Current Research

Working Papers under Submission

Bird’s Nest off the Menu: Evidence of Corruption from China’s Frugality Campaign (with Hong Chao and Sherry X. Li) March 2018.

Working Papers

Foreign Bank Entry and Bank Efficiency: Evidence from China (with Yin-Wong Cheung and Jun WuFebruary 2018.

Policy Distortion in Credit Market: Evidence from a Fiscal Stimulus Program (with Dan Li, Suhua Tian and Xiaodong Zhu) Under revision.

Coping with Health Shocks with Private and Public Insurances: Evidence from China (with Xin Li, Qinghua Shi and Dennis T. Yang) Under revision.

Agglomeration Economies of Cultural Industries (with Shougui Luo and Jin Tao) Under revision.

Political Stability and Credibility of Currency Boards (with Shu Feng and Wai-Yip Alex Ho)
Under revision.

Consumer Usage and Pricing of Payment Card: Evidence from China (with Li Xu) November 2016.

Inflation, Financial Development and Wealth Distribution (with Wai-Yip Alex Ho) IMF Working Paper No. 16/132, July 2016.