What items can I sell at the ski sale?

Any snow sport related equipment: e.g. alpine or nordic skis, poles, boots, snowboards, helmets, ice skates, car carriers, etc. We don't have unlimited space, though, so please don't bring in items that have little or no value (i.e. broken, worn out, too old to be usable but not old enough to be considered an antique, etc.).

Can I sell clothes?

We have limited display capabilities, but if you've got some great piece of winter gear that you know someone would love, bring it in.

Do you have any fitting information?

You can find some fitting information for alpine skis here at skiernet.com. The bottom of this page has a great description of the difference between indemnified and non-indemnified bindings. This page has some boot fitting advice and a conversion chart for finding European and Mondopoint sizes.

Do you have a list of indemnified bindings?

To be sure that the bindings you're looking at purchasing are serviceable, check this list.

What's the process for selling stuff?

  1. Register your items using our online form either on your own computer or when you drop off your items Friday night.
  2. Bring your registered items to a tagging station (in the Wave Cafe at Camden Hills Regional High School) on Friday night.
  3. Get a receipt for each item that you can use to see if your item sold by checking this website Saturday night or Sunday morning.
  4. Stop by the Wave Cafe at Camden Hills Regional High School Sunday before 1 pm Sunday to receive a check for 75% of the selling price of your items that sold. Pick up anything that didn't sell.

What's the process for buying stuff?

Although the line usually starts early, our doors don't open until 9 am on Saturday, 10 am on Sunday. We take cash or checks, but no credit cards.

Do you take credit cards?
No. Cash or checks only.

What if I don't know how much something is worth?

We'll have knowledgeable people around on Friday who can help you price your items.

What's the Sunday Sale Price?

Some items will have a discount price if they're not sold on Saturday. We will publish the discount price for unsold items on this website on Saturday night. Come in Sunday for some great bargains!

What if I don't want my item back?

Put a wicked low Sunday price on it. We don't have storage, so if it doesn't sell, we will need to bring it to the dump.

What if I can't come back Sunday for my check and/or unsold items?

Checks that aren't picked up Sunday afternoon can be obtained at the CHRHS Main Office after Thanksgiving, during school hours. We can only provide security until 1:30 pm Sunday. Items that are not picked up by 1:30 pm Sunday will be donated to a local thrift shop or brought to the dump, as appropriate.

Can I donate my items?

Yes- donated items help the ski team greatly! Donated equipment can be brought in Friday afternoon.

Can I help out?

Yes- we need volunteers all three days. You can sign up to help here.