It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we regret to announce of the passing of Richard LeParmentier, Admiral Motti from Star Wars, on 15th April 2013. Richard will be sorely missed by the Charity Sci-Fi group, not just as our president, but as a friend. He was a truly wonderful chap that helped us along the way as our group grew. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and loved ones. Rest In Peace Richard

In Feb. 2008 I was given Phil the Dalek by Gareth my brother, This was Followed by Phill's first outing at Calne Library Organized By Jenny and Jess the Librarians. This is where I met a young man with a Davros Chair and a crazy enthusiasm for all things SciFi called Luke.

A few more events saw my son Tom being turned into a wheel of Space Cyberman and other costumes being built,  the second outing in Exmouth fundraising for SCOPE. I then went on to build Hillman for Tom's Birthday and Al as a backup Dalek.  None of these would have been made without the help of Gareth. Charity Daleks came about when asked to attend Bugfest in Yeovil as the wanted to publicize us and the event. We attended loads of events through the year including libraries and street collections, the popularity of the costumes never ceases to amaze.

Later in 2008 myself my son and a friend of his organized a fundraising event for PHAB and the BHF in Corsham Town Centre and the Library, during the organizing of this event I met Matt Booker and bumped into Luke once again. With Myself Matt and Luke working together we had a very successful event but found problems with traffic and road safety.

As can be seen in the video we had a range of DR Who and Star Wars costumes to entertain the crowds and raise money for our chosen charities. In 2009 Tom and I started the Corsham Charity Scifi Day and this has gone from strength to strength with Celebrities attending and local businesses including Rudloe Hall Hotel, Manor Cars and Memory Lane Wedding Cars providing sponsorship. In 2010 Richard LeParmantier became our President. We have now made the Corsham SciFi day into one of the biggest events in the town if not the county.

Our membership has grown and we have reformed into Charity SciFi to describe what we more effectively, We have a great team of people working together to raise money for some great charities. I hope you can get to meet us at an event or even come along and join us we have some spare costumes that could do with a human in.

Ady Davies,
Chairman and Founder of Charity Sci-Fi

Corsham Automattic Comics - Doctor Who Day Part One