Here is our dirt. Blow it up and print it out if you like. This comes from the property appraiser's web site for Santa Rosa County. Click on it to see the bigger picture.


Active map layers:

Lakes/Rivers from US Census Dept, may not match parcels exactly

Soils - For soil descriptions see here.

ST-1 Albany Loamy Sand, 0-5% Slopes

ST-2 Angie Variant Loam

ST-3 Bibb-Kinston Association

ST-4 Bohicket-Handsboro

ST-5 Bonifay Loamy Sand, 0-5% Slopes

ST-6 Chewacla-Wahee-Riverview Association

ST-7 Dorovan-Pamlico

ST-8 Dothan Fine Sandy Loam, 0-2% Slopes

ST-9 Dothan Fine Sandy Loam, 2-5% Slopes

ST-10 Dothan Fine Sandy Loam, 5-8% Slopes

ST-11 Escambia Fine Sandy Loam, 0-2% Slopes

ST-12 Esto Loam, 0-2% Slopes

ST-13 Esto Loam, 5-8% Slopes

ST-14 Fuquay Loamy Sand, 0-5% Slopes

ST-15 Fuquay Loamy Sand, 5-8% Slopes

ST-16 Garcon Loamy Fine Sand

ST-17 Gullied Land

ST-18 Johns Fine Sandy Loam

ST-19 Kalmia Loamy Fine Sand, 2-5% Slopes

ST-20 Kurb Sand, 0-8% Slopes

ST-21 Lakeland Sand, 0-5% Slopes

ST-22 Lakeland Sand, 5-12% Slopes

ST-23 Lakeland Sand, 12-30% Slopes

ST-24 Leon Sand, 0-2% Slopes

ST-25 Lucy Loamy Sand, 0-5% Slopes

ST-26 Lucy Loamy Sand, 5-8% Slopes

ST-27 Lynchburg Fine Sandy Loam

ST-28 Maxton Loamy Fine Sand, 2-5% Slopes

ST-29 Mulat Loamy Fine Sand

ST-30 Orangeburg Sandy Loam, 0-2% Slopes

ST-31 Orangeburg Sandy Loam, 2-5% Slopes

ST-32 Orangeburg Sandy Loam, 5-8% Slopes

ST-33 Ortega Sand, 0-5% Slopes

ST-34 Pactolus Loamy Sand, 0-5% Slopes

ST-35 Pickney Loamy Sand

ST-36 Pits

ST-37 Rains Fine Sandy Loam

ST-38 Red Bay Sandy Loam, 0-2% Slopes

ST-39 Red Bay Sandy Loam, 2-5% Slopes

ST-40 Rutlege Loamy Sand

ST-41 Tifton Sandy Loam, 0-2% Slopes

ST-42 Tifton Sandy Loam, 2-5% Slopes

ST-43 Tifton Sandy Loam, 5-8% Slopes

ST-44 Troup Loamy Sand, 0-5% Slopes

ST-45 Troup Loamy Sand, 5-8% Slopes

ST-46 Troup Loamy Sand, 8-12% Slopes

ST-47 Troup-Orangeburg-Cowarts, 5-12% Slopes

ST-48 Urban Land

ST-49 Newhan-Corolla Complex, Rolling

ST-50 Beaches

ST-51 Meadowbrook Fine Sand

ST-52 Goldhead Fine Sand

ST-53 Arents, Moderately WetT

ST-54 Foxworth Sand, 0-5% Slopes

ST-55 Corolla-Duckston Sands, Gently Undulating, Flooded

Use the Property Appraisers Web Site to locate parcels. Agree to the terms. I like to use the ZOOM TO BOX feature to blow up to a particular area. Then select from the LAYERS you want to show. SOILS are one of the layer options.