About us ...

Welcome to the website of an informal group of applied chemometrics at the Institute of Chemistry, the University of Silesia in Katowice, Katowice, Poland. We are several young people being passionate about chemometrics and the potential it can offer.
We propagate our research mission by applying, promoting and developing chemometric methods. We seek for new applications of chemometrics to solve academic problems, and we challenge technical issues. We actively employ strategies of chemical fingerprinting and process complex instrumental signals (including signals obtained from hyphenated chromatographic techniques, e.g., GC-MS, LC-MS, near-infrared or fluorescence spectra, hyperspectral images, nuclear magnetic resonance spectra) to study chemical systems using exploratory, comparative data analysis, and data modeling methods.
In our portfolio, one can find applications of chemometrics to solve problems encountered in different -omics sciences, environmental sciences, environmental -omics, forensic sciences, pharmacy, drug design, chemical technology, industry, process control, and optimization, etc. In our research, we practice the principles of experimental planning to extract maximum relevant chemical information from the smallest possible number of experiments. On an everyday basis, we collaborate with research institutes and research groups from Poland and abroad.
We guide and support young researchers (BSc, MSc, and students) who are willing to extend their knowledge in chemometrics through active participation in challenging research projects (also in collaboration with industrial partners) and problem-solving activities. We seek for strongly-motivated BSc, MSc and Ph.D. students ready to challenge real research problems.