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Publications In Preparation
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Conference Presentations
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 Invited Talks
  • 2017 
    • Peking University “Testing for rapid pulses of crustal-scale heat transfer by modeling garnet growth-diffusion resorption profiles”. 
    • University of Science and Technology of China “Metamorphism and long-term carbon cycle” 
    • University of Toronto “Fast and ultrafast metamorphism, unconventional petro-tectonic wisdom”. 
  • 2016
    • Rice University “Decarbonation during regional metamorphism”.
    • Peking University “Ultrafast eclogite formation: When pressure doesn’t correspond to depth”.
    • Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, CAS “Transient overpressure Induced by partial melting”. 
  • 2014
    • IMPMI Paris “Taconian retrograded eclogite from northwest Connecticut and its tectonic implications”.