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 Young RCAF Captain Stanley Arthur Fulham 

Young RCAF Captain Stanley Arthur Fulham

  Young David Fulham with his father RCAF Captain Stan Fulham
 Young David and his father RCAF Captain Stan Fulham 


Stanley Arthur Fulham
April 16th, 1923 - December 19th, 2010 
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Challenges of Change - UFO Abducts Chinese Village???
Reports have been circulating out of  China that a UFO was sighted over a Chinese village in the Quinling Mountains at approximately 4:00 AM on October 15th, 2010 just before the village completely disappeared.  These extraordinary reports have created a world interest, since some observers have concluded that the UFO was responsible for the strange disappearance of the entire village for 33 hours. It is a fascinating and challenging incident and I discuss this event with the Transcendors to whom nothing is hidden. The following is a verbatim report of our dialogue.
[Beginning of dialogue]

Stanley A. Fulham:  Transcendors, you are aware of the reports out of China that suggests that a UFO  may have caused the disappearance of a Chinese village in the Quinling Mountains?

Transcendors:  Indeed!

SAF:  Was the UFO responsible for the disappearance of the village and why?

TRANS:  Yes -- inadvertently.  There was no intention of 'abduction.'

SAF:   So, what happened?

TRANS:  The village was caught up in a 'dimensional shift,' inadvertently.  The dimensional reality shifting itself into your dimensional reality actually created that of the disappearance of the village itself as a precursor to the actual event.  Basically, a reflective energy, and moisture content affecting the ionization of the spacecraft.  A phasing in and out of the aircraft into your third dimension creating what we could describe as a doorway, a portal.  It is actually shifting, because of the vibrational shift and it affects the area around -- a stepping out of phase.  So, it is not just a shift, going from point A to point B and have the village really going from point B to point A.  It's not quite like that, but sort of.  So, you now have created a 'dimensional shift'--so, for all intents it disappears because it is still outside your spectrum of vision.

SAF:  Did the village buildings also disappear?

TRANS:  Absolutely.

SAF:  Are they back now?

TRANS:  Absolutely.

SAF:  Yes.  Usually, they may be out of synch for about 24 hours, so in this case  it was a little longer, perhaps 32 to 33 hours.

SAF:  So, is everything back to normal?

TRANS:  Well, close, but we wouldn't say 100%.

Challenges of Change - Foos, Orbs & Interdimensional Angels

TRANS: Yes, they (Foo Fighters/Orbs) are based on an electrical-magnetic field, but also they are an information gathering process that have been seen and photographed all over the world and not just over crop circles. They are like miniature computers that are sent out from a 'Mothership' to define the reality and to get as much information as it can. They are often identified as "ball-lightning."It is a scanning technology. Their sudden appearance in unusual situations can be both frightening and challenging. In one case, a small globe of light entered a commercial airliner in flight and floated slowly down the aisle between the rows of passengers, and disappeared at the rear of the aircraft. This is a classic example of their intelligent control by the Motherships. However, again, aliens are not infallible. Serious problems have occurred when the energy packed probes have crashed into hydro terminals, or explosive tanks. The aliens are not perfect, accidents do happen.

SAF: Which alien race has these Orbs?

TRANS: The Bootes (Greys). Mind you, they are not always Bootes objects. They can result from dimensional shifts as well; but most of them can be described as remote measuring devices which the Bootes use to monitor various activities of mankind.

SAF: I would think that the Bootes know us very well.

TRANS: Indeed, scientifically, they know it better than you do. Emotionally, they have no concept.

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Challenges of Change - Interdimensional Angels

SAF: Recently we have been witnessing in our skies, a phenomena of a different form -- “lights” in various shapes, seemingly non-physical and obviously under intelligent control in their contacts with human beings.  From all reports and communications, these strange visitors identify themselves as Interdimensional Angels.  They revealed that they were of a higher order and not aliens in our general concepts of  those beings.  In  their communications with our contact and with others on Earth -- whom they identify as their “Ambassadors”-- they declared “We are from the Creator.  We were present at the Creation and are Creators ourselves.”  Obviously, the Interdimensional Angels were from a spiritual realm in the vast Cosmos and that they were not from another planetary system within our third dimensional reality.  It is a fascinating phenomena and I decided to investigate this mystery with the Transcendor Group.
Question: Where are these spiritual entities called Interdimensional Angels from — are they from the spiritual plane?

