Horry County

" HORRY " is a surname of French origin. The correct pronunciation is " O-REE' ".

Horry County, South Carolina

Originally part of colonial Craven County (1682), Horry County has also been part of Prince George Winyah (1722), Prince Frederick (1734), and All Saints (1767) parishes, which served as early religious and civic jurisdictions. This area, which became part of newly-formed Georgetown District in 1769, was given its present boundaries and named Kingston County in 1785. In 1801, it was renamed Horry District, and, in 1868, Horry County.

General Peter Horry

A Planter of French Huguenot descent, Peter Horry (O-REE') was born in SC c. 1747. A lieutenant colonel in the Revolution and later brigadier general in the SC Militia, he represented Prince George Winyah and All Saints parishes in the SC House and Senate. In 1801, Kingston County was renamed Horry District for Peter Horry. He died in 1815 and is buried at Trinity Episcopal Church in Columbia, SC. ... more on Peter Horry

Portrait of Peter Horry (c. 1747-1815)