Our Chaplains & Chaplain Services

Our Chaplains are Ordained or Licensed Christian Ministers and are authorized to provide and perform religious support  to nurture the living, care for the dying, and honor the dead in accordance with their ordaining or licensing institution (faith group, church, or denomination) under the auspice of the Christian Chaplains Corps of America. This religious support may include, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Religious Services: Worship; Prayer services, Bible Studies, Funerals; Memorial Services and Ceremonies.
  • Rites, Sacraments, Ordinances: Weddings; Engagements; Baptisms; Confirmations; Blessings; Daily Prayers; other ministrations and religious requirements.
  • Pastoral care: Visiting individuals; calling on families; activities and "ministry of presence"; individual and group pastoral counseling; and similar pastoral activities.
  • Other Services, Programs, and Ministries as needed
Below is a list of our Board of Directors and a partial list of our Chaplains by locality. Chaplains may be contacted for religious support (weddings, services, etc.) in, or near, their locality by clicking on their name in the list below. This list consists of those Chaplains to have requested to be listed on this page. Although the Christian Chaplains Corps of America is Non-Denominational, the Affiliations listed below refer to the church, denomination, or organization through which the Chaplain is ordained, licensed, or credentialed.

Board of Directors

James W. Mills

Effort, Pennsylvania
Kenneth C. Allen, Sr.

Opelika, Alabama
Robert G. Hepler

Jonesboro, Georgia
George D. Patrick

Graham, Texas

Our Chaplains

  • Minnesota:
  • Mississippi:
    • Coffeeville: Chaplain Marvin Horton - Affiliation: AGAPE Ministries (Non-Denominational), Evangelical Christian Fellowship (Non-Denominational)
  • Missouri:
    •   Chaplain Timothy E Gardner Sr ESC ORD - Affiliation:(Non Denominational) Chaplains Christian Outreach Ministry. Certified Emergency ServicesChaplain. Certified Prison/Jail Ministry Chaplain
  • New York:
  • New Jersey:
    • North Brunswick, NJ: Chaplain Ed Burns LEPC - Affiliation (Non-Denominational), Associate Pastor, Fresh Ponds Chapel