: Basically yes; but mostly from the Seventh Dimensional reality which is often referred to as the Angelic reality where all angels exist, although they are not all angels.  The concept of angels is firstly, they have no souls.  Angels are a concept of Creative Consciousness.  They are of pure spirit created from God and since they have no souls, they do not have Free Will and Choice which all soul beings have in order to experience and progress in God’s eternal creation.

SAF: Do they have individuality?

TRANS: These entities you speak of, the Interdimensional Angels do, because they have souls.  The angels do not.

SAF: What is the objective of their interaction with humans?

TRANS: Awareness and understanding — that  you are not alone in this universe.  The Interdimensional Angels provide an awareness that there is more than just a physical existence; there is a continuity of existence beyond the body.  So, their appearance is an affirming of the spiritual state itself, that you exist beyond your dimensional reality and they are there to confirm that in your world. 

[Continued at]

CHALLENGES OF CHANGE – The Sources of Information

Randy Kitchur: Your book, Challenges of Change, has presented highly controversial and challenging information to the public as our readers have reported. Could you tell us more about your sources, including a general review of your background?

Stan Fulham: I served with RCAF in Bomber Command during World War II. I was shot down on a raid over Germany in November 1943, where I was taken prisoner. At first, I was held in hospitals, then in Stalag 1XC, (a prisoner-of-war camp) near Memel, Lithuania, then to Stalag 357 in Torun, Poland. When the Russians advanced across Poland, we were shipped in boxcars and others on a forced march to a camp near Hanover. I saw the end of the war while on a grim forced march. We were liberated in May 1945.

         I had my first experience with UFOs on a hot summer day in Stalag 357. It flew high and fast in a bright blue sky. It had no wings and it made no sound.  We knew from our air force training on aircraft recognition that this was no ordinary aircraft and assumed it was a German rocket. However, it was flying in the wrong direction, east to west. 

         We prisoners discussed this strange aerial display, but it never occurred to anyone that it was an alien craft.  An alien reality was not part of people’s concept at that time. Years later, we realized that we had witnessed an alien spacecraft.

         There were several fighter pilots in our hut. They talked of their experiences with what we called foo fighters. (The term Foo Fighter was used by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II to describe various mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over both the European and Pacific Theatre of Operations.) Again, we had no concept of an alien craft. The irony is that we thought these Foo Fighters had to be some new German monitoring technology and the Germans thought they were an Allied device. It was not until after the war when both sides discovered that the Foo Fighters were a foreign technology of a possible alien origin. Actually, I now know they were Pleiadian monitoring devices, which are reported on elsewhere on this website.

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CHALLENGES OF CHANGE – UFO Display 13 October 2010

         The Transcendors have predicted an alien spaceship display over our principal cities on or about October 13, 2010. This challenges the belief system of most readers. One reason is because historically, predicted events have not always happened. Another is that a lot of people don’t believe that alien spaceships are real. Our military and governments have covered up previous interactions with aliens. And the final reason is religious; people think that believing in spaceships would go against their concept of God.

         I hasten to add that it is not my prediction. How could I possibly know such an important event, universal in scope? Earlier, I have reported that the aliens exist in a higher dimension and so does the spiritual realm in which all souls exist. Since the souls at the subconscious level are non-separate, then indeed, every thought, word and deed is known to all souls. There is no individualism at that level.

         In addition, the Akashic Records reveal every thought, word and deed from the very beginning of God’s creation. It contains all the major and minor probabilities of our future existence, an incomprehensible reality for humanity to accept and internalize. Even the Transcendor Group cannot explain this to us “because you have neither the concepts, the syntax and the points of reference to understand these realities.”

