Charlotte Pelletier

Ass. Professor at Univ. Bretagne Sud (UBS), Vannes, France


Tel: [+33] (0)2 97 01 72 54

Address: Laboratoire IRISA, UMR CNRS 6074

Campus Tohannic

BP 573, 56000 Vannes



  • 12th IAPR Workshop on Pattern Recogntion and Remote Sensing (PRRS) will take place at the International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Montreal, 21th of August
    Submission deadline: 16/05/2022

  • Workshop EarthVision 2022 at the International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recogntion
    Join us at the International Conference on Computer Vision and Patern Recognition (2022) at New Orleans on the 19th of June 2022.

  • Special Issue in Remote Sensing MDPI: "Advances in Deep Learning Techniques for the Analysis of Remote Sensing Time Series"
    Submission here

  • Special Issue in Artificial Intelligence in Geosciences KeAI: "Machine-Learning Approaches for Geoscience Modelling: Soil, Crop, Environmental Properties and Processes
    Submission here

Other guest-editors: Dr. Calogero Schillaci (JRC European Commission, Italy), Prof. Aldo Lipani (University College London, United Kingdom), Prof. Zhou Zhang (University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States), Prof. Isabel Rosa (Bangor University, United Kingdom)

  • Newsletters IAPR Technical Committee 7 - Remote Sensing and Mapping - @IAPR_TC7