Researcher in the software dependability (SD) research group at fortiss - Landesforschungsinstitut des Freistaats Bayern


fortiss - Landesforschungsinstitut des Freistaats Bayern
GuerickeStr. 25
80805 Munich, Germany


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    Before fortiss
    , I was a scientist in ABB Corporate Research Germany, working on projects related to intelligent production systems, cloud-related technologies for industrial automation (PaaS, IaaS), and the analysis of complex industrial software systems. I received my doctoral degree in CS from TU München, working on automatic control software synthesis for embedded systems

    Papers (DBLP
    • Quantitative projection coverage for testing ML-enabled autonomous systems (draft)
    • Verification of binarized neural networks via inter-neuron factoring (draft)
    • Maximum resilience of artificial neural networks [ATVA'17 (preprint)]
    • autoCode4: Structural controller synthesis [TACAS'17 (preprint)]
    • Structural synthesis for GXW specifications [CAV'16 (tech report) (video)
    • Compositional parameter synthesis [FM'16]
    • Semantic degrees for Industrie 4.0 engineering [ESEC/FSE'15 (tech report)]
    • Formal consistency checking over specifications in natural languages [DATE'15 (tech report) (slides)]
    • G4LTL-ST: Automatic generation of PLC programs [CAV'14 (tech report) (video)
    • JBernstein: A validity checker for generalized polynomial constraints [CAV'13 (preprint)]
    • MGSyn: Automatic synthesis for industrial automation [CAV'12 (preprint) (video1, video2]
    • Algorithms for synthesizing priorities in component based systems [ATVA'11 (preprint)]

    Informal tech writings on facebook (in traditional Chinese only): 
    Psalms 62:7 - In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.
    詩篇 第六十二篇 7節 - 我的拯救、我的榮耀都在乎神;我力量的磐石、我的避難所都在乎神。