This is a copy of my old "Faves in Fives" web site, largely untouched since 2007, that I used to use to keep track of web sites to share with other teachers when I worked in Tucson. This is no longer current, although some sites are still great! UPDATED 1-20-2010

"Faves in Fives" features five+ quality education sites in categories (most free).

: links show up in pop-up windows (Ctrl-Left Click if you have a popup blocker)

Hello from Denver, Colorado where I teach and provide tech support at Colorado's Finest Alternative High School(CFAHS). Check out my class page at and my KidsTek website at I'll be adding more Colorado links soon (I moved from Tucson, AZ).

Create your own portal of links (easier than I do it) with the free NEW!!
+ indicates current favorite site in a category below

Christopher:   |

Search! - Search Engine for accurate answers from reliable sources 
WebWare - Web 2.0 Sites for Audio, Video, & More (also 
Go2Web and Listio Web 2.0) 
OpenSourceSoftware (find free downloads for Mac/Linux/Windows)

FREE LMS (Learning Management Systems): 
+Edu 2.0 | Haiku | RCampus
IndispensibleTools Wiki

Sitios en Español
PlusLiving Microsoft Free | Creating Audiobooks/Podcasts with Student | KidsTek Aurora, CO

Portals (Links to Resources)   Sites with Englewood Schools Logins*
  1. TeacherXPress For Busy Teachers
  2. Teach-nology Web Portal
  3. (lessons, jobs, chat) 
  4. PBS Teacher Source
  5. FREE (Federal Resources for Ed. Excellence) 

    Plus: +Internet 4 Classrooms Skills 
    NEW! Interesting Things for Students 

    NEW! Sacred Cow Dung (Web 2.0 Listing)
    NEW! Go2Web Web 2.0 Directory!
    1. +PowerSchool & PowerTeacher 
    2. FirstClass Mail 
    3. Bridges (Choices) Career Planner 
    4. NWEA Testing 
    5. Apple Support  

      Plus: CFAHS Student Apps Online (Google)
    Lesson Plans Templates & Graphic Organizers
    1. Thinkfinity (search lessons)
    2. Lesson Plans 
    3. Lesson Bank 
    4. NEA Lesson Plans Database
    1. TUSD Templates & Graphics 
    2. Graphic Organizers ( 
    3. Gameshow Templates 
    4. Free Tools for Teachers 
    5. EduPlace Graphic Organizers  
    Drills and Handouts Worksheet Sites
    1. Internet 4 Classrooms Skills 
    2. Primary Games
    3. FunBrain
    4. Education4Kids  
    5. (good but popups!) 
    1. NEW! Worksheet Library 
    2. Easy Test Maker
    3. Worksheets 4 Teachers
    4. +Worksheet Generator
    5. Worksheets  
    6. The Math Worksite 

      Plus: WorksheetLibrary ($30/yr.)

    Elementary Math

    Secondary Math

    1. BBC Skillswise 
    2. AAA Math 
    3. +Johnnie's Math Page 
    4. Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Math 
    5. Oswego Schools Math Games 

    Plus: AchieveIT Grant 
    Kids Online Resources - Math 
    Download: Math Quiz (multiplication)

    1. +Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Math 
    2. I4C - Internet 4 Teachers 
    3. Interactive Math Miscellany & Puzzles 
    4. WebMath 
    5. GraphCalc (download graphing calculator)


    Reading Literacy/ELL
    1. Book Adventure (reading motivation) 
    2. +StarFall  
    3. Reading A-Z 
    4. StoryPlace! 
    5. Kids Online Resources -- Language Arts 

    Plus: (open source reading)
    MagicKeys Storybook Links
    NEW! FreeRice (learn vocabulary/give rice!)
    StudyDog Angels (help low-income readers)
    NEW! StoryLine Online (read by celebrities) 
    NEW! Inkless Tales 
    NEW! ZapReader (speed reader online)

    1. Tools for Reading, Writing & Thinking
    2. Activities 4 ESL Students
    3. +I4C - Internet 4 Teachers
    4. +Roy the Zebra (flash exercises) 
    5. Interesting Things for ESL Students 

    NEW! Lanternfish for the ESL Teacher 
    Outta Ray's Head Lesson Plans
    Download: Site Words Buddy 
    NEW! Dolch Sight Words (Jefferson Co., TN)

    Science Sites

    Foreign Language

    1. Science Sites for Teachers
    3. Busy Teachers Science Website
    4. Science Fair Projects Home
    5. Exploratorium 

    Plus: +Create-a-Graph (online)
    PhET Interactive Physics Simulations

    1. Conjuguemos Language Practice
    2. MyLanguageExchange 
    3. Goethe Language Tests 
    4. I4C - Internet 4 Teachers 

      Download: Language Before You Know It Lite  
      (Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, etc.)

