Charleston SC Kiteboarding Association

Please watch this informative video on the local kiteboarding scene

compass rose on sullivans.. see announcements for more

Local Regulations

Where you can ride!

Breaking the launch rules is one way to get get our sport banned!

2020 update: Where there was once 10 kites I see 40-50. The gear is safer. Professional instructors have local businesses. Charleston is a legit kiteboarding destination. The rules below still are a good reference. It's all about safety and courtesy to non-kiters.

Sullivans Island: WaterCraft Ordinance

  • Restriction: Do not ride in the tide pool at Station 28.5

  • You may ride up or downwind anywhere on the island but you must stay at LEAST 100 yards from the edge of the water and 3 kite lengths (at least) from any swimmers.

Isle Of Palms

  • Between stations 1 and 4 (between Memorial Day to Labor Day)

  • Restriction: Do not launch at the county park or anywhere near the pier

  • You may ride up or downwind anywhere on the island but you must stay at LEAST 100 yards from the edge of the water and 2 kite lengths (at least) from any swimmers.

NOTE: Check the Air Companies interactive map page for more details on local launches: Ride Guide

Other Rules:

  • Stay at least 100+ feet from swimmers or persons near edge of water !!!

  • (about 2+ kite line lengths)

  • Ride at least 300 feet offshore June - September. Only come in to launch/land

  • Don't set up in front of beach access points (emergency vehicles and pedestrians need clear access)

  • No Jumping on or near beach.

  • Everyone has right of way over kites.

  • Walkers, swimmers, sitters, standers, boats, stupid people 2000 yards off shore in a tube, etc.

Suggested Practices:

Remember PERCEPTION is everything. It doesn't matter who is 'right', it matters what people think and what they report to the town.

  • ‘Halve’ your lines on beach, (place bar on kite) for a quick break, roll you lines up completely for a long break.

  • Do not teach, practice or learn on a crowded beach.

  • Do not self-launch or self-land on a crowded beach.

  • Find someone to land your kite, help others.

  • If beach is super crowded with families go elsewhere.

  • Be Polite, Be Friendly, move over for walkers.


  • Do not attempt to kite without lessons.

  • Need help? Just ask.

  • Body drag away from shore before board start.

  • Seek professional instruction.

  • You can’t learn on a crowded beach, it’s not safe.