Annual Fall Dinner Meeting

Annual Fall Dinner Meeting 2017

In the fall, we have been honored to have some of the most legendary figures of our field and have been grateful to have drawn from an international pool of epic talent. Our invited annual fall meeting speakers from year's past have included:

John Alexander Williams from Birmingham England
Robert Beart from Los Angeles, CA
Leslie Bokey from Sydney, Australia
James Fleshman from St. Louis, MO
Jeremy Jass from Montreal, Canada
Ira Kodner from St. Louis, MO
Herand Abcarian from Chicago, IL
Philip Gordon from Montreal, Canada
Stanley Goldberg from Minneapolis, MN
David Rothenberger from Minneapolis, MN
Victor Fazio from Cleveland, OH
Marvin Corman from Stonybrook, NY
Jose Guillem from New York, NY

Walter Koltun from Hershey, PA
Patricia Roberts
from Burlington, MA
John H. Marks from Wynnewood, PA
Feza Remzi MD from New York, NY 2016
Justin Maykel MD 2017

Please enjoy some pictures from our photo archives:

Chesapeake Colorectal,
Dec 6, 2017, 1:27 PM