    Social Studies

    Maps & Geography

    1. Digital History
    2. +Primary Source Learning 
    3. +Best of History Web Sites 
    4. 50 States 
    5. Ben's Guide to Government 

    Also: CrazyFads
    History Beat Timelines 
    +Kids Voting AZ (Vote Online!) 
    NEW! Geni (build your family tree)
    NEW! PowerPoint Palooza 
    Lincoln & His Circle (letters to/from Lincoln)
    Digital Vaults\ (primary source docs)
    8th Grade Civics Test

    1. National Geographic Xpeditions
    2. Sheppard Online Geography Games 
    3. Outline Maps & Quizzes
    4. Education Place Outline Maps
    5. Maps 

      Plus: Exhibit 2.0 (from MIT, create data-rich websites)

    Music Sites

    Arts Sites

    1. +K-12 Resources for Music Educators 
    2.  Songs for Teaching 
    3. Creating Music 
    4. Online Metronome! 
    5. Choral Public Domain Library 

    Finale Notepad  
    FreeByte Music Software 

    1. TUSD Opening Minds Through the Arts 
    2. ArtEdventures
    3. +Art Education Page for K12 
    4. Learning Tools for Arts Teachers 
    5. AlbrightKnox Art Games

    Reference Sites

    Early Childhood

    1. Yahooligans! Reference
    2. KidsClick! Web Search
    3. +Ask Jeeves for Kids
    4. CIA World Fact Book
    5. +Wikipedia Encyclopedia & Citizendium 

    Plus: +Thinkfinity (Marco Polo) 
    NEW! Metaglossary (define terms)

    1. +Family Education (all grades)
    2. Early Childhood Links
    3. Kindergarten Home Page
    4. Preschool Rainbow
    5. Early Childhood Links  
      Plus: Special Ed/Early Learning
      Owl & Mouse Educational Software
      NEW! Shape-Book Patterns (EduPlace)

    Plus: Tumblebooks
    (Log in with your Pima Library ID)

    NEW! Health & Wellness

    NEW! Environmental

    1. RealAgeHealth Age Calculator, & Life Expectancy Calculator (assess health) 
    2. Action For Healthy Kids (teacher resources)
    3. California Healthy Kids (teacher resources) 
    4. MyFoodDiary (food and exercise calorie counter) 
    5. Calorie Allowance Calculator (NY Times)

      Plus: MyPyramid Plan (customized food guide);iStats (chart & share workout progress)
      PsychCentral (mental health)
      Zeer (nutrition information of food)
    1. Carbon Footprint Calculator (Nature Conservancey) 
    2. Carbon Calculator (Inconvenient Truth)
    3. Environmental Education For Kids (grades 4-8)
    4. Conservation International 
    5. EPA Student Center 
      Plus: The Green Squad
      David Suzuki Foundation For Kids 
      Recycle City (EPA) 
      PowerUp (online multiplayer environment game)
      CarbonRally (steps you can take to reduce CO2)
    Finances Linux & Programming
    1. Mint (manage your money)
    1. a
    2. Linux Backup Software
    Typing/Keyboarding Sites Quiz/Assessment
    1. +BBC Online Typing (levels 1-4) 
    2. Fearless Frieda Typing & Spelling 
    3. Fearless Frieda II (surfing) 
    4. Powertyping plus (Barracuda Game)
    5. Typing with... 
      Burton (1); Booker (2); Carmen (3); Dwayne (4);Yasmin (5)

      Typing Test
      Keyboarding Practice (old school)

    1. QuizStar (create online tests) 
    2. RubiStar (create project rubrics) 
    3. (above tools and more) 
    4. NEA Teacher Toolkit  
    5. I4C - Teacher Tools

    Tools For Teachers
    (Quiz Generators, Flashcards, +)

