Academic background

I have lived in the UK almost continuously since 1997. I joined Canterbury's University of Kent to study economics (BA), then international relations and European studies (MA),and eventually politics and religion (PhD).

I have been a Higher Education teacher since January 2005, first at the University of Kent, then also at Canterbury Christ Church University. In September 2010, I joined Loughborough University as a Lecturer (later Senior Lecturer) in Politics and International Relations (initially Politics and History). I have been a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since July 2011.

For more on my teaching experience, click
here. For Socratic Hive, a website describing some of my modules and on which some of my best sudents' essays are published, click here. For my university profile (including contact details), click here. My work can also be followed on (here), ResearchGate (here), ORCID (here), and Google Scholar (here).

Research interests

My research interests include:

  • religious (especially Christian) anarchism and pacifism;
  • Leo Tolstoy's political thought;
  • anarchist and anarcho-pacifist theory;
  • religion and politics (national and international);
  • political violence and non-violence;
  • more generally: political and ethical theory, international political thought, and political theology.
Details of my publications (as well as current/ongoing research projects) are available here. For specialist groups and networks I belong to, click here.

Feel free to get in touch to informally discuss possible research projects (of any kind). For more information on how to apply for a research degree at Loughborough, please click here

Contact details

Please contact me on for any comments or questions, or to report any broken links (if I do not reply, please send again - the spam filter may have mishandled your email). Further contact details can be found here.

Note: if the website you are after is not mine but my late father's (Nassos Christoyannopoulos) or my sister's (Emilie Christoyannopoulos), click on their name.