Q- I'm planning on getting an epidural, should I still take a childbirth class?

A- Yes! A Lamaze based childbirth class covers everything from when to go to the hospital to your medication options, in addition to how to cope with labor contractions. Knowledge is power and when you are aware of your options you can make the best decisions for you and your baby. Additionally knowing what to expect, reduces stress and fear and will help you have an easier labor and a positive birth experience. My goal is to support moms/families no matter what their birth plan includes.

Q- What are the benefits of taking a private class?

A- Private classes are a great option for busy parents- to- be (shift work, can't commit to a 4 week class), moms on bed rest, and those that are not comfortable taking a group class. Additionally a private class is personal- we are having a conversation and you have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.

Q- Will my health insurance pay for a childbirth education (Lamaze) class?

A- Possibly. Call your insurance company and ask if childbirth classes are covered. In my experience, many insurers will cover part of the cost (typically up to $65.00). They will reimburse you after the course has been completed. Often they require me to complete a form and provide you with an invoice.

Q- Who can benefit from hiring a Postpartum Doula?

A- All families! Whether it is a first or fourth baby, families can benefit from the services of a doula. Research shows that families have an easier transition when a support team is in place. All families need support after the birth of a baby especially during the first few days and months when mom is still recovering and sleep may be minimal. A doula can be even more essential for families with the following circumstances,

  • expecting multiples
  • immediate or extended family is not in the area
  • history of depression/ postpartum mood disorder
  • c-section birth
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