    News NEW! Interactive Websites (JC Schools)
    1. The Denver Post & Rocky Mountain News
    2. Associated Press
    3. +Online Newspapers Worldwide
    4. The Christian Science Monitor
    5. National Public Radio
     Plus: +Arizona Daily Star
    1. Reading 
    2. Language Arts 
    3. Math 
    4. Science 
    5. Social Studies

    Plus: Assessment 

    Test Prep

    Publishers/Textbook Adoptions
    1. Quiz-Tree (various quizzes) 
    2. (GED, SAT, & more) 
    3. LearningExpressLibrary (use your Tucson-Pima library account to login) 
    4. College Board SAT Practice Test 
    5. ADE AIMS Prep 
    1. Harcourt Trophies -- Farr
      (K-5 Language Arts Adoption) 
      Harcourt Math (pick a grade)
    2. Thompson Growing with Technology (K-5) 
    3. Cognitive Concepts GameGoo 
      (Kids, Parents & Teachers) 
    4. Interactive "SMART Board" Sites 
      (Collection of Interactive Sites) 
    5. +Saxon Publishers (math & phonics)

    Plus: Thompson - "Growing Up With Technology" (computers skills, keyboarding)

    Emulators Communicating
    1. +Virtual Apple (Apple ][e, Oregon Trail...)
    2. Math & Physics Emulators  
    3. Aeronautics Simulators 
    4. GameBoy Emulator
    5. TRS-80 Emulator
    1. (filtered e-mail, *free*) 
    2. +ePals (find penpals for *free*) 
    3. NiceNet Internet Classroom Assistant (threaded discussion, files, links) 
    4. Google Language Tools (translate + ) 
    5. Free E-mail:  
      Yahoo! Mail
      Google Mail (gMail) 

      Plus: Phonevite (send announcements 
      NEW! oovoo video conferencing
    Technology Making Teaching Easier NEW! Planning Tools
    1. (free, nice website/blog)
    2. Alphabetizer (make list alphabetical)
    3. WritingSampleAnalyzer 
    4. oh, don't forget (reminders to cell phone)
    5. +Thinkfinity (Marco Polo) 

    Plus: +Vyew (free conferencing & collaboration -- like WebEx!)

    NEW! Son of Citation Machine (generate correctly-formatted citations)

    NEW! MyProjectPages (post activity web pages)

    1. Doodle (plan a meeting via polling) 
    2. 30Boxes (shared calendar)
    3. ShortText (post text online right away)
    4. Thinkature (real-time collaboration)
    5. SlimTimer (plan your time)

      Plus: TaDa (share to-do lists)
      MyNoteIt (plan & track assignments)
      Notely (organize your academic life)
      Gradefix (plan studying around life)
      NEW! Mindomo (mind mapping online) 

      Web 2.0 Tools for Students (JeffCo, TN) 
      Scribd iPaper (post and share docs)

    Video Editing & Posting

    NEW! Video Download (YouTube, Google, etc)

    1. TeacherTube (view & publish)
    2. Google Video (upload videos)
    3. Viddler (upload videos)
    4. Online Web Editors: JaycutMuveeMix;MotionBox;EyeSpot 
    5. Social Networking/Video: VimeoViddler

      Plus: Sharing Video (VideoHacks Tutorial)

    1. Vixy YouTube Downloader
    2. Movavi (online video conversion) 
    3. Mux Video Converter (online converter)
    4. MediaConverter (convert media files)
    5. ConvertYouTube (convert online video)

      Plus: Video Toolbox (150+ Sites)
      ReviveTube (watch delted YouTube videos)

    NEW! Image Editing And Posting NEW! Brainstorming & Knowledge
    1. Flickr (upload & share images)
    2. Bubbleshare (create online slideshows) 
    3. PhotoBucket (image and video upload)
    4. Picnik (image editing) also FotoFlexer 
    5. Zooomr (photo sharing & hosting)

      Plus: FlipTrack (picture slideshow);  
      Bloggingost and share images)
    1. (brainstorming)
    2. Mindomo (advanced brainstorming)
    3. Squidoo (everybody's an expert)
    4. FlashCardExchange (flashcards!)
    5. Quototi (quotes online)
    Blogging Wikis & Podcasting
    1. Class Blogmeister 
    2. +Journalscape Blogging
    3. Blogspot (
    4. LiveJournal
    5. Blog.comMindSaytBlogEduBlogs 
      NEW! 10 Ways to Use EduBlogs to Teach 

