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 Book Description
Challenges of Change by Stanley A. Fulham

Publication Date: November 2010 (4th edition)

This is the 4th edition of Challenges of Change by retired NORAD Captain Stanley A. Fulham, who died in December 2010. It is most famous for a successful prediction of a UFO display over cities such as New York City on October 13, 2010, made on the author's 87th birthday on April 16, 2010, first published in the 3rd edition 6-months before it actually happened.

The book primarily is a decade-long series of back and forth questions and answers between Mr. Fulham, and deep trance channeler Rik Thurston, who channeled a group of highly spiritually-advanced ethereal beings known as "The Transcendors." The main focus of Fulham's in-depth and highly detailed conversations dealt primarily with the subject of extraterrestrial intelligence and UFOs, specifically the extraterrestrial civilizations interacting with the planet earth dealing with who they are, why they are here, and what is their agenda.

Fulham identifies in his book their main concern, which is the harm caused to the earth's atmosphere by pollution from carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses, revealing their agenda is one to help the human race survive what would otherwise lead to its self-destruction, given that, in their estimation, the human race requires an extraterrestrial intervention to prevent an otherwise extinction level event. Fulham identifies the beginning of this peaceful and benevolent intervention with the date of October 13, 2010, the date on which UFOs appeared and were reported on throughout the worldwide news media.

Other subjects also dealt with at length concern coming earth changes, Al Qaeda & Middle East terrorism, the nuclear future, and a possible coming global economic and financial meltdown or collapse. Fulham provides urgent and dire warnings, but also puts forth hopeful solutions to mitigate their potentially disastrous consequences.

This is a rare, unique, and truly one-of-a-kind book written with Fulham's great philosophical insight and wisdom, and reveals truths to profound questions few even know how to begin to ask.
Challenges of Change front cover
Challenges of Change (4th edition) by Stanley A. Fulham
Challenges of Change back cover
 (From the back jacket cover)
Challenges of Change is indeed a challenge. This book provides a compelling perspective of world events as seen through the eyes of the author, and a group of ethereal entities known as the Transcendors. It takes the reader through important events in world history with dramatic reports on alien intervention with mankind.

The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse have ravaged countless thousands of alien civilizations to extinction. They are now on Earth as the forces of Nature -- Earth Changes, Environmental Pollution, Drought and Famine and Financial and Economic collapse ravaging Earth in the period 2010-2012.

Nations will disappear and new lands will rise. Environmental pollution is now at 9% and increasing at 1% annually; the CO2 'critical mass' is 22% in which mankind could not survive. Al Qaeda has the 'Dirty Nuclear Bomb' and WMD -- will it use them? Drought and famine will ravage the Earth with millions of environmental refugees fleeing in search of food and shelter.

But there is help with 'outside intervention,' namely the aliens. The Pleiadians will bring a dramatic display of hope, peace and friendship with spacecraft hovering over Earth's principal cities on October 13, 2010.

"Our world will be changed forever."


[YouTube] Cobra Joint Interview with Red Dragon Ambassador, Alfred Labremont Webre & Capt. Max Steel

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq0nQLOFYOs [16:40 to 21:44]


[YouTube] GoldFish Report No 57, ExoPolitics Round Table Part 3 "Manifesting our New Society"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtzKSlmWIfc&feature=youtu.be  [14:27 to 19:00]


[PDF] GoldFish Report ExoPolitics RoundTable Part 3

"Manifesting Our New Society"

With the Ambassador of the Red Dragon Family, COBRA, Alfred Lambremont-Webre and Capt. Max Steel

July 29, 2016


[Pages 5 & 6 excerpt - Edited for greater accuracy]

ALFRED . . . If for example we just go back here to the year 2010 and the case of Stanley Fulham who is a NORAD officer from Winnipeg, Manitoba, here in Canada, who is a colleague of mine. His job at NORAD was to dispatch the jet interceptors every time that there was a UFO encroachment into NORAD airspace. So, he was familiar with those protocols and was familiar with UFOs and interdimensional UFOs. And after he retired he was contacted by an interdimensional advanced, probably seventh density soul cluster, who said they wanted to put him in touch with the regional galactic governance council, the Alpha Centaurians, the Sirians, and others who are really the regional galactic governance council that was in charge of the Homo Sapiens project of which we are an example. They are really the ones who are in charge of the husbandry of this planet at the universe level, not at the spirit dimensional level which is a soul level that that comes in and oversees it all. At that time they entered into intense continual communication with Stanley Fulham. All this is in his book. They told him they were going to appear over New York City on October 13, 2010, and they were going to decloak their fleet and they chose New York because it was a center of communications, finance and government world-wide and, that the population of New York as we all know was blasé, and that they wouldn’t freak out.

And if you go to your Exopolitics.com article on this youll see people looking up at the corner 38th and Madison Avenue and they are kind of blasé at the fleet uncloaking on that date. So, Stanley Fulham publishes a book in early 2010 that says, "The fleet is going to uncloak over Manhattan on October 13th 2010," and all of us who were in Exopolitics said, "Stanley have you gone out of your mind? Do you know what happens to people who predict exact dates; they get clobbered." Well, on October 13th, 2010, the fleet decloaked over Manhattan. And of course, there was counter intelligence that said, "Oh, it's balloons," its, you know, whatever the counter intelligence was. Now, why October 13, 2010? Because the next day was the meeting of the UN Outer Space Council. Their offices flown over from their Vienna base, and their director, a woman, gave a speech, these are the protocols that we are going to put into place when earth meets an extraterrestrial civilization. So thats why, thats the level of interaction that was going on as of 2010, which was fairly advanced. And what they told Stanley at that time, was that their game plan . . . that they will land and they will give a speech at the UN and be non-traumatic. And then they will proceed . . . to clean up the environment. Its all very specifically set out in Stanley Fulhams book.

I followed up with a whole series of interviews in the balance of 2010. He came forth and predicted that there will be sightings in Moscow in December and London in January, which there were. And then the negative force, probably I would guess the NSA, CIA, MI5 came in and assassinated him with a fast acting pancreatic cancer so he was dead by the end of the year. I got the last interview with Stanley Fulham before he died of the cancer. So anybody who really wants to know documented evidence coordinated with the actual photographs, we have Randy Kitchur, who was a Masters degree level graduate student, brilliant, at the University of Manitoba who was a colleague who lived close by Stanley Fulham. And he is probably a leading if not the leading UFOlogist, in Canada because he understands interdimensional entities as well as the nuts and bolts kind. We did multiple interviews with Stanley; Randy did an independent interview on the New York UFOs, the London UFOs, on the Moscow UFOs. Not only that, but there were UFOs in Jerusalem over the Dome of the Rock, where it was clear that they had to integrate and deconstruct the enmity between Islam and Christianity and that was part of what he was talking about.

$30 4th edition (in Canadian funds -- includes shipping to most countries)
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