We are a growing network of backyard poultry enthusiasts in & around Chicago
  • Learning from and enjoying the flock of folks keeping urban poultry and other livestock
  • Recommending and modeling good methods while dispelling mis-information
  • Promoting and preserving policies that support people keeping backyard livestock and growing their own food
For more info, contact Advocates for Urban Agriculture (AUA): 
outreach - AT - auachicago.org

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To join ChiChickEns, provide: 1) your name, 2) your location (and ward if in Chicago), 3) if you have urban livestock, and 4) how you heard about Chi-Chick-Ens.
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Learn more about Eggs and about End of Life issues for backyard chickens.

Access chicken 
Policies in Chicagoland and other cities, with info for neighbors & local decisionmakers.

We organize the annual Windy City Coop & Eco-Yard Tour.
SAVE THE DATES for the 2020 Tour on Sat 9/19 & Sun 9/20 ~ showcasing a spectrum of backyard sustainability, from livestock to intensive food production and more! See: Windy City Coop Tour (and share our Facebook event to help promote the Tour!) 

The 8th Annual URBAN LIVESTOCK EXPO is February 29, 2020 from 10AM to 1PM at Prosser Career Academy, 2148 N Long Ave Chicago 60639.
Angelic Organics Learning Center and the Chicagoland Chicken Enthusiasts launched this FREE event in 2013, now organized by the Advocates for Urban Agriculture (AUA) as its Winter Gathering.

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