    OnSugar Publishing
     Internet Classroom Assistant (threaded discussion, files, links)

    Ted Talks (inspirational talks by leaders in education & business)

    1. +PBWiki 
    2. for teachers  
    3. PodCasting Tools
    4. FeedBurn (create RSS resource) 
    5. Audacity  
      (download - free audio recorder & editor)
    NEW! Free podcast hosting: 
    Create RSS Feed & Validate:
    Web Site Creation (easy) Helping Yourself & Others
    1. Weebly 
    2. Google Sites 
    3. Webon 
    4. Sauropol 
    5. Wikispaces 
    1. FreeRice (vocab, math, and other subjects to donate free rice to poor countries) 
    2. HowCast (How do I...?)
    3. Instructables (how-to and DIY) 
    4. Kiva (small loans)
      Plus: Nymbler (find a baby name) 

    Top Web 2.0 Sites

    Technology Lists

    1. Google Apps (create & share docs online) 
    2. VoiceThread (post images & docs for comments) 
    3. (camera phone into scan/copy/FAX) 
    4. (teacher web 2.0 community) 
    5. Google Maps (get directions, street views, satelite) 

      Plus: Back to School -w- the Class of Web 2.0 
    1. 30 Useful Sites 
    2. 101 Web Resources for Students 
    3. Popular Online Desktop Alternatives 
    4. 40 Unusual Sites to Bookmark 
    5. SEOmoz Top Web 2.0 2007 

      Plus: eSchoolNews AV Buyer's Guide

    NEW! Online Storage

    NEW! File Conversion

    1. (store & share large files)
    2. FlyUpload (post and share files 2GB)
    3. (store & share files)
    4. +Omnidrive (store files online)
    5. AllMyData (stofe files online)
    1. Convert Files Zamzar 
    2. MediaConverter (convert media files)
    3. FreePDFConvert (convert to PDF)
    4. PrimoPDF (convert to PDF and e-mail it)
    5. Neevia (document conversion)

    Online Calendars

    Web Applications* (free)
    2. SpongeCell (reminders by e-mail, phone)
    3. +Google Calendar

      Yahoo! Calendars (beta) 
    1. ThinkFree Office Online (web office)
    2. +YouSendIt and TransferBigFiles
    3. DocMorph (convert to PDF & more)
    4. Mail2Web (access your e-mail accounts)
    5. RememberTheMilk (lists & reminders)
      TextMemo (SMS reminders to cell phone)

    Writely (word processor)
    Google SpreadsheetsNumSum 
    WebAppList (more Web apps) 

     (share screen x-platforms)
    bookland (generate ISBN barcodes)

    *These online websites duplicate software online.

    Grants & Best Practices

    Technology Standards

    1. Educational Enrichment Foundation
    2. +Just Grants! Arizona
    4. Arizona K12 Center -- Best Practices
    5. Best Practices of Technology (Michigan)

      Plus: NEW! 10 Online Apps for Innovative Teachers 
      NEW! Dynamic Curriculum (Jefferson Co., TN)
    1. Intl. Society for Tech in Education (ISTE)
    2. EDUREF Technology Planning
    3. EDUREF Integration Technology
    4. +ISTE Natl. Ed. Tech. Standards (NETS)
    5. Best Evidence Encyclopedia (B.E.E.) 

    Plus: Multimedia in the Classroom;  
    Fusion: Cool Tools for Teachers

    Webmaster Resources Website Tools
    1. Simply the Best ScriptsDynamic Drive (scripts)
    2. Flaming Text (create fancy text)
    3. School-Clip-Art (large collection of clipart)
    4. +GifWorks Online Image Editor (edit graphics)
    5. Javascript KitBravenetHTML Tools  

    Open Designs (Web Templates)
    TheSiteWizard drop-down Menus 
    NEW! Rounded Cornr (round corners) 
    Countdown Timer (count down to events)
    IzzyMenu (create CSS Menus)

    InstantProjects (Webquest, Webpage)

    NEW! Online Presentations with Thumstacksand Empressr 

    Web Palette Generator (colors from images)

    1. SubmitPlus Tuneup!  (test your website)
    2. BrowserEmulator (try your site in other browsers)
    3. Web Banners (create banners)
    4. BraveHost free Webspace (web tools & widgets)
    5. Google Gadgets (widgets for your site)

      Plus: iWebTool (webmaster tools)
      Web Valet (accessibility check) Web Tools and 
      (favicon, split images,...) 

