Owe your soul


2022 Local Candidate Interviews

Peanuts and Cotton. Two primary crops in our county. Learn from these videos.

Regional History interviews HERE.

The New Matt Dobson Book -

Catching Cricketts - Coon Hill

(This book made a grown man cry)

The Coffee / CRUDD-- weekly or sometimes -- Old folks over coffee guests welcome (no agenda)

LEARN ABOUT THIS PROPERTY in Chumuckla - and more properties in Mulat HERE AT THIS LINK.DO YOU have a lot in CHUMUCKLA you would like to highlight for your family? I'll add it to the blog. Just provide good info or links.

SAVE the COLLARDS is an organization dedicated to the ideal of conflict free collards in America. Check it out. Partners in A PODCAST effort are WME3 and ME3TV Facebook. The Writers, musicians and other artists in our community are featured at every opportunity.

In 1924 - The Chumuckla Water Distributors placed a FULL PAGE ad in the Pensacola News. It is reproduced in a full size readable poster as well as other items like cups, tee shirts and throw pillows. Do take a look at this and other "HERITAGE" items in our teespring store.

Please Call Billy and Paula and tell them to CLICK HERE so they can see the entire collection of their music and some more as well .. RIGHT HERE. Wish Billy a happy birthday ! He turned 82 in February 2020.