I am an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the University of Tübingen, as well as a member of the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience.

I do research in empirically informed philosophy of mind with a focus on the connection between intentions and actions via motor representations, as well as on action understanding.

In the former field, I have investigated how the philosophical notion of intention interlocks with the neuroscientific one of motor representation. I have suggested a revision to previous proposals concerning this (e.g., Pacherie 2008), and formulated, as an alternative, the notion of motor intention (Brozzo 2017). 

In the latter field, I am looking into whether and to what extent understanding others' actions consists in a form of mindreading.

I have also worked on knowledge of one's own actions, by defending the idea that humans can know what they are doing to a striking level of detail thanks to their fine-grained intentions (Blomberg & Brozzo 2017). 

Lastly, I have done theoretical research in the field of body representation, by trying to establish a connection between different body size estimation methods and the specific body representations into which they tap (Mölbert et al. 2017).