    NEW! yourmailinglistprovider (create e-mail lists for parents, etc.)

    NEW! Copyscape (search for copies of your site)

    ValidChecker (check your RSS, CSS)
    FreeWebmasterTools (various web tools)

    NEW! Programming/Game Making Surveys & Forms
    1. Scratch (MIT, Free) 
    2. Game Maker (Free)
    3. Phrogram ($49.95) & Kids Programming Language(Free)
    4. StageCast Creator (Formerly Cocoa, KidSim; $49.95)
    5. AgentSheets (Interactive Simulations for the Web, $19.95) & The Games Factory (or Multimedia Fusion, $59 and $119)

    Rockerfer BASIC Online
     (online) &
    TRS-80 BASIC Simulator (Online)

    1. Add-A-Form 
    2. Polldaddy 
    3. SurveyMonkey 
    4. Wufoo Web Forms
    5. Quimble Group Polling 

    Office Tutorials

    Education Blogs
    1. (Video Tutorials)
    2. +Office 2000 Tutorials (FCFU) 
    3. Tutorials for Teachers (BBCSD)
    4. Microsoft Office 2000 Tutorial (BCS Schools)
    5. Tutorials & More 
      Plus: Office 2003/XP from U. Wis. 
      Google Earth Lesson Plans
    1. Alan November
    2. David WarlickSteve Denbo
    3. Will Richardson
    4. SupportBlogging 
    5. Improving Instruction Through... Blogs 
    Portable PC Applications* (free) Sites Kids Use but Probably Shouldn't...
    NEW! KidsTek Portable Freeware Apps - 310MB

    PortableAppsSuite - 512mb: Office, Web, Mail, Antivirus, IM, Media Player and more... 

    1. Office: Portable OpenOffice (large!); AbiWord(small, Word substitute)
    2. Web Browser: +Portable Firefox
    3. Antivirus & Anti-Spam: AntiVir Personal Edition
    4. Graphics & Multimedia: XnView (open & convert images); Media Player ClassicCDEx (rip CDs);SilentNight Micro (CD/DVD/ISO burner); Foxit Reader (PDF viewer); Photofiltre (graphics editor) 
    5. Undelete files!: Restoration
      Plus: Smart Notebook on a Pen Drive!
      Digital Swiss Army Knife 
    *Once downloaded, these applications will run off a pen or flash drive (i.e. they don't need to be installed on a PC)! 
    1. MySpace (& other social sites)
    2. YouTube (& other video sites)
    3. Google (especially images)
    4. Proxify (& other proxy sites)
    5. Pornography, Gambling, etc.

    It's best not to let kids use the Internet without supervision.  

    At school, direct students to specific previewed sites or search engines such as

    For home, consider filtering web sites using the freeOpenDNS proxy.

    Geek Factor

    More for Geeks!

    1. +Ubuntu, Xubuntu Edubuntu Linux 
    2. +Create a Favicon for Your Website 
    3. Create Your Own Software Installer (Inno) 
    4. Mount a CD Image (virtual cd) 
    5. Auto-launch a CD (Autorun Pro
      Plus: Emergency Boot CD ISO; Wirelessly Connect your PC (Logitech PLay Link); Pandora Recovery(recover deleted files)
    1. Remote Control Your PC 
    2. PC Inspector File Recovery (freeware)
    3. Wink (create software tutorials)
    4. WampServer (Apache/PHP/MySQL Server)
    5. LinuxChooser (which Linux to use?)
      Plus: SlickScreen (record & share screen) 
      Enable Remote Desktop
      Yugma - Free conferencing and desktop sharing!

    Technology Bargains

    Internet Telephone (VOIP)

    1. +DealNews
    2. Tech Bargains
    4. +Epinions
    5. TechSoup (discount items for nonprofits) 

    Plus: Craigslist (find local bargains!)
    WorldCare in Tucson (map)!

