Christos Dimitrakakis

Publications Teaching TORCS Beliefbox [Current location: Harvard]

Research interests

  • Decision theory
  • Reinforcement learning and Control
  • Machine learning and Statistics
  • Security, Privacy and Fairness

Open Projects

Open PhD position in multi-agent AI, mechanism design and differential privacy at Lille, France. [in collaboration with Chalmers and Harvard].
- A PhD position in reinforcement learning, under information and computation constraints at Chalmers, Sweden [Apply]
- A Postdoc and a Research Engineer position for big data analysis in autonomous vehicles, at Chalmers, Sweden, in collaboration with Volvo cars are available immediately.
Contact me for possible collaborations or projects.

Current group members and collaborators

  • Aristide Tossou (Chalmers), PhD student on Secure and Private Machine Learning and Decision Making.
  • Hannes Eriksson (Chalmers), Research Engineer.
  • Raphael Duroselle (Ecole Polytechnique), Intern.
  • David Parkes (Harvard), Professor.
  • Paul Tylkin (Harvard), PhD student (David Parkes).
  • Goran Radanovic (Harvard), Postdoc.
  • Yang Liu (Harvard), Postdoc
  • Maryam Kamgarpour (ETHZ), Assistant Professor
  • Nikolaos Tziortziotis (Ecole Polytechnique), Postdoc.



  • At Harvard until 26 July 2017.
  • Workshop in Theory and Practice of Differential Privacy, at ICML 2016.
  • Open PhD position: Swedish Research Council Grant on "Learning, Privacy and the limits of Computation"
  • Open PhD position: Future of Life Grant on Mechanim Design for Multiple AIs.
  • Associate professor at INRIA-Lille and Univ-Lille from Oct 15 2015.

Selected recent papers

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Christos Dimitrakakis,
Mar 2, 2017, 10:41 AM