Irish Radiocarbon & Dendrochronological Dates


Robert M Chapple's Catalogue of Radiocarbon Determinations & Dendrochronology Dates is a free-to-download resource for Irish archaeology.

The resource was originally developed for my own research needs and is provided here 'as is' for any research project, public or private, that may benefit from it. Find the latest version on the Download page

I am always in search of new data to include in this resource. If you possess published/unpublished radiocarbon or dendro dates from Irish sites and would like to see them disseminated to a wider audience, please feel free to contact the author at rmchapple[replace with 'at' symbol] or through the Contact Me section of this site.

I also maintain a Facebook Page to promote the Catalogue, publicise updates and share general archaeological-dating news. Please come and join us! All support is welcome!

If you have other dates, either from your own excavations, of have found in other published sources, I'd also be grateful if they could passed on to me for inclusion in future releases of this document.

Release history:

  radiocarbon determinations     dendrochronology dates  
December 2015   8288     313  
September 2013   7015     260  
March 2012   6093     240  
December 2011   5833     239  
March 2011   5322     232  
November 2010*   3942     187  
November 2008   3186     173  
October 2007   2435     166  

 * first downloadable version
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