    1. +Skype (free PC-PC + PC-Phone in 2006)
    2. AdCalls (free domestic calls - ads)
    3. VOIPBuster; VOIPCheap (worldwide)
    4. JaJah (link local phones over Internet)
    5. Vonage 

      Plus: Asterisk (run a PBX including VOIP - download) and MagicJack ($20/yr.)

    Music Sites

    Denver Events

    1. Pandora (build your own station)
    2. Shoutcast Music Directory 
    3. NPR Podcast Directory 
    4. Sky.FM (various streams)
    5. Batanga (musica latina) 

    Plus: StreamPad

    1. +Denver Events from Westword  
    2.  Denver Events from the Denver Post
    3. Denver Movie Times 
    4. Denver TV Times
    5. Englewood Weather 

      Plus: Denver Maps (Parks & Rec, Crime, etc.)

    PC Downloads (Office Freeware)

    Mac Downloads (Free/Share - OS 9)

    1. +AbiWord  (word processor) 
    2. OpenOffice (office suite) 
    3. CutePDF (create pdf files from docs)
    4. SimpleOCR (ocr software for scan)
    5. NVU/KompoZer (web page editor) 
      Plus: Ned Wolf Freeware (great selection!) 101 Fabulous Freebies 
    1. +TykeWriter ($10), BBEdit LIte (free), 
      Nisus Writer & Compact 
    2. iCab Web Browser (free),
    3. GraphicConverter ($35)
    4. SoundApp (free), Player Pro (free)
    5. Flash-it Screen Capture (free)

    Mac/PC Downloads: 
    The Free Mac Classroom 
    Nikk Folts 

    PC Downloads (Freeware)

    Mac Downloads (Freeware - OSX)
    1. +Spybot (stop spyware)
    2. ClamWin (free antivirus software)
    3. FreeMind (free "Inspiration-like" mapping) 
    4. Firefox & Portable Firefox (web browser)
    5. HP Image Zone ExpressGIMPshop and Inkscape(graphics editor)  
      FastStone Image Viewer
      ReadPlease Free
      Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech

    1. ClamXav (antivirus) 
    2. +Mozilla Firefox (web browser) 
    3. OpenOffice & NeoOffice (office suites)
    4. GIMPshop & Inkscape (graphics editor) 
    5. RadioRecorder (record audio streams) 
      Forty-Two (dvd ripper)
      AbiWord (MS Word replacement)

      Selected from Brilliant Ignorance &  
      The Essential Mac Apps
      Plus: Apple's OSX Downloads (3rd party)
      100+ Free Applications For Mac OS X
    Linux Downloads (Freeware) Free Audio/DJ/Mixing
    1. Ubuntu | Kubuntu | Xubuntu (free OS)
    2. Top 100 Open Source Applications 
    3. OpenOffice (free office suite)
    4. WINE (run Windows apps)
    5. GIMP (PhotoShop alternative) 
    1. JamGlue (web-based)
    2. SpliceMusic (web-based)
    3. MIXX (Mac/Linux/Windows)
    4. Acid XPRESS (Windows)
    5. Audacity (multrack recording)
    Tucson Events Sites with TUSD Logins* (old)
    1. +Tucson Events Calendar (Tucson Citizen) 
    2. University of Arizona Calendar 
    3. Arizona Events Guide 
    4. Tucson Movie Listings (Yahoo!) 
    5. Yahoo! Groups 
    1. +ASSET Website (videos, classes)
    2. +AZCIS Career Information System
    3. TUSDSTATS (Test Data, Report Card)
    4. Galileo (Student Testing) 
    5. DIBELS Scoring 

    Plus: TUSD Webmail

    Contact Educational Technology for help with logins: or call 520-225-6278.

    Sitios en Español

    Sitios Educativos

    1. Yahoo! en Español 
    2. Computadora (tu computadora)
    3. Google Herramientas del Idioma  
    4. El Imparcial
    5. +Correo Electronico (Yahoo!)
    6. Diccionario (Ingles<->Español) 
      Transducir Pàginas y Palabras (Babelfish)
      y: AyudaDigitales (manuales y Tutoriales)  
    1. +Mundo Latino 
    2. Correo del Maestro 
    3. Mi Tarea 
    4. Chicos y Escritores 
    5. AulaFácil (cursos gratis); Imaginaria