         I understand that disbelief; I’ve been there. But, Challenges of Change is not the forum to discuss and rationalize that reality of creation. That will come later in a future book dealing with religion and spirituality. However, there can be no understanding of this particular reality, without a belief in the spirituality of God’s creation. Without this fundamental belief, Challenges of Change is extremely challenging to the cynic’s beliefs.

         The probability of the future alien display of their spacecraft is based on the probabilities of the future and the decisions of the aliens at this time. These thoughts are all recorded in the Akashic Records, available to all souls who have the ability to interpret them.

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The UFO/Alien phenomena is wrapped in hundreds of theories and myths, many of them 'out of this world'.  The "conspiracy of silence" has contributed to this confusion in the absence of factual information that the public assumes a number of governments must know, including the United States, Russia, China and in Europe.

A major UFOlogist's concern is who is controlling this 'conspiracy of silence' and why?  There are documents which identifies a top-secret government association known as MJ-12 as the controlling agency.  Stan Fulham has written about this secret association in his book Challenges of Change and I have discussed his report on MJ-12 as follows.

Randy Kitchur:  You have explored the MJ-12 secret operation with two authentic and reliable sources, NORAD Intelligence and the Transcendor Group.  Apparently, Dave, the NORAD intelligence officer was thoroughly informed about MJ-12, because NORAD, with its mandate for continental defense, had a vested interest in all aircraft movements  across North America, otherwise it could not effectively function.

In its formative years in the 1950s and 1960s, the alien spacecraft were still considered a threat, because there was so little known about them.  And so, what was happening in Area 51 was of vital interest to NORAD and there was communication between them and the UFO Cabal. Apparently, in the early stages of the UFO Cabal, it was treated with the greatest secret classification ever established. Could you tell us something about that early UFO history?

Stanley A.Fulham: Yes. MJ-12 was established by President Truman under a virtual cloak of paranoia, because the UFO/Alien phenomena was still considered a potential threat.  President Truman demanded absolute secrecy on the subject of UFOs, and that secret information would only be available to a select few 'top' people in Washington. For example, they knew about the abductions, but that mysterious interaction was never really understood because of a lack of a common language.  So, MJ-12 was established under a great deal of suspicion and paranoia.

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CHALLENGES OF CHANGE - Will Our World Be Changed Forever on October 13, 2010?
The theme of  Challenges of Change is reflected in the words: "Tis' a Challenge of Change; And a Future with Hope."
The apocalyptic challenges are huge. Mankind will survive the future earth changes, international terrorism and world economic and financial collapse; but it cannot survive the growing environmental pollution without "outside intervention."
The CO2 pollution of the Earth's atmosphere is now at 9%, [*cumulatively over a length of time -- NOT per annum; updated for clarification @ Full articles page] increasing annually at 1% to the "critical mass" of 22%, in which mankind could not survive.
The Alien Council of Eight (the Pleiadians, Alpha Centaurians, Sirians, Orions, Bootes, Pousetis, Zeta Reticulis and Comsulis) are fully aware of Earth's environmental disaster.  It is a major issue at the Council's meetings, and they have now decided to intervene, but they are guided by the Universal laws of Free Will and Choice. They will not interfere until the situation is critical, perhaps in 2015, for mankind must learn from these critical challenges, otherwise we will simply continue in our destructive pollution.

Mankind is extremely fortunate that the Alien Council has determined that mankind  is worth saving, for there is hope with our future spiritual development.  There is nothing unique in our experience. Countless thousands of alien civilizations have polluted their planets to total extinction, not a single being, animal or insect survived in the absence of "outside intervention," which invites the biblical paraphrase "What are thou man, that (God) the aliens are mindful of thee."
The Transcendors warn that we are looking at a huge cultural change and the impact will have dramatic effect on our belief systems, cultures, our myths of alien threats, economic realities, etc. The Alien Council understands that; they have had eons of experience with similar situations on other planets, so it is not just a matter of cleaning up our planet, for they are aware their intervention will cause massive panic and fear.
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