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Web books related to physics

Here are links to several books and book-like files on the web about physics or useful for physics. As far as I know they're good but, since I haven't read them all the way through, I don't give full reviews. I do review some books about physics here. I am starting to discuss websites that give background info useful for doing physics problems here.

If you know of a book that you think should be added to this list, please feel free to tell me so.


Math for Physics

(list is empty right now, but not always)

Others' lists of books on the web

  • The Assayer lists books in a variety of subjects, including physics, that can be read for free; it reviews some of them. Run by Benjamin Crowell.

Books that used to be on the web

The web is volatile, and sometimes things disappear from it. These books, which used to be on the web, can still be read thru the Wayback Machine (Internet archive). Note: access may be slow.
  • Electromagnetism 305 by David V. Land. HTML. Lecture Notes. Introductory.
  • Linear Algebra by Ivar Tammeraid, Juri Majak, Seppo Pohjolainen and Tero Luodeslampi. HTML (also available in ps). Book. (Modestly considers itself to be lecture notes.) Written in Estonian flavored English. But the math seems excellent.
  • Computation Methods in Linear Algebra Sequel to previous book.
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