Based in Vancouver, Dr. Christine TN Wong started the project WALKchinatown in 2016. She is passionate about discovering Chinatown and sharing her findings and reflections. She is travelling Chinatowns around the world. She also enjoys capturing the street scenes in these communities. Click here to 👣👣 with Christine.

WALKchinatown Workshops are creative, custom-made and unique. You will explore the culture, heritage, history and transformations of Vancouver Chinatown with Christine and her team. Each workshop covers 2-hour walk with 30-minute complimentary cultural experience.

  • Millennium Gate
  • The Century Winds of Change Mural 
  • Sam Kee Building
  • Chinese Benevolent Association Building
  • Chinese Freemasons Building 
  • Lam Sai Hor Tong Building
  • Chinese Cultural Center
  • Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden
  • Monument to Chinese Canadian
  • Chinatown House
Fee for Private Group
Group (1-3 persons): $90 / group / per hour
Group (4-8 persons): $25 / person / per hour
* WALK options: 2 to 6 hours
** complimentary cultural activities : 30 minutes
*** custom-made themed-workshops available on request

Email for details and reservation