Selected Working Papers

  • Monetary Stimulus and Bank Lending, with Itay Goldstein and Andrew MacKinlay
      • Award: Douglas D. Evanoff Best Paper, The Chicago Financial Institutions Conference 2016.
      • Presentations: AEA, York University*, Villanova University*, Tulane University*, Rutgers University*, Boston University, University of Florida*, Brandeis University*, ECB, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, NBER Summer Institute Corporate Finance, University of Gothenburg, Lund University, Finance Down Under Conference, University of California Irvine*, Cornell University*, University of Chicago*, University of Oslo, Barcelona GSE Summer Forum (Keynote speech by co-author), Annual Conf. by Arison School of Business, IDC, Banco de Portugal Conference on Financial Intermediation, UNC Jackson Hole Conf., Chicago Financial Institutions Conf. (Best paper award), Third International Conference on Sovereign Bond Markets (Real and Financial Externalities of Non-Traditional Monetary Policy Tools, Sponsored by NYU Stern Salomon Center), SFS Cavalcade (Bank of Canada Session), Western Finance Association, European Finance Association (European Central Bank Special Session), SIFR Conference on Credit Markets After the Crisis, FDIC Bank Research Conference, NFA, Federal Reserve Atlanta (The Impact of Extraordinary Monetary Policy on the Financial Sector).
  • Can a Platform-Pays Mechanism reduce Credit Ratings Bias?, with Alessio Saretto and Malcolm Wardlaw
      • Presentations: The Economics of CRAs, Credit Ratings and Information Intermediaries at Carnegie Mellon University, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Univ. of Melbourne, Univ. of New South Wales, UT Austin Finance Alumni Conference*. UT Dallas*, Lone Star Conference.
  • If You Show It, They Will Use It: The “CAPM Heuristic” and Mutual Fund Allocation Decisions, with Alok Kumar, Tobias Muhlhofer and Ravi Sastry
      • Presentations: University of Miami, University of Texas at Dallas, Stockholm Business School, Miami Behavioral Finance Conference.
  • Financial Statement Complexity and Bank Lending, with Andrew Leone, Miguel Minutti-Meza, and Matthew Phillips.
      • Presentations: Hawaii Accounting Research Conference, University of Miami*, Carlos III of Madrid*, Florida Accounting Symposium, Conference on Financial Economics and Accounting, HKUST Accounting Research Symposium.
  • The Underwriter Relationship and Corporate Debt Maturity, with Andrew MacKinlay
      • Presentations: Financial Intermediation Research Society, University of Virginia Darden*, Virginia Tech*.
  • Credit Default Swaps and Moral Hazard in Bank Lending, with Sudheer Chava and Rohan Ganduri
      • Presentations: American Finance Association Annual Meetings, University of Technology, Sydney, University of Georgia*, Georgia State University*, University of Miami, Boston College*, Indian School of Business*, IIM Bangalore*.
  • Does Source of Capital Affect Investment and Firm Value?
      • Awards: Shmuel Kandel Award (Outstanding Ph.D. Student in Financial Economics), Utah Winter Finance 2010, Morgan Stanley Research Award, Wharton Rodney L. White Center for Financial Research.
      • Presentations: American Finance Association Annual Meetings, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina, Penn. State University, Southern Methodist University, Emory University, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Financial Management Association Annual Meetings, Lehigh University.
  • Returns to Community Lending, with Vidhi Chhaochharia, Rong Hai, and Prithu Vatsa.
      • Presentations: Chicago Financial Institutions Conference, University of Miami.

(* seminar presentation by co-author. scheduled presentations included.)