This web site contains design information, documentation, photos, and other information for model rockets developed and/or flown by Chris Flanigan. For detailed information, please contact me at ccflanigan@alum.mit.edu.

FAI Postal Contest  Announcing a Postal Contest for FAI spacemodeling events. Click here for contest rules and schedule.

Giant Altitude Postal Contest  Announcing a Postal Contest for Giant Altitude, a candidate for a new Provisional Event. Click here for contest rules, event rules, and examples of Giant Altitude models.

NAR Competition Designs
.  Competitive designs for boost gliders, rocket gliders, eggloft (altitude and duration), and other events.

FAI Competition Designs
.  Competitive designs for S6A (streamer duration).

Scale Models and Scale Data.  Information on scale models that I've built including data substantiation packages.


Research and Development.  R&D reports from previous NARAMs and NARCON.

Techniques.  Some suggestions for model construction techniques.

Photos.  Semi-interesting pictures.

Links.  Links to other rocketeers' web sites and various useful things.
If any questions or comments, please contact me at chris.flanigan@quartus.com.

Me today (and my faithful dog Toby).

A much younger me (with Howard Kuhn and Guppy Youngren)
at the 1978 World Spacemodeling Championships