We are a growing network of backyard poultry enthusiasts in & around Chicago
  • Learning from each other and enjoying the flock of folks keeping chickens, ducks, quails...and more, in the city
  • Promoting and preserving policies that allow backyard poultry and livestock
  • Reaching out and teaching best practices, and dispelling myths
For more info, contact Site & Group Moderator: Martha Boyd, Program Director
Angelic Organics Learning Center's Urban Initiative in Chicago
(chicago - AT - learngrowconnect.org)

Join the ChiChickEns Google group discussion forum. See the RSS feed link (below-right) or go to http://groups.google.com/group/chicago-chicken-enthusiastsSearch past discussion threads by keyword/s.
To join ChiChickEns, please provide: 1) your name, 2) where you live (and your ward if in Chicago), 3) if you have urban livestock, and 4) how you heard about Chi-Chick-Ens.
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Explore Resources & Links: links to info, sites, workshops & local experts. Also our Backyard Chickens Survey.
Find sources of Feed & Supplies.
Get ideas for 
Coops & Runs.
Learn more about 
Eggs, and about End of Life issues for backyard chickens.
Access chicken 
Policies in Chicagoland and other cities, with info for neighbors & local decisionmakers.

The 2016 Windy City Coop Tour takes place on September 17 & 18, 10AM to 2PM each day.
More info (including links to Map and Site Descriptions) at Windy City Coop Tour. No pre-registration needed, make your own route. Children are welcome, but NO DOGS, please.
The Annual URBAN LIVESTOCK EXPO is in mid-February
Angelic Organics Learning Center, the Chicagoland Chicken Enthusiasts and Advocates for Urban Agriculture (AUA) sponsor this annual event,  hosted by the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences at 3857 W 111th Street.

Angelic Organics Learning Center's 
Backyard Chickens workshops:

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