with Simpson? Did you have more communications with Simpson? How is it that you ended up coming to Garland, Texas? Why are you even there?'"

The shocking 4 min vid. start at 9:21http://www.cbsnews.com/news/terrorism-in-garland-texas-what-the-fbi-knew-before-the-2015-attack/ 

transcript: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/terrorism-in-garland-texas-what-the-fbi-knew-before-the-2015-attack/

RedState.comDid FBI Director James Comey Lie To The Nation About The Garland Terror Attack? (video/transcript)  https://tinyurl.com/kbl2wz7


FBI Phoenix and their informants in Phoenix traveled in both cases which incited shooting police, Greg Burleson in Nevada and the Garland, Tx shooting case. 

60 MINUTES: <<…and the Phoenix FBI hired an informant, a Sudanese refugee named Dabla Deng, to check Simpson out.>>  <<He (shooter) moved into this Phoenix apartment complex with…>> <<…and acquiring weapons for a terrorist attack.>> 



Cliven Bundy Ranch Standoff w/BLM:  April 9-12, 2014 is when Jerad/Amanda attended

Jerad/Amanda Miller Vegas police shooting:  June 8, 2014 

Dallas “Draw Mohammed” contest w/Pam Geller,  2 shooters:  May 3, 2015

Curious. It's awkward how Burleson is being outted as an informant in the VERY PUBLIC federal hearing in Vegas then also that other atty's weren't allowed to cross exam him, very strange, "limited testimony". Thrown under the bus by his own? Why? 

Bundy: Anarchist/instigator says he wanted to kill federal agents in FBI documentary  <<...he wanted to put federal agents six feet under >> <<...he kept repeating he is there to kill feds...>>   http://www.lasvegasnow.com/news/bundy-supporter-says-he-wanted-to-kill-federal-agents-in-fake-documentary/679406670

<<Burleson said in the undercover interview he rallied armed opposition during the Bundy standoff because federal agents were abusing their authority and violating the law. But Perez pointed out Burleson's statements were made months after the standoff …>> https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/04/12/bundy-ranch-supporters-trial/100363582/

PS: The theory of the lead BLM supervisor being under investigation for getting free tickets to to Burning Man is sheer nonsense, a canard. The Fed's have been well aware of the true story behind the murder of the 2 Vegas cops since it happened. So who ya gonna call?

BTW: ( Wiki: 'Fast-n-Furious' and "Gunwalking", was a tactic of the Arizona Field Office ATF, which ran a series of sting operations in the Tucson and Phoenix area where the ATF purposely allowed licensed firearms dealers to sell weapons to illegal straw buyers... There have been allegations of "gunwalking" in at least 10 cities in five states. U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed at the border and the rifles used to kill him was from a Phoenix store. The ATF began targeting whistleblowers). 2006-2011

The Miller's are carrying an unregistered Winchester 1300Defender/Pistol Grip shotgun, an unregistered Smith& Wesson M&P/9mm handgun, and an unregistered Ruger LCR/Hammerless/.38 Special.

Jerad & Amanda kill 2 cops then run into Walmart where they died on the car oil aisle. So this was their master plan for their obvious premeditated 'revolution'? Really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdSCPixiQJM

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Twilight Zone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylGkm2EHHvE

"Accessory Before The Fact" definition: A person who aids, abets, or encourages another to commit a crime but who is not present at the scene. An accessory before the fact, like an accomplice, may be held criminally liable to the same extent as the principal. Many jurisdictions refer to an accessory before the fact as an accomplice.